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The Villain (Bad Boys #4)

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She started out as a pawn in his fight against her dad. When he’d given the order to grab her, he had no idea that his life would be forever changed in the blink of an eye, with just one look. She’s feisty opinionated and not at all what he’d always envisioned for a man in his position, but his heart and his body were in full agreement. She was the one.
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Chapter 1

“Draco here...yes I know, what the fuck do I care just do it yeah?" I hung up the phone and shook my head, looked like I might have to play hardball after all. When it rains it fucking pours and right now there was a cluster fuck of storms on my horizon.

I don’t play well with others, and don’t give a fuck to, but some fuck is always trying to play in my sandbox, like who the fuck invited you?

This time though it was as if these fucks had decided to join ranks, like that shit was going to faze me. Now I was about to hit back but I didn’t have time to play footsie with the fucks, so I’m going to hit the head and watch the sheep scatter.

Picking up the phone right away, I hit callback. "Yeah Chase, he has a daughter doesn't he? How young is young? Eighteen? Old enough to bleed old enough to breed grab her." Fuck did I check the phone for bugs this morning? Whatever.

The fucking feds be on my nuts like fleas on a dog’s ass, one wrong move and I’ll have to bury some fuck for sticking his nose in my shit. I tapped my fingers on the high polished wood of my desk as I contemplated my next move. Too soon to tell what is, I’ll have to wait until Chase got back here and go from there. No sense in thinking too hard on that shit until I know.

I went back to what I’d been doing before I was interrupted. The dumb fuck sitting across from me was sweating bullets and looking like he’d already tasted his death. Good for him, at least he knew what was coming. That’s what happens when you try to fuck over Draco Santorini. I have no problem making examples out of dumb fucks.

“Do you understand why I have to kill you?” I looked him square in the eye as I asked him this. I like to be fair after all. If a man was about to die, he ought to know the fuck why? Parents tell their children why they’re being punished don’t they?

“Mr. Santorini, Draco, sir, I didn’t mean anything by it. It was just a misunderstanding.” He fidgeted and moved around on his chair, I was expecting to see piss stains any second now. Why the fuck these humps keep fucking with my shit, when they can’t even stand a little heat, was beyond me.

Everybody knows that if you fucked with Draco, you’re gonna get burned. Still, every couple of months or so, some new fuck was in my shit. I guess that’s what happens when you’re top dog. Everybody wants your spot.

“Well, your little misunderstanding just cost you your life.” I’m not sure if he felt the shot to his forehead or not. Sometimes they say a shot to the brain kills you before the pain sets in. The fuck do I know? I’m no scientist.

I shook my head and holstered my piece. What a fucking waste, he probably would’ve amounted to something in a couple of years if he hadn’t been so fuck stupid. I keep telling these humps about selling shit on my streets, but no one seems to listen these days.

Everyone was after that quick buck and never kept sight of the big picture. This was my neighborhood, my streets, my people. I have to look out for them, especially the kids.

I keep the streets clean and the people appreciate that shit, that’s why they don’t mind me doing what the fuck I do. Not that I need their approval mind you, but it’s just good business to get along with my neighbors rather than to always be at war with the fucks.

The first thing I’d done when I took over this turf, was wipe out the head kingpin and scatter his crew to the four winds. After showing my might and the fact that I didn’t give a fuck, that got the others in line and they knew to get the fuck gone or they were next.

I cleaned up the schoolyards and used my resources to fish out the dirty cops who were part of the drug ring. How the fuck you’re gonna have a war on drugs when the generals are pushing the shit? What the fuck?

The dumb fuck who’d just lost the right to breathe was the last in a long line of assholes who thought that they could sneak in under the radar. He was a low level jackass out to make a quick buck, now he was dead. No drugs in the school zone.

The only thing I hated more than a drug-dealing fuck who pedaled to kids, was someone who broke Omerta. For those who don’t know, that’s the sacred code of my people. The men in my family have been living by it since my great grandfather came over from the old country. Murdering fuck that he was.