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A Lord is to marry after he graduates from Barrington University, an elite college for the rich. A Lady’s job is to help him fit into a world unaware of his secret society. The Lord does not get to choose who he spends the rest of his life with. But there is always an exception to the rule. And I just so happen to be his.


I was to wed a Lord of my parents’ choosing. Wealth can’t buy you everything, or I would have had freedom years ago. Instead, my strict parents made sure I lived a dull life in a mansion resembling a prison.

But on my wedding day, I was handed over to another man—an even more ruthless Lord that my family hated.

Tyson Riley Crawford only wanted me for his revenge. I’m nothing more than a debt to be paid. I didn’t have a say in the matter. So when I said my vows before the congregation, I knew I’d break them. Consequences be damned.

Too bad I underestimated my husband and didn’t realize he was more determined to punish me than I was to succeed at escaping. He’ll make me choke on those words I used to bind myself to him.

Yet even he couldn’t have seen what our future held. Ultimately, we’re all just pawns in a game that none of us can win unless you’re willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice … and even that may not be enough.

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“Dethrone” by Bad Omens

“S & M club remix” by Rihanna

“Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen

“Just Pretend” by Bad Omens

“Bleed On Me” by Daniel Seavey.

“Wicked Game” by Lusaint

“Panic Room” by Au/Ra



A Lord takes his oath seriously. Only blood will solidify their commitment to serve those who demand their complete devotion.

He is a Leader, believes in Order, knows when to Rule, and is a Deity.

A Lord must be initiated in order to become a member but can be removed at any time for any reason. If he makes it past the three trials of initiation, he will forever know power and wealth. But not all Lords are built the same. Some are stronger, smarter, hungrier than others.

They are challenged just to see how far their loyalty will go.

They are pushed to their limits in order to prove their devotion.

They are willing to show their commitment.

Nothing except their life will suffice.

Limits will be tested, and morals forgotten.

A Lord can be a judge, jury, and executioner. He holds power that is unmatched by anyone other than his brother.

Chosen one:

A Lord must remain celibate during his first three years at Barrington University. Once he is initiated into the Lords, he is gifted a chosen for his senior year.

A Lady:

After they graduate from Barrington, they are to marry a Lady—a wife to serve him. If he shall die before her, she is then gifted to another Lord to ensure the secrets are kept within the secret society.





Freshman year at Barrington University

“As a Lord, one must prove to us that we can count on you. No matter the situation. No matter the cost.” Lincoln paces in front of me and the other Lords. He’s our leader I guess you could say.

We’re all required to live at the house of Lords for the next four years of our lives, and he runs it. I’ve heard rumors that some call the HoL a fraternity on crack. But no one really knows what happens inside that mansion, other than the bad ass parties we throw. Only the Lords who attend Barrington and are going through their initiations know what we really do.

It’s freshman year. Our first time to show just how far we’re willing to go in order to be the best.

“You will not be punished for your actions, only rewarded,” Lincoln goes on. “A Lord is willing to take a life without any questions asked.” He comes to a stop and opens his arms out wide. “You will be given an assignment each year to show just how far you are willing to go for us.” He crosses his arms over his chest. “Not all of you will make it, gentlemen, but those of you who succeed will know a life that others can only dream of.”

My father’s voice echoes in my head. “Joining the Lords is not an option—it’s an honor. And you want to honor the Crawfords, right, Son?”

“Yes, Father.”

He has prepared me the best he could for this day. For this life. And I will do whatever I can to be the son he raised me to be—ruthless.

“Tyson, you’re up.” Lincoln’s words have my head snapping up to look at him.

I stand from the spot where I was kneeling and see a guy enter the makeshift ring. He’s got to be in his late thirties and have at least six inches of height on me and who knows how long of a reach. He’s wearing a hoodie and jeans with black combat boots.

Reaching up, I yank on the top of my shirt and pull it over my head before throwing it to the side, knowing the fewer restrictions I have, the better. I’ve also got jeans on but am wearing tennis shoes. They won’t help me in a fight. But technically I’m not supposed to win. They want us to fail. It’s their way of weeding out the weak ones as quickly as possible.

The guy shoves his hand into his back pocket and removes a pocketknife, flipping it open. I see dried blood on the blade and my eyes meet his as he smiles, showing off his crooked teeth. “You’re dead,” he states.

The words make my heart race. Not with fear, but anticipation. This is what we’re bred for. This is why they make us show our worth. Not just anyone can be in this society. It only accepts the best of the best. And I am the motherfucking best at everything I do.

You have to be born into this world—your blood makes you a Lord—but they can remove you at any time. Some would be so lucky to get this chance to prove they can live up to their name.

I glance at Lincoln, and he shakes his head, knowing my silent question. The only way I’ll get a knife is if I take his.

Challenge accepted.

The guy rushes me, and I jump out of the way just in time, throwing my arms up in the air, barely missing the knife he holds out in front of him. I kick my leg out, making contact with the side of his knee. He goes down but rolls at the same time I try to stomp on him, missing my shoe to his face.