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(Sex & Bonds #1) The Dealmaker

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Jessica Peterson

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Hating and dating: I didn’t realize they’re two sides of the same coin until I meet him. Theo Morgan.
One of Wall Street’s highest-paid traders, he may be hot as sin in his five-thousand-dollar custom-made suit. But Theo is the bane of my existence. He’s arrogant, rude, and as brash as they come.
As our bank’s newest star hire, he’s also after the same promotion I am. But I didn’t make it this far in a man’s world just to be passed over for an entitled egomaniac. Two can play at this game.
In a surprise to exactly no one, Theo and I butt heads from the beginning–and end up losing my biggest client with a trade gone bad. Our boss’s punishment: fly us to California together to make nice with the client—or else.
When a snowstorm back home leaves us stranded on the West Coast, we learn our hotel is fully booked, save for one room.
And of course that room would have only one king-sized bed. After a little too much wine, our deal to stick to opposite sides of that bed goes out the window. But on the flight home, my resolve to keep things professional remains intact, until Theo offers me a new deal.
The gloves (and clothes) can come off. But the lipstick stays on…
THE DEALMAKER is an all-new, outrageously sexy romantic comedy now LIVE on all retailers!
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Sex & Bonds Series by Jessica Peterson

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Jessica Peterson

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Well *this* is juicy: we’re hearing star trader Theo Morgan is leaving his post in NYC at Felix Brothers to trade High-Grade corporate bonds at Atlas & Teton in Charlotte, North Carolina (!!!!!)

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A&T has been fending off rumors of financial trouble since their shocking earnings miss back in January. We have no idea how they wooed Theo away from Felix, but we applaud the ballsy move.

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Chapter One


Fighting and fucking.

I had no idea they’re two sides of the same coin until I meet him. Theo Morgan, aka the Bull. It’s a nickname Wall Street doesn’t hand out lightly; you have to have exceptionally large balls and be an exceptionally giant asshole to earn it.

And oh, does Theo earn it.

The morning we meet, I wake up before my 4:45 a.m. alarm. It’s unusual for me—I love to sleep—but it’s notification day, and my heart is popping around my chest like a pinball. I’m always excited to get my bonus number and review; bonuses make up the lion’s share of my compensation. But today I’m extra excited. Or maybe just anxious, because my boss is handing out exactly one promotion this year, and I’m in the running to get it.

If I did, I’d be one of fifteen female managing directors on Atlas & Teton Bank’s thousand-person trading floor. One of them being my idol Paula Fernandez, my boss’s boss and global head of sales and trading. MD is the highest title in the banking world aside from CEO, and it’s one I’ve been after since I started my career in sales and trading at twenty-two, fresh out of college.

I check my phone to see if my dad responded to the text I sent him yesterday. He had a successful career in finance too, so I asked him for any advice he might have. I smile when I see he did respond, but my excitement fades when I see he just said: Good luck. Not even an exclamation point. I don’t know why I’m disappointed by his disinterest after all this time, but the impersonal reply still stings.

I refuse to let him ruin my day before it even begins, so I hop on my Peloton in an effort to sweat out my jitters. It works. By the time I’m done showering, I’m blow-drying my hair with a steady hand. If I can survive a decade in the male-dominated world of investment banking, who’s to say I can’t thrive in it too, despite some (very big) missteps along the way?