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The Handmaiden

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It's the year 2045 and the world has gone through many changes. After war and plagues have vastly depleted life on the planet, there's a mad rush to repopulate the remaining nations. But in this new world, only the elite are allowed to reproduce at will, and they can have their pick of any available female.Alyssa was born in another time, just before the changes came. How will this headstrong opinionated young girl handle the new reality of her life as a handmaid to one of the wealthiest men in town?
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"Where is she?" There was no inflection in the young man’s voice and tone, and yet the elderly gentleman wrung his hands in consternation, as he avoided the fierce, piercing eyes of the man standing before him. Brax Stanford was a younger man yes, but he was of higher breeding and wealth than old Silas, and Silas was a man who knew his place.

Unlike some others, who would be dragged kicking and screaming into hell before they’d submit themselves to anyone. Like his eighteen-year old daughter who was even now hiding when she should be here front and center to meet her new master.

"Well sir you see, it's like this, please don't be too cross she's young yet and prone to nonsense on occasion." If he could he would be almost anywhere else but here right now facing what was sure to be the man’s coming wrath.

"That doesn't answer my question now does it, where is my property?" Though the younger man did not raise his voice this time either it still sent fear through the other man. All knew of Master Stanford's strength, and his temper. If not for the also well-known fact that the man also had a heart of gold old Silas would've helped the girl hide himself, but he was hoping for his only child's sake that the tales of the young master’s kindnesses were true.

When he'd first fell on hard times, he'd thought long and hard of his options. There weren't that many left for a man like himself, a man of lesser means. He had nothing really to offer the world and this new world was very hard and unforgiving to those who were less fortunate.

He hadn’t always been in this sorry predicament. Once he’d been a man of means himself and could’ve afforded the best of everything for the child that had been the apple of his eye. But then his business had gone belly up almost fifteen years ago in twenty sixteen. Now on the cusp of twenty thirty-one he was about to be rid of his one remaining asset.

Yes that's the conclusion he'd drawn that long ago day. She was his one asset and by her very existence a liability. The money it took to feed and clothe her far exceeded his meager savings and he'd heard often enough of her beauty. Better he hand her off to someone with means, than let some bastard soil her for free. Besides, as her sire it was up to him to see to her future and make sure it was less bleak than what it was now.

He'd put out feelers, but in certain circles only. After all he wanted her to go to a good man and hopefully a nice home. Forget illegalities, no one in society really governed such things anymore, and besides, he knew of plenty who had gone that route with successful results. It was almost de rigueur these days for such things to take place.

For the wealthy elite it was almost a sign of their standing in society for a young man to have…whatever it was he was about to make his daughter into. He couldn’t bring himself to think beyond the technicalities of the thing.

Never in a million years, would he have believed his inquiry would reach such high echelons as the Stanford heir though. He’d never allowed his thoughts to become that lofty. Never dared hope that the likes of the young master would be interested in his little sprite.

He'd been gone with excitement when the man had sent his servant to fetch him to his fancy mansion on the hill. Hell, his daughter will be living in splendor. Marble floors and gold filigree on the mirrors, yes indeed the girl will think she'd moved up in the world and be glad of it.

He totally overlooked the fact that she would be in essence nothing more than property, or that the freedoms the high-strung Alyssa now enjoyed would be so greatly reduced as to be almost nonexistent. He was more interested in putting food in their bellies and a roof over their heads.

The deal had been struck and he'd walked away a rich man. He felt no guilt, his conscience was clear. He'd found a good master for his little girl. The boy had been kind spoken with fine manners as he asked his questions. And he wasn’t a bad looking young man either. Any woman would be well pleased, and he expected no less from his only child. She was female wasn’t she? And young. Surely she’d appreciate that he’d found her someone as well heeled as master Braxton.

She was sure to be well fed and looked after, things he could no longer afford to do for her. The girl was smart enough to see the reasoning behind his decision, or so he’d convinced himself. But here it is the day she was supposed to go to her new home and the child was making him look bad.