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Movie star Sierra’s plan to write in an isolated cabin until she finishes her screenplay comes crashing to a halt when an ice storm sends a tree through her roof.
Lucky for her, there are three men working on their own project not too far away. When their dog digs Sierra out, they take her in.
But four people in a small cabin makes for close quarters, and Sierra’s always been skittish with men. Can these sinfully gorgeous guys win her over? Or will she give them the cold shoulder?

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“You sure you know what you’re getting into, girlie?”

Girlie. I supposed it wasn’t the worst thing I’d ever been called. Still, I suppressed a sigh as I studied the small man in front of me. His bald head was covered by an ancient stocking cap that had probably been knitted during World War II. Between that and his wild gray beard, it was hard to make out the beady little eyes that peered up at me.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’ve been here since Tuesday.”

This was my fourth day at Cabins for Creatives. So far it had lived up to its promise—peace, solitude, and plenty of time to work on my writing.

Winston looked skeptical. “That’s because you haven’t seen any real weather yet. Ever been in a blizzard?”

Alarm jolted through me before I remembered that the cabins were built for weather like that. Plus, I was checking the weather report three times a day, and nothing like that was on the radar. “I’ll be fine. I love the cold.”

That wasn’t entirely true. I was born and bred in Los Angeles, after all. But so far, I loved the charming little cabin, the silent woods, and the incredible view.

He eyed the bags of groceries he’d just set on the table. “You’re not going to stay warm eating that bird seed you ordered.” The way he cleared his throat suggested he was a smoker. “You need some beef and potatoes. I got steaks out on the ATV for those boys up the way.”

“Good for them.” Only one other cabin was visible from mine. It was twice the size and currently housed three men and their dog.

The only one I’d met was the collie, who’d made his way down here once, but I’d seen the others out on their deck. The most we’d done was to exchange waves, since they were at least half a mile up the hillside, but that was fine with me. More than fine.

“Why don’t you tromp on up there sometime? Bet they’d be happy to share a meal with a pretty young thing like you.”

Yes, that was exactly why I’d booked a cabin in the mountains—to meet men. “I’m not looking for a free meal.”

“You should.” The way he eyed me wasn’t leering, like most men did. In fact, it was downright insulting. “You could use some meat on your bones, and broccoli’s not going to do it.” He said the name of the vegetable as if it had personally offended him.

The fact that he was basically calling me scrawny felt almost like a compliment. In a month, I’d be off on the publicity tour for Thrill of the Chase, a movie I’d filmed last year, and if I gained any weight before then, my agent and the studio would crucify me. Plus, I’d be pretty pissed at myself, too. Being on display the whole time—since my role in the movie had been basically to be arm candy—was awkward enough even at my ideal weight.

“Thank you for delivering the groceries.” Despite the fact that Winston was the only person I’d spoken to face-to-face in days, I was eager for him to go. But when I reached for my purse—something else I hadn’t used in days—he waved me off.

“You already pre-paid your tips, miss.”

Miss seemed like a step up from girlie.

“Well, I really appreciate it. It can’t be easy to drive through all that snow.”

The tip of his bulbous nose turned pink. “It ain’t, but sometimes I worry about all you artsy folks up here all alone.” The cabins were marketed as a place for creatives to come to work in solitude. “You a writer?”

“Yes,” I said firmly. He’d asked that before but hadn’t seemed to believe me.

“You don’t look like one.”

I nearly rolled my eyes. I had on fuzzy slippers, leggings, and a hoodie over my t-shirt. My hair was up in a high ponytail, and I had no makeup on. Still, I wondered if he got a whiff of Hollywood from me. Hopefully before my month’s stay was over, that would wear off.

“Well, I’d better get them boys their vittles,” Winston said, making no move toward the door.

“How long have they been here?” The question had left my lips with no prior warning from my brain. What did I care about the men up the hill?

“Just a few days longer than you. This is their first fresh food delivery, too.” Winston squinted at me. “You understand that it might be a while until I get back, don’t ya?”

This squat man who’d probably lived up in the mountains his whole life looked worried, and that worried me. “They said every ten days.”

“That’s only if the route’s passable. We get a big storm, it won’t be.”

Right. That was the deal I’d signed up for, and it was the whole point—to take a time-out from the real world and get some work done. Still… “There’s a backup generator, right?”