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I wasn’t supposed to want him, but that didn’t mean I could help myself. Seeing him daily, having him help me perfect my craft, train for the marathon, meant our close proximity had me falling for Coach Big.

I was still in high school.
He was my coach.
Nothing should have happened between us because that would have been wrong, crossing lines. 
But then something did, and I never wanted to go back.

Coach Big
She was barely legal, innocent, and off-limits. 
I was too old for her and someone she looked up to.
 But there wasn’t anything I wanted more than to have Lily as mine.
Keeping my distance was impossible, especially once she began the shy flirting. She was tempting a beast and didn’t even know it. Lily was playing with fire and would get burned.
We both would.

Because once we were alone in the locker room, and she kissed me, I couldn’t stop myself.

I didn’t even try.
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Chapter One

Coach Big

“Spread wider. Go down as far as you can.”

“It hurts.”

“It’s going to. That’s how you know you’re hitting the right spot.”

I stand back and watch as Lily leans forward and touches her toes. Her lean runner’s body is all long limbs and toned muscle.

As I watch her stretch, I try like hell to not get a hard-on.

She’s barely legal, still in high school, and I am her fucking track coach.

Lily Robertson, smart, gorgeous, and totally off-limits, has a great future ahead of her. No doubt she’ll get a full scholarship for track to any college of her choosing. That’s how fucking good she is.

But it isn’t just those qualities that draw me to her like a fucking stalker. It’s the way her shorts mold to her perfect apple-shaped ass, the look of her long, tanned legs—even the fucking delicate bones at her ankles turn me on. Her tucked-in waist, flat belly, and her pert little tits have me jacking off nightly to the thoughts of my cock popping her cherry.

And I know she is a virgin. I can feel and smell the innocence pouring off of her.

She is every guy’s wet dream, probably has the little assholes at school popping boners left and right. Hell, it takes a lot of self-control for me not to get one when she is around.

She is completely off-limits, forbidden to me. Not only am I her coach, I know she just celebrated her eighteenth birthday. I’m fucking thirty-five, too old to be with her, but too obsessed to let the idea go.

“Like this?”

She spreads her legs a little wider and I stare at the crease between her ass, the way her cotton shorts dip slightly in.


“That’s good, Lily.” I try not to make my voice sound so thick, clear my throat and move around her. She stands and lifts her arms above her head, stretching while tilting to the left, then to the right, working every part of her body over before she runs the track.

Her white gym shirt rises up, showing me her perfectly toned stomach, and the indentation of her navel. I hold in my groan, an image of me on my knees with my hands on her hips, my mouth on her belly button, my tongue drawing circles around it, slamming into my head.

My cock starts to thicken, my shorts becoming tighter as my dick presses against the nylon material.

“I hate stretching.”

I fucking love watching you do it.

I barely keep from saying the words as my cock grows even harder.

I walk a few feet away and breathe out roughly to try and calm myself. It takes a few moments, but I finally feel my cock start to soften.

“Do you think I really have a shot this weekend, Coach Big?”

Her voice is so damn sweet and soft, so fucking innocent.

I shove my hands in the front pocket of my shorts and turn to face her, nodding. “Absolutely. You’re the best we have, the best in the state if I’m being honest. The scouts will be at the meet this weekend. You’ve got to give it your all so they notice you right off the bat.”

“Yeah,” she says softly.

Her long dark hair is pulled up into a ponytail, wisps of strands falling down the side of her face. She’s worked up a little sweat from her pre-workout, beads dotting her forehead and making me want to pull her in close and run my tongue along them, taste how sweet and salty they really are.

“Although I’d like you to come in Friday after school. We’ll train some more. It won’t hurt to put in some extra time, especially before the meet.”

She licks her lips, and I zero in on the sight, watching as her pink tongue moves along the full, red swell. I feel my cock start to get hard again.

“I’m glad you mentioned that. I was going to ask if you had some free time Friday. I still feel so underprepared for this.”

I walk up to her, just a few feet separating us now. “You got this, Lily.” I want to tell her I have her, that she is mine. It is such a primal, possessive feeling, that word slamming into my head over and over again.




I don’t miss how the guys look at her, check out her perfectly-shaped ass, talk about wanting to fuck her. And all I want to do is connect my fist with their faces, teach them a lesson that not only is it disrespectful to talk about her that way, but that she belongs to me and I’ll fuck them up for even looking in her direction.

I constantly remind myself I am her coach. I’m merely someone she should look up to, not a person she should be worried about wanting to claim her.

And fuck, I do. It’s getting harder each day to control myself. I’m barely able to stay away from her and I’m worried that there will come a time when I say fuck the rules, fuck the repercussions ... and finally make Lily mine.