Ruined Dynasty (Sweetest Revenge #5) Read Online Helen Scott, Zoey Shelby

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Blood. Death. Sacrifice. They follow me around like shadows I’m desperate to outrun.
My guys saved me once, but I don’t need their help this time. I’m armed and dangerous and ready to put a bullet in anyone who gets in my way.
This time there is no escaping my wrath. I don’t care if we’re related or if they are my boyfriend’s father, everyone will pay.
They thought they could take my best friend, that it would force me to submit…
They couldn’t be more wrong.
To get her back, I must fulfill the contract hanging over my head. I’ll do whatever it takes to get answers…but they come at a steep cost.
How much am I willing to sacrifice for vengeance?

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The bang of the gun barely registers before my ears ring with the sound. I lower my gun and stare at the scene before me. Motion in the corner of my vision has me turning toward the door. Thayer's words barely cut through the noise echoing in my head. "What have you done?"

He's the only one I see, though. Jude and Atlas are still absent from our little group at this point, but I don't want to alert my father to the fact that they’re here. "I would have thought it's obvious what I've done," I say, my brows furrowing as I look at Thayer.

His jaw drops, like my response to his question is even worse than actually shooting my father. "You just shot your father." He sounds astonished, as though he can't imagine ever having enough hatred in his heart to want to do that.

I shrug. "I shot him in the shoulder, that barely even counts."

My father pulls back the handkerchief he's been using to stem the flow of blood from the wound and looks at it as he says, "If you think shooting me in the shoulder is enough to stop me, Sampson didn't train you nearly as well as he thought."

"Actually, I didn't, but I thought it might be enough to force you to actually talk to me."

"You're a deluded little girl," my father snarls back at me.

I slowly walk around the desk to him, raising the gun until it's aimed at the knee on the opposite side of his body from the shoulder that I shot. "Do you want to be able to use this leg again? Because if you do, I suggest you shut the fuck up. Let me ask my questions–and when I do ask a question, you answer it truthfully. You do realize that Sampson trained me to know how to detect a lie, don't you? Plus, you're my father. I know when you're lying. You believe you're very, very good at it, but I assure you, you're not as good as you think."

"I don't know what happened to my daughter. Where did she go? How did I let you persuade me to send you to that stupid school? You get one tiny taste of freedom, and this is how you come back to me?"

"You mean I got a tiny taste of being human. You and Sampson have treated me as less-than my entire life. Now, I've realized that I am worthy, I am human, and I get to feel and experience the things that I want to. This is the price you're paying for abusing me for years." As I speak, Keats moves around behind my father on the other side, possibly to block off his escape route. What Thayer doesn’t know is that my father would never run from me. The act would be too insulting to his masculinity. "You will never sell me again. You will never force me to hurt anybody again. Sampson will never hurt me again, and he will certainly never use me again. I'm no longer your puppet or your plaything. I am your executioner. How that happens is up to you. How painful it is…Well, that’s up to you too."

I snort at the idea of giving my father a quick, mostly painless death. Yeah, that's not going to happen, regardless of what he wants. "I mean for the most part, it's probably going to hurt, I'm not gonna lie. After all, I shouldn't lie to my father. Isn't that what you always told me?"

"Look at what good that did me." My father snarls, clearly knowing I've been lying to him for a while. "Flashing your cunt in internet videos. Did you end up getting fucked by that entire frat house? Was that a special occasion, or was that just an average night for you?"

My stomach drops with the realization that he's known all along about the videos and has yet to do anything about them. He's been waiting, picking the moment when the bombshell would have the most impact. I have to say he chose poorly.

"Listen, Sterling," Keats growls from his other side. As soon as my father turns toward him, Keats' fist flashes out like a bolt of lightning, striking my father across the jaw. It's enough to knock him out. One punch, and he's down for the count.