Snow’s Prince – Silver Spoon Underworld Read Online Nichole Rose

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Falling for Snow was the last thing this mafia prince intended to do.

Silver Spoon Falls was supposed to be an easy mark.
Instead, I’m up to my ears in cartels and complications.
I waltzed into enemy territory to investigate…
And waltzed back out with a new mission in life.
Protecting Snow Buchanan from her stepmother and her cartel of henchmen.
Her seven furry friends doubt me.
Her stepmother wants to kill her.
And all I want is to lay siege to her heart.
This curvy little princess will be mine.

When my dad died, I knew it was only a matter of time before my stepmother found a way to get rid of me too.
She wants his money, not his daughter.
But I didn’t expect her to send trained killers after me.
I certainly didn’t expect Dimitri Arakas, the gorgeous bad boy who makes my heart race.
He swears he’s going to protect me.
But I just have one question…
Who is supposed to protect my heart from him?

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Chapter One


"Where the fuck are you?" Uncle Dante growls into the phone. "I need you at The King's Castle. It's a madhouse, and I've got shit to do."

Dante Arakas is full of it. The only thing he has to do is follow his new wife, Belle, around. Ever since he found her, it's the only thing he does. Especially now that she's pregnant. Not that I blame him after everything that went down. The fucking Carmona Kings tried to kidnap her to get at him. We handled it, and we've been keeping a close eye on her since to ensure the cartel doesn't make the same mistake again. Uncle Dante is worried as hell about her. But he's going to have to let her breathe eventually.

Belle isn't the kind of woman willing to be locked away.

"Sucks for you, old man. I'm following a lead," I murmur, keeping my voice pitched low to avoid being overheard. I'm in the only part of Silver Spoon Falls that doesn't look like it belongs in a country club. A row of old warehouses huddle together yards from a decrepit dock. Trees have grown up around them, leaving most of them undetectable from the old road leading out here.

It's the perfect spot for the Carmona Kings to hide since we took out their last hideout. Actually, it's the perfect spot to hide a lot of the shit they do. It's so far off the beaten path I don't think anyone in town even remembers this place exists anymore. We certainly didn't find it when we were checking for abandoned properties. My brother-in-law, Jude Despora, and his MC brother, Andreas Romano, found it.

Andreas owns a shipping company. The dock and warehouses were listed on an old property record for the company. Apparently, they still own it, but no one has been out here in a decade. At least, no one should have been out here in a decade.

Judging by the tire marks all over the area, the place has seen a whole lot of traffic lately. I'm guessing it's not the ghosts of Romanos past responsible for them. I'd bet my left nut that the Carmonas are using the place since it can't be tied to them or their new business partner…whoever that is.

Constantine was able to dig up a rumor that they're working with someone local, but we don't know who yet. I'm determined to find out before it bites us in the ass like it did with Leonardo. I want them out of our fucking territory, post haste.

My sister and baby niece are here, and they've already proven that they're willing to play dirty. If they come after Devin and Dylan, it'll be the last thing they do. Coming after Belle was bad enough.

"What lead? Where the hell are you?" Dante demands.

"I'm in the middle of fucking nowhere," I tell my uncle. "I think I may have found where the Carmonas have been hiding. I'm checking it out. I'll explain later. Call Constantine. He's back in town. He can help out at the club."

"Jesus Christ, Dimitri. You're out there alone?"

"I'll be fine. If anyone is here, they're alone," I mutter. "And I've got my Glock. I'll be in and out."

"We'll talk about this when you get home," Dante growls.

Fuck my life. I may be the second most powerful criminal in the state, but I still answer to Dante, the same as everyone else. And unlike everyone else, he made a promise to my parents to ensure Devin and I were safe. He takes that shit seriously.

"Yeah, fine," I say and then disconnect before he decides to send someone out here to fuck up my night. I just want to handle shit myself for once instead of giving the orders. It's easier that way. Being second-in-command has its perks, don't get me wrong. But I feel like a caged lion, unsettled and ill at ease.

The feeling has grown stronger the longer we've been in Silver Spoon Falls. Something is off and I don't fucking know what. Nothing satisfies me. Everything grates on my nerves. I'm crawling out of my skin, and don't know why.

It's the same way I felt when Devin was in danger in Houston. Last time, she ended up tied up in the back of a van. And I ended up with more blood on my hands than I'll ever be able to wash off. I don't know how many people I killed. I won't pretend I do. All I know is that the cartel responsible for trying to kidnap her no longer exists. I hunted every single member down and eradicated the problem. The guilt still haunts me…not over what I did to them, but over failing her.

The feeling is stronger this time. Something is wrong. But Devin and Dylan are perfectly safe with Jude and his MC. So I don't know what the fuck that leaves. All I know is that I need to deal with the Carmona Kings before the feeling drives me insane.