The Alphas Beach Baby Mama (Triple L Ranch Shifters #3) Read Online Kate Richards

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A pre-mating vacation, a delayed honeymoon, and three wolf shifters—a MM couple and a single female alone together in a tiny, isolated beach cottage for two weeks. What might happen next?

Not every wolf has a fated mate, and I’d come to the conclusion that it was not going to happen for me. So, I agreed to mate with one of my friends from childhood who also had given up on the mating likelihood. But with the mating date coming up, I decided to break with tradition and head for the beach. It was time for this mountain wolf to visit the ocean before settling down to my pleasant future with Crain.

My mate and I had waited a long time to take our honeymoon. My mate’s new status as alpha had thrown our plans into an uproar, but we were finally able to visit the small beach town where my parents had spent two weeks after their mating. The trip was a wedding gift and one we’d looked forward to. Finally! Two weeks alone on the stunning California coast. Just the two of us in a cottage with nothing but empty beach and ocean in front of us, golden rolling hills behind us. Paradise

I never wanted to be alpha, but in the interests of pack unity, I fought and won the position. The other wolf wanted the job too much, and I feared, many others as well, that he would put his own interests and those of his clique before the needs of all. So, a year later, with things quiet and running smoothly, my mate and I were unpacking our gear in our honeymoon cottage, looking forward to a run in the hills and a swim in the waves when she came along. Alone. Lost. Hurt. And with no idea who she was or how she got there. Of course we had to take her in. But now what? Miles from any other homes, even farther from a town, and with both our wolves looking way too interested in her. This was not the honeymoon I planned on.




Life on the Triple L Ranch was good. Better than good, it was paradise. My former pack treated its females poorly, as breeders and waitresses, servants to their males. Which was a lot of the reason I left. That and the fact that my stepmother was getting me out of her hair by marrying me off to someone I wanted no part of.

I ran from my wedding with no idea where I was going or what I would do when I got there, but when I did, I found myself in the arms of the two alphas of the Triple L Ranch. Tadeo and Sawyer were everything I could have dreamed of and were my fateds. But when I escaped in full bridal regalia, I did not know that I was running toward my fated mates. I was running away from the arranged marriage to someone I had no interest in spending an afternoon with, much less the rest of my life.

But sometimes, Fate is kind, and I’d learned that not all males were arrogant bastards who wanted nothing but power and control and had no empathy whatsoever. My mates, who had been a happy couple before I came along, at first wanted me to help them have a family, but in the time we’d been together, we’d learned how much we belonged to one another.

It was as blissful as a life could be in the real world where annoyances and difficulties were sure to arise. But I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to face the challenges without the love and respect my mates and I shared.

Which was why, when one of the young women of the pack approached me in my role as pack alpha female to discuss planning her wedding. Although it was not an arranged mating, Diana was clear that neither was it a love match.

“It’s not that we don’t care for one another, of course,” she said. “But not everyone is lucky enough to have a fated, and I’d rather mate my friend than be alone forever.” She cast a glance in the corner where our little girl slept in her cradle. “And I want children.”

“I see.” And I did. Diana and Crain had been childhood friends, from what I’d learned from my mates, but never seemed to be more. If I had to guess, I’d say Crain might be more interested in Diana than she in him, but that was not mine to judge. Or maybe it was, but I’d decided early on in this job that I wouldn’t do anything to force people to go against their will. “As long as you’re sure,” I told her. “We can set a date.”

“I’m sure,” she asserted. “You’re lucky, Analise, but I’m lucky, too, in a way. Crain will be good to me and a kind and caring father to our children. Yes, I’m lucky.”