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Too Many (Too #2)

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Alexa Riley

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Nellie has a desire so filthy she can’t say it out loud, but having two men at once was never on her radar until she met the twins. Now all she can think about is being sandwiched between Owen and Elijah. It’s all just a fantasy, because she could never have it in real life. Right?

Elijah and Owen have finally graduated college and are taking over the family business from their dad. The final step in creating the life they want is claiming Nellie. She’s the one they’ve been waiting on, and though she might be shy, they know she’s made to take them.

Warning: Can a woman really have too many men love her? We don’t think so! Grab the follow-up to Too Hard and find out if these three can find their happily ever after.
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Too Series by Alexa Riley

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Alexa Riley

Chapter One


This is going to be a long night, I can already feel it. Something’s been in the air since I woke up early this morning alone in my empty condo. I’m an interior designer but haven’t designed my own place. It has blank white walls and there’s nothing special about it. The furniture I have are odds and ends I’ve collected over the years after people changed their minds and wanted something different. I’d scooped them up because you can’t beat free.

I’d be embarrassed if anyone actually saw my place. They wouldn’t believe my condo is mine even though when I take on a project I put everything into it. I design a room down to every single detail, so I know the real reason I haven’t done anything with it. It isn’t because I keep myself so busy, although I could use that as an excuse. I keep telling myself the condo is only temporary and it’s holding a spot until I find my forever home with my forever man. I got the place right after I graduated from design school. Three years later and nothing about the place has changed and it’s as empty as my love life.

It didn't help my morning when I reached for my phone and the first thing I saw was a text from both Owen and Elijah. The Barton twins. Their dad is married to my cousin, who is more of a sister to me than anything. She and I have been close since we could walk and though we might be opposites in a lot of ways, we balance each other out.

The twins randomly send me messages in our group chat and today Owen’s is a simple “Today's the day.” Elijah’s is a little bolder with “About fucking time.”

They talked me into decorating the new place they bought and I agreed but haven’t seen it yet. I promised them I would, but it could be a mistake on my part. There wasn’t a way for me to tell them no, but how can I decorate their place while dreaming about the two of them doing all kinds of dirty things to me?

My fantasies are filthy and I should probably go hide under a rock somewhere because of them. But when I think about the both of them I’ve never been more turned on. Sometimes they fight over who gets to have me first, but in the end it doesn’t matter because we all come out happy. At least in my dream world that’s how it works.

They are technically my cousins by marriage and three years younger than me. None of that would add up to this working out. Especially with my fantasy of having both of them together. It’s twisted and I’m sure they’d be disgusted to know that’s what I’m thinking.

I responded with a quick congratulations and told them I’d see them at the party tonight. I went to their graduation and watched them walk across the stage. It was only three years ago I watched them graduate high school. Sometimes it felt like the years flew by and other times they dragged. They were right, though. Today’s the day and they’re finally done. They’re men in every sense of the word, but I always thought they were from the moment I met them.

Owen received a bachelor's degree in finance while Elijah’s is in business. They’ve been chomping at the bit to take over their dad’s company since they went to college. They both worked there while in school and never relaxed and enjoyed college. It’s always work and school with those two and nothing more. Maybe they’re just better at hiding what they’re up to in their free time.

With them working with their dad, I see them pretty often, not only because they’re family but because I do all of the interior design work for the Barton Construction projects. The company keeps me busy—so much so I can barely take on any extra work outside of them. The Bartons are always dropping new projects on me and sometimes I think they specifically go after jobs with me in mind.

I push that thought from my mind, not wanting to go down that road. Too many times I’ve let my mind play with the idea that they did it to keep me close. That one or both of the twins have been harboring feelings for me.

I’ve got more important things to focus on like what I’m doing bringing a date to the graduation party. Luke hands me a warm to-go cup and I take a sip. “Thanks for the coffee,” I tell him as I breathe in the sweet caramel treat.

All the contractors know it’s my favorite and they usually get me one if they know I’m in the office and have a favor to ask, like asking for me to take on one of their new clients. I don't think Luke is going to ask me, though, because he’s a carpenter and in high demand. It’s normally me asking him for the favor. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen, so if I can get him for a project he’s always my first pick.