Three Stepbrothers’ Prize (Love by Numbers 2 #2) Read Online Nicole Casey

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My three cocky stepbrothers love playing games…and I’m their new target.

My mom’s remarrying a billionaire.
Which means I’m getting three arrogant, spoiled stepbrothers.
Desperate to distract myself from the wedding, I cut loose the night before.
And who better to do it with than Damien?
A smooth-talking charmer with irresistible dimples and blue eyes.
Too bad that Damien isn’t just anyone, but one of my new stepbrothers!
Worse, I’ve just spilled my guts to his identical twin, Dax.
I should’ve noticed that despite his looks, Dax is nothing like his player twin Damien.
Dax is the guy next door who knows how to do yard work and isn’t a spoiled jerk.
As if my humiliation wasn’t bad enough their brother Daniel hears about my indiscretion.
Who, by the way, is just as handsome as the other two.
Quiet and brooding, Daniel’s a leader. A man who takes charge.
Why did I have to end up with three hot-as-sin stepbrothers?
And why can’t I control my inappropriate thoughts?

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I tapped my heel on the carpet of the venue as I listened to the wedding planner talk. Well, I was zoning out really.

Stopping in that evening was the last thing I wanted to do, but my mom was getting remarried. As her maid of honor, it was my duty to make sure everything was in place. And there were a lot of things to check off the lists she’d made.

“So, what do you think?” Sarah asked as she leaned close to me with a gleeful smile on her face. She had bouncy auburn hair and the biggest blue eyes in the world. Well. What did I think? That maybe the venue was too big, or the details too extravagant. I mean, who needed umpteen thousand flowers for a single afternoon?

“Great,” I said, forcing a smile back. Not as gleeful. “And we can come anytime?”

Sarah nodded, then glanced at the clipboard she had clung to during the tour. “Yep. Everything is already decorated and set, we’re ready to go.”

Yay. My mom was in love, that much was clear, but I guess I never expected her to remarry. My dad had only passed away a few years ago, so everything still felt fresh. And Danforth Rolsom, Mr. Billionaire himself, was nothing like my dad. It was such a turnaround.

“Well, thanks then. I’ll see myself out.”

Sarah gave me a nod, then she went back to the rear of the building, the place that housed a small kitchen, an office, and the dressing rooms. The wedding venue had it all. A place for the ceremony, then a place for the reception. And everything, just as Sarah said, was already in place. White lilies on each table, soft pink candles, ribbons, fine china, stemware. Sarah and her company had taken care of every last detail.

My favorite, though, was the kitchen. It was quaint and cozy, and it reminded me of baking with my dad. Long weekends hovered over a steaming stove, fresh pastries from the oven. It was heaven.

I headed to the front where the double doors stood about ten-feet tall. Arched high to a point, the entrance was like a cathedral. The heavy cherry-wood doors held elaborate designs and a thick brass handle each. If that didn’t set the tone, I didn’t know what would.

Outside, I found the day to be even more foggy than I remembered. I was in the venue for about an hour, making sure everything was ready for the ceremony tomorrow. Now that it was almost six, the autumn evening was settling in. I went across the street and got into my car, and not two seconds after turning the key, I heard a deafening honk and a screech of tires just outside my door.

I looked out the window and spotted a man exiting his car as he cursed at the person in the truck up ahead. I sat there watching him for a second, and when he noticed me, I felt a moment of embarrassment. Why I was staring him over like a piece of fresh meat was beyond me.

The man shrugged, then he gave me a carefree smile. I couldn’t help but return his gesture as I took a minute to drink him in. He was tall and clean-cut. Light, golden-brown hair seemed to wave out in all directions, just a little longer than the perfect fade in the back. He had a chiseled jaw, and he was clean-shaven, allowing me to see both his dimples perfectly well.

There was something inviting about him as he came over to the car, shaking his head. The truck that had slammed on its brakes in front of this man was long gone, but there was still a bit of anxiousness lingering in the air. It was almost as though I could tell something wild was about to happen.

I rolled down my window just as he met with the car. The second the wind carried across his cologne, I felt like I could just die and go to heaven. Everything about him screamed wealth. His suit, those shiny black shoes of his, the heavy golden watch that caught the faint light coming through the clouds overhead. He was suave and smug, and I wanted to know everything about him.

“Hey, sorry you had to see that.”

“No, no worries at all.”

The man put one hand on his hip as he reached out his other. “My name is Damien.”

I shook his hand without hesitation. “Parvati.”

Damien held my hand for a moment as he looked over me with a smile. Well, it was actually more like a grin. A devilish grin that was undressing me the longer it lasted. Those dark blue eyes of his were digging into me from every direction, peeling away any attitude I had from dealing with the day. Damien let go of my hand slowly and took a half step back. He glanced across the street at the wedding venue then he asked me, “Are you here for the wedding?”