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Stephanie Pierson is fresh off a divorce from the man who has got to have the smallest d!ck in the world. After wasting ten years of her life with him and his hag of a mother who forgot where the scissors were and never got around to cutting the navel string, she’s had it with being a doormat. Now she’s free and on the prowl for anything nine inches or better. She has a promise to keep dang it, and he aims to keep it. She and her best friend have a pact. If they’re both single at thirty-five, one of them will find her a man to breed with, and the other will be the aunty. This way, they don’t have to grow old alone. And since Nat can’t have children, it’s up to Steph, But time is running out.
Mace Donovan, a nightclub owner, and entrepreneur, is not looking for any entanglements right now. He’d given up on finding his perfect woman. A sweet curvy woman who can get dirty in the bedroom but can still whip up a meal in the kitchen. He’s tired of paying thirty dollars for lettuce to wine and dine some chick then to take her home and rub their bones together for five minutes because that’s as long as his interest will last. So his head was on business, and the fact that he’d just wired his club for sound and surveillance when he walked into his club and overheard the vivacious plus-size beauty at the bar talking about his d~ck.

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“Um-um, gimme some.”

“Some a what? Where?” My best friend Natalie turned around fast enough to give herself whiplash. I inclined my chin to the hottie that was making his way through the crowd on the dance floor.

“Who the nerd?”

“That’s no nerd; that is grade A cock right there.”

“Damn trick, your pussy is always on the prowl.”

“Damn straight. I was married to that asshole for ten years, and not one orgasm that wasn’t self-induced. If I hook up with some other limp dick asshole this time around, then that shit is on me. Only Grade A cock for this bitch. Yes’um.”

My eyes followed the man, who was easily taller than anyone else in the room. I know why Nat called him a nerd. “Just because he’s wearing glasses doesn’t mean he’s a nerd. You didn’t see him before he got swallowed up in the crowd. That grey at his temples and the way he walked through here like king of the fucking universe um-um.”

Nat craned her neck to get a better look when the crowd shifted, and he was once again in our sights.

“My pussy just genuflected; I’m telling you he’s the one.”

“Wait, are you sure?”

“Yep, and we always said if one of us got the vibe, then the other one must follow.”

“I know the rules, Steph, but are you saying he’s the one?”

“Um-hmm, the one who’s going to give us lots and lots of babies. Oh, lawd, I just creamed myself.” Just then, Mr. Hottie stopped dead in his tracks and stared right at us.

“Oh shit!”


I was making a spot check through my place, an impromptu decision since I’d been hearing from my best friend on the local force that there was some shady shit going on around here. Not my place per se, but the general area. The club had only been open for a few months, and it was my first time here during opening hours. I’d had the place bugged just this afternoon, video and audio, so that’s why I heard the two women who were holding up the bar talking.

I didn’t know who they were talking about at first, not until one mentioned the strip of grey hair at my temples—the bane of my existence since the age of twenty. Now at thirty-eight, I’m told it makes me look distinguished.

I didn’t let my eyes stay on them for too long, didn’t want them to realize I’d overheard their conversation. But I’d looked long enough to be distracted. They’d turned their backs and were now facing the bar though they kept sneaking peeks over their shoulders. I decided to head upstairs to my office, where I could see and hear them better, away from the noise.

I was halfway up the stairs when her words played over in my head. “Did she say give us babies? Both of them?” The fuck? Oh boy! My dick seemed way too happy at the prospect, but he’s always been a dumb fuck.


“Oh, fucking shit on a crooked dick, did you see that look? Look down on the floor Nat. Do you see my melted panties anywhere down there?” I almost reached beneath my dress to fan myself.

“We didn’t get a good enough look; where did he disappear to?”

“I don’t know, but I know there’s only one exit out this bitch, and my eyes are peeled.”

“I think you might have to hold onto me now. I’m not joking. If he walks his fine ass back through here, I’m jumping on his dick. If a man can melt my panties with a look, I don’t even want to know what he can do with his dick. Oh, lawd, I just know it’s big and long and thick.” I fanned myself because have mercy.

“How do you know what he’s packing?”

“I can tell. No man could have that innate confidence unless he was packing nine and up.” We hooted and hollered like the two hussies we aim to be, while deep down inside, we were very good girls who just like to cut up after a drink or two or ten.

“That should’ve been my first red flag with dickless. That man wouldn’t shit unless his mama told him it was okay. No spine, no spleen, no nothing, and teeny-weeny dick. But you know what, all jokes aside, it was my fault that I wasted those ten years. I should’ve been gone after the first year, but I hung around, for what?”

“Because I was afraid of what people might think. I didn’t want to be a failure. Ten years and I couldn’t even get a baby outta that low sperm count motherfucker, and I think he really is a motherfucker because no man needs to be that close to his mama. And that’s exactly what I told the judge too.”

“I know; I was there.”

“Oh yes, I forgot, you’re my lawyer and my best friend. And you got me my nice new settlement.”