The Blood Queen – The Immortal Crown Saga Read Online Kenya Wright

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In the second installment of the Immortal Throne series, Camille and Xander race against time to uncover the truth behind the Quiet King's ultimate plan. Danger lurks around every corner, and nothing is as it seems.

The stakes are higher than ever before.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, Camille and Xander find solace in each other's arms as they delve deeper into a world of intrigue, deception, and dark magic.

Can they uncover the truth to save themselves and their world, or will they fall prey to others' deadly schemes?

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Eternal Love


Once we returned, there were no more questions, no more time to talk nor ponder the Quiet King or anything else. My body ached and yearned for Xander’s skilled fangs, tongue, fingers, and cock. It was this intense craving throbbing through me and not giving my body a bit of rest. Unquenchable in every way, pulsing and pounding.

I was beyond addiction, and long past caring about the consequences or repercussions that would come.

I had made up my mind.

I now knew that not only could I not be too far from Xander, but I barely could survive without him in my life. I would need him too much. Crave and yearn and drown into all-consuming obsession.

How could I think I could ever leave him? Why did I believe I had some choice?

The moment he pierced me with his fangs was the moment I became his to own, to dominate, to feed from, to fuck, to love in any way he desired.

The sewer was warm during the day, but in Xander’s room, we were surrounded by the cool smoothness of his rainbow colored sheets.

“Finally, my queen.” Xander moved over me like the sun moves across the sky, warm and embracing.

“Finally.” I let out an eager gasp and moved my hands across his massive muscular arms, feeling each and every ripple of raw strength beneath my fingertips.

Is he really all mine?

Yes, queen.

I smirked at his being inside of my head.

I wish I could be in your head.

You don’t.

Why not?

Because the many images of what I want to do to your body may scare you.

I tensed.

Tell me.

Not this day.

And. . .


You’re not mad about Ian?

That is a discussion for later today.

I could sense the power in his tone as his voice slipped through my head.

I should have pressed on, but my need for him was too intense—too strong.

My hands were relentless as I explored him higher, slipping up his chiseled chest, brushing past his gorgeous face, and feeling the seductive smoothness of his obsidian horns against my palms.

Xander groaned in pleasure, his deep voice echoing in the air around us. His thick, heavy cock pulsed against my thigh, and his desire for me was palpable, hard and enormous.

With each stroke of my hands along his horns, I felt a powerful arousal stirring within me—a forbidden desire that begged to be unleashed.

His lids drooped over his eyes, half way shielding them from me. “You badly want something, my queen.”

“Do I?”

“I can smell the need all over you.”

My breathing picked up. “Rub them against me.”

His fangs appeared. Lust heated his gold eyes. “My horns?”


Soon, he lowered and those horns caressed my soft curves, gliding them along my breasts. The craving in my body intensified. Their touch was electrifying.

I gasped as he slipped the horns along one nipple and then the other, gently coaxing them to harden in hunger.

“Oh, Xander.” I moaned and trembled with pleasure. “They feel so good on me.”

“How good?”

“Like you’re fucking me, even though you’re not. Like you’re licking my pussy, even though your tongue is nowhere close.”

What made his horns so deliciously erotic? Why did a simple touch of them send my body on edge? I didn’t doubt that his horns alone, their touch. . .their smoothness, could probably bring me to ecstasy all by themselves.

Xander’s lips twitched with a hungry smile. He rubbed his horns harder against my breasts and watched me writhe in pleasure.

“Oh! Oh!”

He lowered even further and began slipping his horns along my aching pussy.

“Dear Ambi!” I shivered.

The pleasure was so raw, so intense, I thought I might cum.

My erotic need for him was quickly growing too strong to hold back.

Unable to stop myself, I humped one of the thick horns, rubbing my clit against it and rocking my hips back and forth.

Xander’s breath grew ragged.

“Oh! Oh!” My pussy creamed on his horns, coating them with my juices.

A deep growl left him.

Then he lifted his head. My arousal dripped from his horns. I slipped my fingers along the wet horns.

His fangs extended longer than ever before.

I widened my eyes.

He groaned. “Let me taste the juices on your fingers.”

I placed my hand against his lips.

He licked my fingers. His fangs nipped at the tips, drawing tiny specks of blood. He licked that too.

I blinked. “Your fangs are longer.”

“Does that scare you?”

“No. It’s just that. . .”


“You are both dangerous and captivating at the same time.”

“Get used to it, my queen. I have no intentions of ever letting you go.” He grabbed my hips and flipped me over in a blur that rocked me.

I blinked my eyes. “You’re stronger and faster too.”

“And you are the blood that courses through my veins.” He lifted me up so that I was on all fours. “You are the very essence of my existence.”

My greedy pussy drooled with wanton need.

Panting, I glanced over my shoulder.