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Fake relationships happen all the time at reunions, right? Harper has adored Colt since the first day of third grade. The talented athlete shoulda avoided his chubby, academically-challenged classmate, but somehow they've always been the best of friends. As they grew up together, Harper hid her deeper feelings for her best friend, knowing there was no way the handsome hunk felt the same way. Colt's friends have always meant everything to him. In high school, he wanted to be more than friends with Harper, but she kept him at arm's length. Pouring his heart and soul into his music, Colt headed for Nashville after Harper's rejection, but when she calls to ask him to pose as her boyfriend at their upcoming reunion, wild horses couldn't keep him away. For some, there is a second chance at having Mr. Right. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda explores a world of connections that can't exist... until they do. Forbidden love abounds when these Daddy Doms refuse to live with regret and claim the women who own their hearts.

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In the beginning

Third grade began as all years did. A class full of unique personalities and abilities burst into a cheerfully decorated room to meet their teacher and see who would be in the same class. In one particular classroom, students paused at the doorway looking for the new teacher at school. Would she be nice or strict?

Their worlds were upended when they found a quirky-looking male teacher wearing a big bow tie. Meeting them with a big smile, Mr. Chamberlain encouraged everyone to find the desk with their name on it. Clumped together in small groups, the students slowly slid into their assigned seats.

Maisie, Amber, Harper, Beau, and Colt discovered they were group five, arranged the farthest from the teacher’s desk. Despite the boys giving each other cootie shots when they found out they were sitting with girls, the group bonded quickly and spent the rest of the year begging him to let them remain together. Thankfully, the phenomenal teacher responded to their good behavior and positive support for each other and hadn’t separated them.

Harper – Senior year of High School

When her name was called, Harper turned toward the door. She definitely didn’t want to sing in front of this packed crowd. Colt wrapped an arm around her waist and growled into her ear.

“Come on, Angel, I can’t do this without you. Help me celebrate, Harper.”

“There are so many people.”

“Just concentrate on me, Little girl.”

Her gaze locked with his and saw the encouragement and caring in his eyes. “I hate you for making me do this,” she protested.

"Come on. You'll love me when the music starts,” he answered confidently.

Snorting quietly, Harper focused on the worn flooring in the bar as he coaxed her up on the small stage. Held against his powerful frame, she refused to look at the faces that stared at them. He was pure hotness and toned muscle. She knew she looked ridiculous next to him. Harper knew she outweighed him by thirty pounds, at least.

The lyrics flashed on the screen, and she forced herself to take a deep breath. His “you’ve got this” reassured her almost as much as the familiar music. She loved this song and hated it at the same time. Launching herself into the riveting female solo at the beginning, Harper heard the quick intake of breath from those crowded closest to her.

This was one thing she did well. Sing. She’d always loved to sing—but in the shower, in the woods, or alone with her friends at a campfire. Performing in front of other people scared her badly. Harper relied on Colt’s strength as he held her steady at his side.

She relaxed a slight amount as his rich tenor voice joined hers. The crowd spontaneously clapped in appreciation. Harper glanced up at Colt and found him in the zone, making eye contact with their audience and soaking in their enjoyment. He was a complete entertainer—a combination of devastating appearance, incredible voice, charm, and the undefinable star quality. He made her tingle inside, and she’d even seen him taste the wintergreen paste back in elementary school.

That thought made her laugh inside and more of the tension ebbed from her body. Feeling it, Colt rewarded her with a squeeze of his arm as he sang just for her. Harper hadn’t asked him about his plans after high school yet. She knew he wasn’t ready to decide to accept an athletic scholarship at their state university. Colt seemed to wrestle with some other option he hadn’t shared with her yet.

He will when he’s ready.

Harper would make it through high school with the help of her friends and specially chosen classes. She toyed with taking a few business classes at the local community college next year. Her joy in life was children. Not school-age kids but little ones who smelled like baby powder, or the grass they trampled on unsteadily in the yard.

While she babysat all the neighborhood kids, Harper dreamed of opening her own childcare center—something small at first but expanding as she could. Kids were her life. She loved them whether they giggled at her lame jokes or screamed with a skinned knee. Harper knew she could make a difference for them, and she was determined to be the best second mommy to everyone she cared for.

The song ended with a reprise of her solo that had launched the song. Harper channeled all her dreams and hopes for the future into the lyrics, allowing her voice to swell into the notes. When the final sound faded out, there was absolute quiet for two seconds before thunderous applause filled the bar.

“Damn, Angel. Together, we’re unbeatable.” Colt’s rough voice slid over her, drawing her gaze to his handsome face.

“You’re the star, Colt. I just make you sound better.”

Harper watched his expression harden and knew he didn’t care for her words. The crowd interrupted them with demands for an encore and she quickly keyed in a tune that required two male voices. Waving Beau up to take her place, she fled from the stage to rejoin Maisie and Amber. Ignoring the feel of Colt’s gaze on her, she chatted with her friends as the masculine tones blended together. Beau’s voice was good. Colt’s voice was incomparable.