The Disciples Short Stories Vol 2 Read Online Izzy Sweet, Sean Moriarty

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Happily Ever Afters are forever…
But in the Disciple’s world, the fun and danger never stops.

Includes four new short stories:
The Trip – Johnathan
A Work Thing – James
Promise Me – Gabriel
Initiation – Amanda

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The Trip


The phone ringing at three-thirty in the morning shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it does. I don’t know exactly what I was dreaming but it was good. The raging hard-on stuck firmly between Beth’s juicy asscheeks begs to be used.

“Fuck,” I grunt quietly.

“Who’s calling now?” Beth slurs, coming out of her deep sleep.

Reaching over to my phone, I look at the number, hoping it’s something I can ignore. But the private caller has their number blocked.

Rolling away from Beth, I say, “I gotta take this call, babe. Go back to sleep.”

“Mmmkay, be safe,” she murmurs before I hear her quiet, heavy breathing.

Sliding out of bed, I quickly head towards the hallway and watch as the call stops and immediately begins to ring again.

“What the fuck?” I growl at the phone.

No one should be able to call me from a private line. Simon’s got our phones set up pretty damn good.

Pushing the connect button as soon as I enter the hallway, I say, “Who the fuck is this?”

An impatient Simon comes on to the line. “Meet me at the airport in forty-five minutes. Leave the phone at home, I’ll have one for you. Bring your full load out but wear street clothes.”

The line disconnects before I have a chance to ask a single fucking question. With it being a private number, I can’t even call the fucker back.


Beth’s going to fucking kill me. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and we’re supposed to bring all the beer to Andrew’s party.

The simple fact that Simon said meet me and not the crew or anyone else makes me want to call a couple of the other guys to figure out what the fuck is going on.

But I know the rules.

We do what we’re told, and fucking around, asking questions, can get us all killed.

Like a good fucking soldier, I do as I’m asked and move back into the room. The airport is thirty minutes away. I don’t have time to do much beyond getting dressed and hitting the bathroom.

Dressed in the dirtiest jeans I have, which isn’t nearly as dirty as my clothes used to be now that Beth has me looking almost respectable, I head out of my walk-in closet.

There, in the bedroom, sleeping so peacefully is the love of my life. God, what that woman does to me with just one glimpse of her bare shoulder.

Hell, I really am tempted to call Andrew and see if he can take on whatever job Simon and Lucifer have cooked up for me.

The phone is almost out of my pocket before I remember the private number and order to leave this phone here.

Beth is going to shit a brick when she sees it still on my nightstand.

Walking to the side of the bed, I pull the sheet and blanket up past her shoulder and tuck her in. She’s so fucking beautiful I can barely contain myself around her on a normal day, but right now something compels me to kiss her head.

“Mmm, back already?” she asks sleepily.

“Getting ready to leave, Beth,” I say quietly. “Gotta leave the work phone here. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Her eyes pop open. “Why?”

Going from barely awake to pushing herself up into a sitting position, she looks me directly in my eyes.

“Why are you leaving your phone here?” she asks again.

“Fuck.” I sigh and pull her into my arms. “Got a call and I gotta work, babe.”

Pulling me into her arms, she kisses my lips hard before pulling back and resting her forehead against mine.

“Promise to come back?” she asks, and I hear a slight tremor in her voice.

I hug her tight for a moment. “I promise.”

Standing up from the bed, I move away before either of us thinks about how sometimes promises aren’t shit in my world.

“Love you, princess booty.” I smirk at her with a wink.

The pillow she flings at my retreating back makes me chuckle.

“I hate that pet name,” she whispers before I hear her flop back on the bed.

“I know.” I silently close the bedroom door behind me.

Walking down the hall, I stop to look in Charlie’s room. He’s sleeping soundly, which is one the happiest things I can think of.

His night terrors and sleep paralysis were horrific the first few months living here. There were deep, black circles under his eyes, and he’d tremble if someone spoke too loud or slammed a door on accident.

Those months were hard on us all, especially Charlie. I’ve never held a kid before him, and the violent way his body would sob still causes my very being to ache at the thought.

Maxine’s head pops up from Charlie’s stomach. Her ears prick up as she watches me for a long moment. She’s been one of the saving graces in this home. Both her and Beth. I like to think eventually Charlie and me would have made it through the darkness without those two, but it would have been a hell of a lot harder.