Ruckus Royale (The Bedlam Boys #1) Read Online Ruby Vincent

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The town of Bedlam was born of rioters, revolt, pain, and murder.
Over a hundred years later, nothing has changed.

A shadow clings to our lives. Stalking, watching, waiting, taunting, and killing. And when it struck, I wasn’t ready.

I have to play their game now. Catch them, kill them, before Ruckus Royale or they’ll claim another sacrifice.

The trouble is a new band of outlaws are in charge, and Arsenio, Cairo, Jacques, Legend, and Roan don’t take well to people ruining their fun.

On the one night a year where anything goes, mayhem will sweep through the streets and the Kings of Ruckus will rule.

I have my orders. A life to save and a life to take.

And when my punishment comes for framing the Bedlam Boys, I’ll welcome it. I’ll let them bind me, chain me, and strip me of the sweet, innocent girl I never got to be.

Under their twisted, scorching love I will atone for the crimes paid and the ones still to come.

In the end, Bedlam will be brought to its knees to bow before its first queen.

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Branches snatched and tore at me, ripping red seams on my arms, cheeks, and exposed legs.

Legs? Why were my legs bare?

I jumped off a landing, splashing down in a puddle of mud that clung to cover my pale skin, and I still running, running, running.

Why were my legs bare?

Because I ran.

They came and I ran so far and fast, I had no time to put on pants. The kettle left screaming on the stove. My phone charging by my bedside. My sister soundly asleep in her bed. All left behind.

Why? Why am I running?

The thought passed and I picked up speed. Muscles burning, lungs aching, my feet dotted barely there imprints on the soft earth. I was flying. Flying away from the monsters.


Who was chasing me? Why was I running?

I snapped my neck around, searching the endless dark for shifting shadows. Who was coming for me?

Cold bit into my skin, freezing the mud that was my only cover. No owls to chant my way. No creatures to skitter from my presence. I ran too far into the forest—farther than the animals dared to tread, and where the trees drew closer together as if to share warmth.

I had to be safe. No one would come this far. No one was chasing me.

I slowed, stumbling out into a clearing, the release from the pressing trees that open their arms to the edge of the cliff.

I stepped to the rim, peering down to the gawping abyss below.

This cliff has a name. A funny one that always made me laugh.

I laughed then. Huge, racking guffaws that stole the little air left in my aching chest.

I was fine. I was safe. Whatever was chasing me was gone now. I could go home.

I turned, and walked into their arms.

A hand clamped on my mouth, penning in the cry before it could leave my lips.

“Does the kookaburra laugh or does it scream?” Their mouth pressed to my ear, pouring their words directly into my soul. “Does the mighty kingfisher cry or does it dream? Where are you, kookaburra?”

“Please, stop,” I rasped. “I didn’t mean to. I never wanted this.”

They couldn’t hear me. Their hand swallowed my plea as the rest of them took everything else.

“Tell me, oh, tell me,” they whispered. “Why is nothing as it seems?”

Hands cradled my back and shoved. I soared over the edge. For a short, glorious moment, I was flying.

Then I fell. Fell to the bottom of the cliff with the funny name.

And I laughed.

Chapter One

“This way, everyone. Follow me.” The small, triangular flag whipped high overhead, boasting its crest for all to see. “Did you all bring your lunch?”

A few people murmured yes.

“Perfect.” Zoey’s cheery voice gathered us around her like bees to the queen. “This is Homer Green, as we call it. At any time you’ll find students hanging out, studying, or running around here.”

I scanned the sprawling campus, taking in the rising spires, stone facades, sprawling waves of green, and countless coeds walking among them. Bedlam University looked impressive in the brochures, the glances out the window as I drove past, and the single time I gathered a trace of courage and came here for a frat party. None of that compared to seeing this campus up close and personal under the beaming sun.

“Sit down and let’s get to know each other.”

I slid my backpack off my shoulder and tugged out the blanket. The orientation packet said to bring it and I was nothing if not a sucker for lists and instructions. I was among the few.

Most of my group pulled faces sitting on the dew-covered grass. I dropped on my blanket and pulled out my lunch.

“How smart were you bringing a blanket.”

A shadow fell over me. I glanced up into shining green eyes and a wide smile.

“Mind if I sit with you?”

“Course not. Go for it.”

She plopped next to me, wiggling her shoulder against mine like we shared a cool secret. Up close, she was even more beautiful.

A light dusting of freckles covered her round nose, and soft blonde strands flowed past her shoulders and mine. She was so close they were blowing in my face.

“How old are you?” she whispered, and then it made sense why she was sitting so close. People saved the intrusive questions for under their breath. “You don’t look like a freshman.”

“I’m a junior, technically. I did two years getting my associate’s and then transferred to Bedlam.”

She gasped. “Really? Me too. I—”

“Excuse me, ladies.” Zoey pinned on us. “If I could have your attention, we’re going to play an introduction game to get to know each other.”

“Sure thing, Zoey,” said my new nameless friend. “Sorry about that.”

“All right, this is an easy one. We’ll go around and either replace or add our name into the title of our favorite movie or show,” Zoey explained. “For example, I’m Zoey and my favorite show is Doctor Who. So I’d say I’m Zoey Who. You guys have three guesses to name my show from Zoey Who. Got it?”