The Rising (Unlawful Men #4) Read Online Jodi Ellen Malpas

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You can't rise from the ashes if you've never been burned.

When notorious mafia boss Danny Black and lethal assassin James Kelly join forces to hunt down a mutual, elusive nemesis that threatens to destroy them both and take control of their city, they know they will be entering a deadly game. A game they must win if they are ever going to live in peace with the women they love away from crime, corruption, and death.

But peace is an illusion, love is a daily torment, and death will always follow them.

As power starts to slip from their grasp, enemies re-emerge, and old, personal demons return to haunt them both, they finally accept they can never leave their world if they want to stay alive. So they need to protect it at all costs. No matter the consequences. No matter the losses. No matter the pain. They must make choices no men should make. Kill more ruthlessly, love more fiercely, and hate with more rage than ever before.

They're capable. Ready.

But nothing prepares them for the secrets they uncover and the betrayals they face. Or the personal sacrifices they must make to rise again.

Two men.
One goal.
No mercy.

This is The Rising.

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I’d rather be dead. It’s got to beat constantly dodging death, and the many men out there who want to put an end to me aren’t the only ones I need to be wary of. I’m more concerned about what my wife is capable of.

I look up at our villa as I exhale and drop my arse to the sand, fucking exhausted. Exhausted of running. Exhausted of fighting with Rose. Plain fucking exhausted. I grab the bottle of Scotch and swig some more—it’s probably unwise, I need my wits about me while my wife is on the war path, need the ability to duck speedily—but . . . fuck it. Let her at me. Like I said, I’m too exhausted to fight, and the weightless sensation coming over me is a brief respite.

I fall to my back on the sand and stare at the black, twinkling sky, taking another drag of my cigarette and another glug of Scotch, spilling some of it over my face as I do. For fuck’s sake. It was such a lovely evening—my little boxing match with Otto aside. What the fuck’s with that, anyway? Him? My mother? I snort, sucking back another hit of nicotine, followed quickly with another shot of the hard stuff. “Not fucking happening,” I say to the sky. “Over my dead body.” Which might be a distinct possibility if Rose gets her hands on me.

I lift my head a fraction, looking back up at the villa. I hope Mum’s managed to reason with her because I certainly couldn’t. In fact, I was like a red flag to a bull. I left the room on numerous occasions to let her calm the fuck down, and the moment I entered again, hearing she’d quietened, she’d flown at me, either with words or deranged, flailing, desperate arms. I restrained her more than once, since I couldn’t fuck her into submission with my mother and Otto there. So in the end, I forced myself to leave the house before she did any damage to herself or our baby. I feel like a man on the edge of heaven and hell, and some unknown fucker out there will dictate which way I fall.

My wife might save him a job soon, though. And yet, I can’t be angry with her. Can’t be pissed off. I can’t blame her for flying off the handle. For throwing the vase at the wall. She’s pregnant and her emotions are all over the place. Next to that, I’ve promised that woman peace and failed to deliver it one too many times. I feel fucking hopeless. Useless. I know my wife better than anyone, and when she feels threatened, she fights. And as always, I’ll let her take her anger out on me.

I flick my cigarette away and finish the bottle, dropping it clumsily to the sand. The sky’s starting to spin. My thoughts are getting all tangled, telling me to go back to her. Deal with this mess. But I’m pretty sure she screamed clear instructions to never go back.

Unlucky for Rose, I can’t live without her.

I lift my head as far as I can manage and scowl at our villa. “And you love me too, woman, so stop being so f-f-fucking ridiculous.” My head hits the sand on a soft thud that feels anything but soft. “Bastard,” I grumble. Fuck me, I haven’t been this drunk in years. Not since Dad’s funeral. Not since I realized I’d fallen in love with the ice princess. “Why’d y-you have t-to be such a bitch?”

A face appears above me, and I squint hard, trying to get some focus. “Found him,” James calls.

“For fuck’s sake.” Brad appears, lifting his mobile to his ear. “We’ve got him.” He hangs up and gives me a nudge with the toe of his shoe. “You think this is gonna solve all our problems?”

“Fuck you,” I spit. “And go get laid. You’re a miserable fucker recently.”

“Well, there’s been no in-house whore for a while,” James says, and I chuckle, getting another nudge from Brad, this time significantly harder.

“I’m going before I beat him to death.”

“I’d like to see you try,” I yell to his back as he stomps off up the beach. “Don’t you know who I am? Be afraid, Brad. Be very af-f-raid.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” James mutters tiredly, bending to get closer, bracing his palms on his knees.

“What the fuck does it look l-l-like I’m doing?” I pat about on the sand and find my bottle, lifting it to my lips and swigging. Nothing comes out. I snarl and toss it aside. “I’m getting shitfaced. Get me another bottle.”


“What do you mean, no?” I scramble to sit up, swaying something terrible. Fucking hell, just shut the fuck up, Black, and lie the fuck down before you throw up. “Don’t you know who I am?”