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With You (Tear Asunder 0.5)

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Sculpt is an illegal fighter.
He’s also the lead singer of a local rock band. No one knows his real name. And from the moment I met him, he made me forget mine.
In order to convince Sculpt to give me self-defense lessons, I had to follow his one rule—no complaining or he’d walk. I didn’t think it would be a problem. I could handle a few bruises. What I hadn’t anticipated was landing on my back with Sculpt on top of me and my entire body burning up for him.
I tried to ignore it. I failed of course. And having a hot, tattooed badass on top of me week after week, acting completely immune to what he was doing to my body—it was frustrating as hell, so I broke his rule—I complained.
Then he kissed me.
Author’s Note: This novella is Sculpt and Emily’s beginning and how they met. It is an extra and not required to be read before “Torn from You”. Their story and what happens to them is the novel “Torn from You”.
*Warning* Huge cliff-hanger. Like huge! But “With You” and “Torn from You” are released on the same day.*
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Tear Asunder Series by Nashoda Rose

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Chapter 1

“Holy Christ Eme, look at that popsicle. Now that’s Häagen-Dazs quality.” Kat stood beside me, mouth agape, eyes plastered on Sculpt who was currently pounding into his opponent, The Obliterator. “Damn, he’s totally fuckable. Like slam you against the wall fuckable.”

She pinched my arm when I didn’t respond.

“Oww.” I rubbed the spot where her fingers squeezed my skin.

“You see those arms? I bet he could hold you up against the wall and fuck you without even huffing. Nix that, I want him huffing.”

Sculpt was naked from the waist up, rippling muscles flexing with every punch. His long legs were agile and lean, able to move quickly compared to the other guy’s slower bulk. Kind of like a Hummer against a bulldozer.

But, there was something about his eyes that had me watching him with breathless excitement mixed with a spritz of nervousness. They were dark, nearly black and piercing, as if he was looking right into his opponent and breaking him apart with his concentrated fearlessness. Shivers tap-danced across my heated skin, then a tweak of something hit my stomach. It felt like I was twirling in a field with my arms out and dandelion puffs were blowing all around me. A dizzying effect, yet beautiful and odd at the same time.

“You sure you want to do this?” Kat’s voice tore me away from Sculpt who had just thrown The Obliterator onto his back and was pulling his arm back at an odd angle. “I’m all for hot guys, but he looks really scary. A hot scary, but still the hotness doesn’t negate the scary cause he is oozing scariness. What about one of those classes? You know, the ones the college offers.”

I’d already considered it, but waiting three months until classes started in September was not an option for me. I needed Sculpt’s help now, and since Kat’s brother knew him, it put him at the top of my list. Matt said the guy was in a rock band and was only fighting to try and make enough money to go on tour. Sculpt needing money was a bonus for me, because I was offering. Not much, but it was something.

“Matt says he’s a good guy,” I reminded her, but I was beginning to think he’d just meant the guy hadn’t killed anyone yet. I think his answer would’ve been far different if he knew Kat and I were interested in actually meeting Sculpt.

My breath hitched as Sculpt pushed his damp hair off his forehead, his fingers weaving through the messy walnut strands. It was a casual gesture, but when he did it . . . it was like my body was being infused with electricity. Why was I suddenly so hot? It wasn’t like Toronto was scorching in June, although right now it felt over a hundred degrees and humid as hell.

“Yeah, Matt says that so he doesn’t get the crap beat out of him.” I laughed because Matt was over six foot, all muscle, and didn’t take “crap” from anyone. “And if Matt finds out we’re here, we’re eating beets for the rest of the month.” Kat’s parents had passed away ten years ago in a drinking and driving accident. Unfortunately, it had been their dad who’d been driving drunk and ran into a cement bridge doing a hundred. Matt, being eighteen at the time, raised Kat on his own, and he cooked—Kat didn’t. That meant he decided what to eat, and he’d totally give her beets for a month. And since I’d moved in with them two years ago, I’d get beets too, but I liked beets.

“Holy Jesus. You see that?” Kat started jumping up and down, screaming Sculpt’s name with the rest of the young college crowd as The Obliterator lay unconscious on the ground. “One punch and down for the count. Woot. Woot. Woot,” Kat shouted while pumping the air with her fist.

I clapped, but as I watched Sculpt, blood dripping down his forehead into his eye, and his chest glistening with sweat, my nerves crept up on me like a horde of white-tailed spiders. Kat was right, he was scary. The tattoo on his left arm extended from his shoulder down to his elbow. The dark black ink popped the images so they appeared three dimensional and vibrant. It suited him and made him totally . . . fuckable.

I noticed Sculpt’s eyes narrow and stare at something behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see what held his attention so intently and expected to see some hot girl. Instead I saw an older man, maybe fifty or so, standing at the back of the warehouse looking right back at Sculpt. It was so obvious, everyone else was jostling one another or exchanging money, but not this guy. He stood like a statue—staring right back at Sculpt. His thin lips curved upward in slow motion. It wasn’t a warm-and-fuzzy smile, more like a smile that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention, begging to be plucked so they could run for their lives.

Sculpt’s body stiffened. Maybe others wouldn’t have noticed, but I did, because when he ran his hand through his hair this time, it was completely different. His fingers were curled and his nails looked like they would’ve dug grooves into his scalp. When he lowered his arm it was unsteady and slow—rigid.

I glanced back over my shoulder at the guy. The man had this evil glint in his tapered eyes, and his thin lips were pressed together so hard that his bottom lip nearly disappeared. He was wearing a suit; odd considering they were in a filthy abandoned warehouse with mostly college kids.

Lip-guy gave one nod to Sculpt then turned and started to leave. He was surrounded by five men who looked like they were part of the underground fighting ring. I tugged on Kat’s shirt. “Who’s that? The guy leaving.”

Kat glanced over her shoulder toward the door and shrugged. “No idea, but . . .” She froze, eyes widening. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Matt.”