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The Tyrant (Banker #3)

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I've fallen in love with Cato, and I'm not afraid to say it. He doesn't need to say it back. I know how he feels.
Even if he doesn't have the balls to admit it. Our daughter will be here soon, and our lives will change forever.
Will Cato let go of the past? Let go of the promise he made to execute me?
Or should I have never come back?
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Weeks passed, and we didn’t discuss what happened in Florence. Maybe she was waiting for me to say it, to whisper those words to her when she least expected it. That wasn’t going to happen, so I was glad we didn’t have to talk about it again.

I didn’t enjoy hurting her.

But I wouldn’t say it just to make her happy.

We were both asleep in the middle of the night when she became restless, kicking her feet and whimpering in her sleep. Then she jolted upright and rested her hand on her stomach. “God, do you ever stop kicking?”

My heavy eyes opened to take in her frame in the darkness. She held herself up with one arm while the other gently stroked her stomach. She breathed hard through the kicks, tensing up in a way she never had before.

I sat up and placed my hand over her stomach, but I didn’t feel any kicking. “Baby, I don’t feel anything.”

“Well, I feel pain…”

All the sleepiness left my eyes, and I shifted into action. I got out of bed and pulled on the first pair of jeans I could find. I threw on a shirt and a jacket then picked out something for her. “Baby, get dressed.”

“Where are we going?” She slowly rose to her feet, her hand still on her stomach.

“We’re going to the hospital, just to make sure everything is okay.”

“God, do you think there’s something wrong?” She grabbed the clothes I picked out for her and quickly pulled them on.

“I’m sure everything is fine, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.” I pulled out my phone and called my team to prepare the car. Then I had my security captain call the hospital before we arrived so they knew I was coming. Siena wasn’t going to wait even a minute to be seen by someone.

I helped her down the stairs and out the front door.

She kept gripping her stomach. “It hurts.”

“It’ll be alright.” I helped her into the back seat, and we finally drove off. I put the heater on full blast and then wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sure Martina is fine, Siena. Your body is going through a lot right now. Just remember that. It’s probably normal.”

“God, I hope so.” She breathed hard as she gripped her stomach. “I couldn’t handle it if something happened to her… She’s everything to me. I love her so much.” Her eyes filled with a sheen of tears.

My heart snapped in two. “I love her too. If she’s anything like either of us, she’s strong. She’ll get through this.” I held Siena close to me and brushed my lips along her hairline. I tried to do anything to keep her calm. Siena wasn’t the type of person to respond emotionally to trauma, but the pregnancy clouded her pragmatism.

“I hope so…”

We got in to see the doctor right away, and after running some tests, they determined Siena was experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions, a common occurrence in pregnant women. The contraction of the uterus was the source of her discomfort. She must have thought Martina was kicking because she was half asleep, her faculties slow.

“You’re sure she’s alright?” Siena asked as she sat back on the hospital bed, her hands on her stomach.

“Absolutely,” the doctor reassured her. “But you made the right decision coming in tonight. The contractions should stop in a few hours. Try to stay comfortable until they pass.” He walked out and left us alone in the room.

I kept a straight face because it was my job to stay calm, but the relief that washed over me almost made me weak in the knees. When she’d gripped her stomach like that, I’d feared something much worse was happening. The pregnancy had been a complete accident and I’d never wanted a kid, but Martina was such a part of our lives now, and I would be devastated if something happened to her.

Or Siena.

The tears welled up in her eyes again, wet and shiny.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she whispered. “I’m just so happy she’s okay…”

I placed my hand in the center of hers and kissed her forehead. “Me too. At least if this happens again, we’ll know exactly what it is.”

“I hope this is a one-time thing because it’s pretty painful.”

“The doctor said it’ll pass.” I took her hand and guided her off the table. She was halfway through her pregnancy, and her belly was getting bigger with every passing week. She’d switched to maternity clothes just to stay comfortable. “Let’s get you home and in bed.”

“Okay. Thanks for getting me here so quickly. I know you arranged all that.” She grabbed her clothes from the chair and slipped out of her gown. “Whenever I get scared, I know you’ll make sure everything is okay.”

I watched her lower her shirt over her head and then pull her sweatpants up her body. Instead of admiring her figure, I focused on her side profile. The only reason I’d spared her life was because of the baby growing inside her, but now I didn’t just want to take care of Martina. I wanted to take care of Siena too, to protect both of them. “Baby, I’ll always take care of you.”