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Rusty Nail (Uncertain Saint's MC #6)

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He knows that pain makes you stronger…
Wolf isn’t always a good person, and he doesn’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind.
He is who he is, and he doesn’t offer apologies. He isn’t out to impress anyone, and he doesn’t make excuses for his actions.
She knows that fear makes you braver… Raven has made some bad decisions, and she’d give anything to go back in time and choose a different path.
The reality is that she can’t go back, and the day Wolf walks into her life, she finally realizes that maybe she doesn’t want to. Wolf is everything she’s ever wanted, and the exact opposite of what she needs.
They both know heartbreak makes you wiser…
Wolf knows that this is not a good idea. There are a million reasons—all of them bad—telling him exactly why he should stay away. But when Raven’s nightmares burst out of her dreams and into her reality, he doesn’t have a choice anymore.
He has to protect her, while somehow protecting his battered heart.
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Uncertain Saint's MC Series by Lani Lynn Vale

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Guess who got their life together! Not me. But someone, somewhere, probably did.

-Coffee Cup


“Get your filthy fucking hands off her!” I screamed.

In fact, I screamed so loud and hard that I felt something give way in my throat, but that didn’t stop me.

Especially not when I saw them tie July’s hair to a hook about a foot above her head. The move pulled her head straight up, and forced her to keep it that way.

Even with a fucking sword right through her belly.

Her pregnant belly.

“Oh, God,” I moaned. “Don’t. Don’t do it. She didn’t mean to keep it from you. It was my fault. My idea.”

My cries were ignored, and Jensen brought out a fucking knife the size of my forearm and walked up to July where she was being held up by nothing but her hair and the sword through her stomach.

The moment he was close enough, he stabbed July straight through her left wrist.

July screamed, and I screamed with her.

“Get it over with already. We don’t need all this fanfare. We need her fucking dead. Do you really think this is necessary?” Barrett, my other captor, asked from his seat across the room.

We were in Jensen’s brother’s garage; his big rig truck, the one that’d transported me and July here, was just to the left of us.

The truck—void of its usual cargo trailer—smelled like cow shit.

Although, cow shit was a better smell than chickens; never again, in my life, would I ever complain about smells. Not after smelling what chickens smelled like up close and personal.

“This is necessary,” Jensen said. “But, since we’re in a hurry, I’ll finish up here really quick.”

He stabbed July three more times, once more in each limb, and then stepped back to admire his handiwork.

I must’ve made a sound, or made a move to draw their attention, because the next thing I knew I was standing up, my hair wrenched back so hard that I saw stars.

Nothing could compare to the pain that July was going through. The pain was evident in her posture, as well as her eyes when she managed to open them.

Oh, God. There’s so much blood!

“I thought I told you to shut the fuck up.”

With that he raised his fist, then slammed it down so hard against my face that my vision blurred.

Blackness started to dot the edges of my vision, and the next thing I knew I was dead to the world.

I woke up some time later, confused and disoriented.

And that was the first time I looked into those dark eyes belonging to a Wolf.

Chapter 1

A woman can only run as fast as her boobs will allow her.

-Fact of Life


“Oh, my God. What the fuck is it going to take to get that through your fat, thick head?” Jensen screamed on the tape that was playing in front of the courtroom.

I swallowed, looking over at my lawyer who was giving me a ‘you’re okay’ nod.

I wasn’t okay. In fact, I was so far from okay that I couldn’t even factor this into a number, but I was going to make it.

There was a difference.

I had an end in sight.

I would testify to make sure that this man, this monster, never saw the light of day without having a razor-wire topped fence in his peripheral vision again.

This man would pay for what he did. To me. To the friend who’d been through hell with me, July. For the ladies before me that hadn’t been saved.

Jensen would pay, and I was going to be the one to make sure he did.

I had the information that the court and jurors needed to make the correct decision. I had the strength to fight him.

I had rage fueling my determination, and I knew that if I could just get through this last day, then everything would be alright. I’d be able to leave this place and start anew.

“Alright,” the judge said. “We’ve heard all this before. There’s no reason to rehash things we’ve already gone over. If nobody has anything to add, we’ll go ahead and dismiss the jurors to deliberate.”

When nobody objected, the judge slapped his gavel on the wood circle on his desk, stood, and left before the bailiff could even tell anyone to rise.

The jurors were sent into the room behind them, and I took that moment to get the hell out of there.

There was no way I wanted to be anywhere close to the courthouse when the final verdict was read.

No sir-ree-Bob.


I knew he was there.

Before I even saw him, I felt his presence. It was like I had some sort of sixth sense when it came to this particular man.

“Leaving won’t solve anything,” Wolf, the brother of the woman who’d traveled through hell and came out on the other side with me, murmured.

I shrugged and loaded up yet another box into the back of my car.