Rushed – Christopher (The Four #5) Read Online Sloane Kennedy

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Happily ever afters.
White knights riding to the rescue on their brazen steeds to rescue the damsel in distress.
Said knight declaring his undying love.
Same stories just with different covers.

I remembered the kid the second I saw him. I remembered the feel of him in my arms as I’d saved him from his would-be attacker years earlier. I remembered that I’d never wanted to let him go–that despite his young age, he’d fit in my arms like he’d been made for them.
But the young man opened the door might as well have been a stranger. Thin, jumpy, and distant, there was just no light in young Christopher’s eyes. Even the presence of his uncle, a man who’d treated him like a son from the first moment they’d met, elicited nothing more than passing query of why we were there.
It should have been a simple task… drop off the box of books Christopher’s uncle had asked me to help him and walk away. I managed the walk away part but between a tiny kitten appearing out of nowhere, some less than graceful footwork on my part and a broken table later, I’d been sitting on Christopher’s couch getting some TLC for a paltry wound.
And that had been when I’d seen it. The old Christopher.

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I knew we were in trouble from the second the beefy-looking bouncer smiled at us and waved us past without asking for ID. If that fact alone hadn’t been enough to assure me that this was a really, really bad idea, the huge man clinched it by settling a knowing grin (and not the good kind) on us and adding, “Have fun, boys. The guys are just going to eat you up.”

Say something, Christopher! Do something!

It was my own voice I was hearing in my head, and it had been screaming those same words into every brain cell since I could remember. But just like all the other times, I kept my mouth shut and followed my best friend and quasi-cousin, Gio, into the club.

The air inside was thick with the stench of sweat, sex, and weed, much like the smell of the house I’d spent the first fourteen years of my life growing up in. Just like back then, it made me sick to my stomach. So did the all-too-familiar sight of people fucking in plain sight. That had been a staple in my childhood home too, just like all the needles and glass pipes that had been lying on every usable surface in every room of the house.

Except my room.

I’d always been safe in my room, lost in a book so I wouldn’t have to hear any of what had been happening on the other side of that door. My uncle Micah had always made sure he was between me and whatever dangers lurked outside my precious stories and that weak, worn wooden door.

No matter what it cost him.

My body jerked when I saw two guys fucking up against the wall. The bigger guy had the smaller one pressed face-first against the rough-looking surface. My vision dimmed as a wave of unbearable heat flashed through me followed by an equally painful, bitter cold that made my veins feel like ice.

I could feel the hot breath on the back of my neck as the stench of cologne wafted all around me.

So sweet, little one. Nice and quiet just like my special boy was. Do you want to be my special boy just like your uncle Micah was?

A bright flash of light thankfully brought me back to the present and saved me from what could have been the panic attack from hell, but the relief was short-lived as I realized we were in the main part of the club and the interior was a brighter, louder, more crowded version of the hallway.

I wanted to turn tail and run. I wanted to beg Gio to forget his mission to confront the man he’d long ago lost his heart to. But my best friend needed closure, and there was no way I could leave him alone in a place like this.

But even as I vowed that this time I wasn’t going to be the pathetic coward that I was, my mind was screaming at me that this was all wrong. I could feel the eyes on me. Even though Gio was drop-dead gorgeous with his pale hair and fair features whereas I wouldn’t stand out in a crowd even if I was on fire, I knew that in this terrible, dangerous place, we were the same in one chilling way.

We were both prey.

“Gio, we should go,” I managed to choke out. My skin itched, and I couldn’t breathe. My body felt like it weighed a thousand pounds instead of the whole hundred pounds soaking wet that it actually did.

“Yeah,” Gio responded unexpectedly. The mere fact that he was agreeing with me was proof that we were way in over our heads. I tried to take in a deep breath, but all I got was lungs full of smoke.