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Stolen (Castile Family #3)

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Ella Goode

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Savannah watched in disbelief as her two brothers fell under the spell of love. While she’s happy for them, she’s determined not to suffer the same fate. She’s young, wealthy, and wants to enjoy her freedom. But one brooding alpha is making love hard to resist. What’s a girl to do?
Answer: Run.
Aaron never understood how men could fall hopelessly in love. He’d always thought it was a weakness, but when it smacked him in the face in the form of Savannah he wasn’t too proud to admit he was wrong. Especially when it came to her. The problem is that the girl that owns his heart doesn’t want to settle down. What’s a man to do when the woman he loves won’t give in?
Answer. Steal her.
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Castile Family Series by Ella Goode

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“Where is she now?” I ask one of the top men on my team, Cooper. He’s the only one I can handle keeping his eyes on my girl. That’s because the man is madly in love with his wife. At one time I thought that was a weakness. Having someone take up so much of your head space wasn’t something I was used to. Making decisions based on what someone else thought about you wasn’t my style either.

Savannah has changed that for me. She consumes my thoughts on a daily basis. I’ve been so wrong in the past. I am willing to admit it. When it comes to Savannah Castile I am never too proud. If you ask me, a weak man is one who can’t admit when he’s wrong. I learn from my mistakes and make sure I don’t make them again.

“Still inside her penthouse condo,” Cooper repeats for the dozenth time today. It’s Sunday and normally my girl is doing a million things. It’s easy to trail her and I do it myself usually. Today, though, she is holed up in her home. I don't like it. Not one fucking bit. She hasn't seemed to be ready to take us to the next level so I have been biding my time. I am letting her play her little cat and mouse game. She is enjoying it and I find that I enjoy doing things she likes. She needs to see that we can have so much more enjoyment once I catch her.

She knows I follow her. She gets off on it as much as I do but today she hasn’t left home. That isn't going to work for me. I’m not missing my Sunday of seeing her. The final straw was her not answering the phone when I called her. I could see she was reading my text messages. I think she turned on the read receipts just so I knew she was looking at them and not responding.

This cat and mouse game is over. I am always down for a good hunt but this is different. She is different and I am over the game. She has been provoking me and now she is going to see just how far a man like me will go to get what he wants. She is ready to be caught even if she doesn’t realize it. I do and that’s what really matters. The fact that I can read my girl so well is a testament to how well I know her. She is driven but at the same time she can easily get lost in her own head.

I can hear Cooper’s breathing grow heavy. The thud of his boots taking the stairs as fast as he can. “Tell me when you have eyes.”

I have a feeling my girl is lying out on her rooftop patio enjoying the sun. How else does she get that perfect sun-kissed skin that glows? She knows what she is doing to me. Ever since her brother’s wedding she’s been a little bit off. It was clear to me that her other brother Cullen isn't far behind in getting married himself. That man stared at the Mad Chef, as many call her, like she hung the moon in the sky for him alone.

Savannah is in denial that she is mine. She keeps skirting around the fact that we belong together but deep down we both know this will end with her being my wife. I’ve tried to give her time but time is up. There is no hiding from me. I don’t care if you live in one of the most secure buildings in New York City. I didn't become the man I am without knowing how to get in and out of anywhere. It’s what I’ve been trained to do and have done most of my life. I retired from an agency of the government that doesn't even have a proper name.

I’ve taken those skills and started a business to protect the elite of the elite. For those that can afford me, that is. Sure, I know that makes me sound like a pompous ass but I’ve done my duty for my country. Now I am using the skills I’ve honed to line my bank accounts. My mom, rest her soul, told me to never do anything you're good at for free. The rich love to throw their money around and there is no one better at my business than me. I am more than willing to pick it up for them while keeping their asses safe. If they follow the rules.

Savannah never follows the rules. It’s why she needs me as her husband. She needs a full-time service detail and I am more than willing to fill that spot. I know she thinks I will try and cage her in but you don’t cage a woman like Savannah. Why would you even want to? I merely want to be the man that is there for her to lean on. The one to take care of her. She always puts on a strong front. She is strong but you should always check on the strongest. They too need someone to be their rock sometimes. I want to be hers so badly I ache for it. Maybe I’m a liar and think these things to reason with myself that she needs me, Really, I’m the one that needs her. My only hope is that it goes both ways.