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War was sent to bring me home.
But I won’t give that montster what he wants.
At least until one night, when we let things go too far…

War’s the boy that got away, and now he looks like sin and heaven in a tailored suit.

My father’s dying and I’m supposed to say goodbye.
Except home is filled with my darkest secrets, and I don’t want to get anywhere near Leader Ranch.

War won’t take no for an answer.
He drags me back, kicking and screaming, and thinks it’s a game.

There’s nothing fun about my cousins trying to kill me.
War just landed himself in the middle of a nightmare, but he doesn’t walk away.

Instead, we find something physical and good at the top of a tower.
Something dark and primal and wrong-but-so-right.

Too bad my family won’t let me find happiness, let alone keep it.
They’ll do anything to destroy me before I can inherit my father’s fortune.

And once a liar, always a liar.

When I learn the truth about War, it crushes all my hope.

But when he finds out the truth about me?

He’ll never let me escape.

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Chapter 1


“They’re going to love you today, Bomber,” I whisper and my favorite horse lets out a breath like he believes me. “You’re going to do so perfect. They’ll probably change your name, but you don’t mind, do you? And your new owners are going to love you as much as I do. Well, maybe not as much, but close. And I promise, no matter what happens, I won’t forget about you. Maybe I’ll even come visit someday. Would you like that? I’d like that too, yes, I would. Okay, big guy, you’re going to do so great.”

As I finish up and turn from the stall, Kat steps into the barn and gives me a little wave. She’s pretty, curvy, late twenties like me, with brown hair and dark eyes, and she owns the entire farm along with her extremely wealthy husband. But back before they got married, Kat was just another friend from my old job, and now I’m here, working for her instead. Which was a good decision on my part, since this new gig came with a lot more money and basically no oversight. Kat looks good, nice and healthy. She’s wearing black and brown with a little scarf tied around her neck, and she’s grinning as she hurries over. “You finishing up your pep talk?” she asks.

“You can joke all you want but I swear they do better if I chat them up first.” I step out of the stall and lean against the gate. “Is he here yet?”

“Just pulled up and parked. Ford’s out talking to him right now.” Ford’s her husband, a rich guy from a rich family that doesn’t quite understand the horse business, but he loves that it makes his wife happy. And anyway, that’s what I’m here for. I pretty much run the place these days, and Kat’s content helping out where she can and going for long rides when we’re not busy.

“What’s the buyer’s deal?” I ask and brush some hair from my face. “You haven’t told me much about this one.”

Kat slips her arm through mine and leads me toward the far end of the barn. Through the big doors, we’ll parade Bomber out and show the buyer what the racehorse is capable of. Which is a lot, but they’ll see. I’ve been working with Bomber for the last few months and he’s one of the fastest horses I’ve ever seen in my life. If he doesn’t end up winning his fair share of races, I’ll probably retire here and now.

“I don’t know much,” Kat admits. “He got in touch with Ford. I did the usual due diligence and there weren’t any red flags, but there’s not much of anything on him at all. He’s new to horse racing, and I really don’t know what to make of it, but Ford says he’s good people.”

I pause at the entrance and tap my finger against the doorframe. “You sure it’s a good idea, selling to a new owner?”

“He seems legit. He provided all the right references, had proof of stable, all his certifications—” She runs a hand through her hair and her face is clouded with doubt. “Still, I don’t know. If I’m honest with you, something seems off.”

I quell a growing sense of unease. “Let’s meet the guy and get a feel for him, all right? If he seems shady, we’ll just claim Bomber broke an ankle or something.”

“Yeah, all right. It’s just that, he seems too perfect, you know what I mean? He’s a new owner just getting into the racing business but it’s like he’s got everything just right. When I’d expect someone new to seem a little bit…” She trails off, gesturing in the air.

“New?” I offer. “Disorganized? Disheveled?”

“Yeah, exactly.”

I laugh and take her arm as we head into the paddock. “Maybe that’s a good thing. What’s the guy’s name, anyway?”

“Warren Temple. He’s apparently Ford’s distant cousin, which is how he got in touch to begin with, but I don’t really understand the familial connection or whatever. Maybe that’s why I’m so suspicious. Anyone from Ford’s family is a real piece of shit, in my mind.”

I laugh lightly but a bell’s ringing in the back of my mind. That name Warren Temple sounds so familiar, but I can’t quite place it and I don’t know why. It’s possible I know someone related to Ford, considering we grew up in the same general circles, but they would have to be from my long-buried past, and I’ve worked very hard to avoid anyone connected with my old life and my old world. As far as I’m concerned, I was never that girl, and I act like I don’t know anything about people like Ford and his family. I act like I’m just another working-class girl from a rough-and-tumble Midwestern town. More lies, more stories. Layers to keep the real world away from what I was. But it keeps me sane and safe, and it’s hard to let go of the narratives we weave to define who we are.