The Vampire King – The Immortal Crown Saga Read Online Kenya Wright

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Escape into the Vampire King—a steamy, high-octane paranormal.

As a human domina, Camille 's only purpose in life is to birth vampire children for the powerful the Quiet King . Trapped within the castle walls under strict rules and constant surveillance by guards, Camille has spent the last two years, witnessing the brutal slaughter of innocent babies and insurmountable atrocities to other women.

Camille decides to take matters into her own hands and plans to escape with the help of a vampire Path Finder named Xander , who is known for aiding many humans out of slavery.

But as Camille and Xander embark on their adventure, she soon discovers that Xander holds secrets that could change their world forever.

Together, Camille and Xander navigate a dangerous and thrilling journey filled with romance, mystery, and edge-of-your-seat action.

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Time to Escape


My only purpose in life was to give birth to vampire babies.

I possessed a rare blood type only one out of every five hundred human women had. The strain allowed me to procreate with vampires. They had difficulty breeding with each other. Most of their offspring died in the womb.

The Quiet King called any woman with my blood type a domina and kept her in his castle.

As a domina I could carry up to six vampire fetuses during a pregnancy term. Once I birthed them, the babies took three years to become fully grown men and women.

At times, my mind couldn’t wrap around the phenomena, babies to adults in such a short span of time.

The Quiet King discovered dominas by sending guards into human villages and testing their blood. Other towns like mine had requested his financial help and volunteered their women to be examined. If any dominas resulted, the Quiet King rewarded the town with riches and carted the female off to Capitol City.

Well, not me. I won’t bear his heirs.

I strolled out into the court with confidence.

Breathe. No one is watching you.

Terror coursed through my veins.

Both moons hung in the dark violet sky. Their light shone on my dark brown skin as I maneuvered through the Royal Court, where all the other dominas lounged.

The women perched on silk chaise lounges and drank wine from crystal goblets. Many wore teal chiffon robes. Ice-blue roses topped their heads like crowns.

All laughed and giggled as they enjoyed the absence of our vampire husband, the Quiet King.

Lit candles rested on the backs of mechanical gold birds that flew around the court and sung the same prerecorded songs they performed each night.

Servants brought out platters of roasted meats and trays of chocolate-covered fruits for the nightly feast.

Now was the perfect time to escape, while food, wine, and entertainment lingered in the evening air.

So close.

To keep my shivering hands busy, I waved at the tribe of younger dominas who ate alongside their maids, too young to breed or be left to walk around the castle on their own.

The maternal part of me wanted to take them all with me.

I’d considered it all day as I lay sleepless in my bed, wondering if I could bring others with me to escape, but the risks were too high. Their little legs would slow me down. Their absence would be discovered much faster than just one domina gone missing.

“Where are you going?” A male voice sounded behind me.

Gathering the ends of my teal robe, I twisted around and cleared my throat. “I was given permission by Queen Regina to escort her daughter to the market.”

The guard paused at the mention of the queen.

The Quiet King had five queens. They began as dominas like me, but once they delivered at least sixty vampire children, they were given the title of queen, allowed more freewill, and could assert authority over dominas below them.

“Queen Regina, huh?” The brown leather straps tied around the guard’s biceps shifted as he flexed his muscles. His gaze bore into me. “And how do I know you’re not lying?”

“Here’s her consent.” I displayed the disk in my right hand. The queen’s mascot, a silver snake, decorated the disk. “So if you can excuse me, sir. I’m already late.”

“Hold on.” He stepped in front of me and scanned the area around us. “You’re captivating, little domina. Never have I seen skin so brown or hair as blood-red as yours. You’re lucky the Quiet King hasn’t drunk from you yet.”

The guard traced the top of my lip with his index finger. It reeked of feces, but I didn’t flinch away from his touch. Besides blood and small amounts of food, vampires savored the taste of fear. The more affected I seemed, the more he would bother me.

“And what will you be buying, sweet domina?” The guard slipped his finger down to my chin.

“I assume Camille will be buying what all women love—clothes and jewelry.” Octavia narrowed her gold eyes at him and sauntered toward us, fanning herself with a large peacock feather. Her blonde hair glowed like the sun and highlighted the white gown she was wearing. She carried a big white bag in her right hand. “Get your hands off Camille before I tell my mother, Queen Regina.”

The guard hissed and bared his sharp fangs. Nevertheless, he backed up a few feet and maintained eye contact with me. “Be here when dawn arrives.”

Before walking off, he spat out a glob of dark liquid. It landed an inch from Octavia’s sandaled feet.

She ignored the guard’s disrespect and clasped on to my hand. “You’re late. I’m not happy I had to come into the Royal Court to get you.”

“I figured the feast was the best time to meet you outside the gate.” I trailed behind her as she stuffed the peacock fan into her bag.