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HR would fire us all if they knew what we were up to…

My two new bosses are gorgeous hunks of man meat.
Rich, hot, co-CEOs that make you daydream during a meeting.
I’ve always been a hard worker.
But these two men are going to take it to a whole new level.

But it’s not all fun and games.
Someone is out to get us and important files are being leaked and framing me.
We’re going to have to find who’s trying to sabotage their company.
Along the way I can tell we’re going to fall in love.
But whether they trust me enough to give it a chance is gonna be another story.
I just hope we catch the culprit and save the company.

So that quarterly reports aren’t the only thing sliding across their desks.




God! I love my cat, but I hate what his hair makes me look like. Shaking my head, I begin to swipe at the hairs covering my black pencil skirt. And man, does black show everything.

“Damn it, Sergi!” I reach down with an angry face and tap his back as he rolls to the side wanting me to pet him. As he purrs, I giggle at him and say, “Nope, I can’t stay mad at you for long, can I?”

I pet his head and wash my hands, looking back into the mirror. Tucking at my blouse and swiping at a few loose hairs. Sergi sits up, swishing his white bushy tail, still purring as he lets out a slow meow of approval.

“I don’t think that you get a say in the matter, mister,” I tell him, still checking my make-up in the mirror. I can see him in the mirror’s reflection walking back and forth along the edge of the bed.

Finally stepping away from the mirror, I figure that this is the best I can do. My make-up is perfect as I learned from my current position of waitressing at the diner. You get more tips if you look good. My sandy blonde hair is up in a loose bun on top of my head, pinned so that loose curls fall around my face.

I turn to pet Sergi and say playfully as he bats a paw at my finger, “I really need to look my best for this interview today and your splattering of hair is making that tough,” I say thinking to myself about how many other cat owners actually talk to their cats.

I step away and around the bed to grab my resume and my eyes fall onto the picture of Michael.

My fiancé.

“Oh, how I wish you were here, my love,” I sigh as I run a finger down his face under the glass. “You’d know exactly the right combination of words to lift me up, helping to boost my confidence. Staring at it for a bit, I realize that the hole left in my heart from his passing still hasn’t been filled.

“I’m doing this for you. No, for me,” I say, sitting on the bed, gazing at his handsome face. “I know that there isn’t a thing in this world to bring you back to me, but I can feel you still around me.”

A tear threatens to form and I quickly thwart it, swallowing hard. I lost him about five years ago, just a month before we were to be married. A drunk driver hit his car head on, killing him in an instant.

Sighing again and dabbing a finger at the corners of my eyes, I look at the framed photo of my one and only love. “Oh, Michael. I need your strength. I’m so very nervous about this interview. It could really change things for me and Mom, you know?”

“It would be a huge step forward, being an executive assistant, climbing my way up the corporate ladder,” I look down at my phone and realize that I have about ten minutes before I need to leave for the interview.

Standing from the bed and straightening myself up, I look at him once more. “You’d like the company who is interviewing me. It does a lot of government contracts.” I kiss two of my fingers, placing them on his lips in the photo.

“Wish me luck, darling,” I say as I step away and walk to the front room. Checking my make-up in the mirror by the door, I’m satisfied that it is still remarkably done. I grab my keys and head out the door.

While driving to the engineering site where the interview will take place, I rehearse a number of lines in my head. Where I’ve gone to school, if I’ve ever done this type of work before, yada, yada, yada.

Most of the questions remain the same from interview to interview, but some throw curve balls at you, knocking you into left field. But, I feel that I can handle any questions casually tossed to me.