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Texas Hellion

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Camille Suhterland and Grant Colfax have been dancing around each other ever since she was a fiery teen and he was the new rancher in town, who was the only one not taken in by her. The two had their fair share of run ins, but now Cami was back from college and about to get married. But things take a turn when Cami's fiancé is caught with his pants down and Grant is called in by Cami's daddy to ride herd when she goes rogue and tries to take out her ex and his new sweetheart. All is not what it seems, but will these two hotheaded people finally open up and admit what they feel? Or are they destined to fight each other at every turn?
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“Hey, you, get your ass outta there.” Why is this kid always messing with me? I turned around so I didn’t see any more of her than I already had, but I was afraid the damage had already been done. As if the last few weeks hadn’t been hard enough on my ass, she had to go and pull this shit.

I heard the water splash as she climbed her naked ass out, and as tempted, as I was to turn around and take in more of her barely legal body, I fought the urge. From what little I’d seen though, I knew I was going to be seeing that shit in my minds’ eye for a long time.

Thank fuck she was heading off to school soon, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep up the façade. She walked by me with her head down. I guess she wasn’t expecting me to be riding range on this side of the property, and that’s why she was skinny dipping in my creek. But what if I’d been someone else? What if one of the ranch hands had seen her instead of me? The thought pissed me the fuck off as I watched her slink away.

I bit my lip to keep my tongue still, just a few more weeks before she went off to that fancy school of hers. She didn’t need to know that I wanted to fuck the shit out of her. That it took all my self-control here lately not to say fuck it and just take her.

She cried out and picked up one of her feet and I walked over. She was bleeding like stink. “What the hell did you do?” I knew I had to pick her up but she was barely dressed. Why the fuck was this happening to me? I had no choice in the end but to pick her ass up and mount her on my horse before getting on behind her.

I rode to my place since it was closer than her parents’ next door. “Sit here let me go get the stuff.” I sat her in a kitchen stool and went to the bathroom to get some supplies. When I came back she was looking at her foot and trying to clean away the blood with her fingers.

I moved her hand away and tried to ignore the tears in her eyes. “It looks like you stepped on a piece of broken glass.” I cleaned the wound and bandaged it with my heart in a vise. She looked so pitiful, and nothing at all like the eighteen I knew her to be. And what the fuck was that look in her eye?


Oh boy Camille this is it, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. I saw the look in his eye and closed my eyes just before our lips collided. It was sweet and mind blowing and…when he pulled away and jumped back like a scalded kitten it was like being doused by a bucket of ice-cold water.

I was mortified by his reaction, and that’s why I threw the first punch. I’ve always been a fight or flight kind of girl. “You crazy…cut it out.” Good, I’d caught him a good one in the kisser, that’ll teach him to go around kissing unsuspecting females and then acting like they had the plague.

“Unhand me you oaf before I get my gun and shoot your balls off.” He singed me with a look before letting me go and stepping away. I took a hasty breath while his back was turned, but inside I was a bundle of nerves. I wanted so badly to run my fingers over my lips, but I couldn’t, not with him there.

He walked over to the other side of the island and I sat there like a fool, not knowing what to do with myself. Could this day get any worse? I knew this would happen, had been afraid of it for a long time. Well, you’d better pull yourself together missy, can’t let him see you mooning over him, that’ll just add insult to injury. I didn’t dwell too much on the hurt I felt from his rejection, instead I schooled my face the way I always did, the way I had taught myself to do to hide what was really inside me where Grant Colfax was concerned.



After the kiss I’d ran like hell back to the other side and hidden my dick behind the cover of the island. We hadn’t said two words to each other until I’d found my balls and manned the fuck up. I’d apologized for the kiss, but after she went back to being her usual ornery self I figured no harm done. In short I’d played the fucking coward, choosing to let her believe that her acid tongue had scared me off, when nothing could be farther from the truth. But how could I start something I was almost positive she wasn’t ready for? If she only knew the half of what I wanted to do to her she’d run.