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Zane and Tanya - Hot Alpha Alien Husbands

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D.D. Prince

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I was sent to another planet to be a mail-order bride as a punishment. I'm a quiet and painfully shy librarian who spends her off-time with her nose in a book.
Me and 37 other girls were shipped off to a place with almost no women and told we had three days to have sex with an alien otherwise we die.
I'm here. And now that I am, after being whisked away, thrown over the shoulder by a giant hot alien man and put into a sky-car of some sort, I'm thinking...
What if my life, the life I wanted but was never brave enough to try to have... was finally about to start?
All I need to do is lose my virginity in 72 hours. The problem is...this hot alien wants to take things slow. We keep getting to the brink, and my life depends on pushing us over.
The Hot Alpha Alien Husbands series books are standalone, each book about a different couple. These are fun, steamy stories with humanoid 7 ft tall possessive and protective 'aliens'. Much more romance than sci-fi.
This one is a slow-burn but with all sorts of smokin' hot sexual tension.
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It had been just days since he had said goodbye to his daughter and her mother, who’d been taken by the rapid-spreading infection that thus far targeted only the females on the planet. Males got a flu-like illness, some of them, but none had died from the same mysterious illness.

With little sleep, it had felt like one long day since Arla and Jaya had died. Zane now sat with his newborn preemie son, staring out at the horizon, looking but not really seeing through a fog of sleeplessness mixed with grief.

So many had been lost. Many more were ill, including Arla’s mother and sister. And nothing seemed to be helping. Their life force simply drained away from them, rendering them fevered and weak until their hearts beat no more.

Daily reports of female death tolls had stopped; there were too many to keep up with. Zane wanted to feel rage. He wanted to act on that rage. But he was too numb, too tired, and too focused on the newborn baby boy in his arms. It was a relief infant boys did not seem to be susceptible. Zane knew that infant girls had perished as well, save one baby girl who had survived so far and been kept in careful isolation, so she could be studied.

Zane had more information than the average citizen as his father-in-law was a government official. Zane would be among the first to know what it was that had taken so many lives.

His two-year-old daughter. Jaya.

Her pregnant mother, Arla, forcing early delivery of his tiny son who never got to meet his mother. Or the sister who had anticipated his arrival with so much excitement the tiny girl could barely contain it.

The women in Arla’s family, Zane’s own aunts and cousins. Many had died in recent weeks and another cousin was reportedly clinging to life, just barely. His mother was already gone, unrelated to the mysterious illness, and Zane had no other living siblings. At least not that he knew of. The family believed his brother to be dead, though no one knew for certain. Even Zane’s neighbors had lost their wives and daughters.

Zane sat in his back garden, holding his newborn son in his arms, staring at the mountains ahead. He was all that newborn son had, so despite conversations among other men who would be ready to take action against whoever had been found to be the cause, Zane knew he had to ensure he was there for this little baby in his arms. This little baby was everything to him. He wouldn’t go off and fight a war, despite his strength and cunning. He wouldn’t reach out to enact vengeance, despite the anger brewing underneath the fatigue. Instead, he had to focus on Ollie.

He touched the boy’s tiny nose with the pad of his thumb, a gesture he’d done with Jaya, his little daughter.

“Doop!” Jaya would always say and then she’d return the gesture.

Little Ollie was too tiny to do the same. But Ollie grasped his father’s thumb with his small hand and held on tight.

Zane swallowed down a blade-coated lump of pain.

“It’s just us,” he said. “Your mother and sister loved you before you were even born. Your sister would have shown you everything, taught you everything, read you all the books you wanted. Though, you’d have been dragged into playtime with her dolls and her play parties.”

The baby boy had no reply, of course.

“And your mother sang to you in her womb. She wanted you named Ollie after my father. He’s still here. You and he will be fast friends, I’m sure. He cheats at games, so you know. She, your mother, had the loveliest singing voice. She could have been a professional singer. All she wanted in life was to be a wife and mother. And to gift her family with her melodic voice.”

Zane swallowed again. “All you’ve got is me. I’ll have to do my best. I’ll make sure you learn music, that you love books, so you’ll have a bit of both of them with you always.”

The baby boy blinked with his large jade green eyes. Eyes like Arla, his mother. Jaya, his sister. Eyes like all of the Blackstar family. Arla had hoped their son would have his father’s signature Zenith family ice-blue eyes, but it was not to be. She’d made him promise a third child if they didn’t get a blue-eyed one this time. She wouldn’t be able to hold him to that promise.

“You’ll also have your other grandfather, Spar. And your uncle Daxx.”

Zane heard a loud howl. Jaya’s pup, Banshee, was wailing again. The animal’s howl startled Ollie and now Zane was dealing with wailing from two beings in his care. He was bone-tired.

His father-in-law had offered to keep Banshee on his property as the wailing had barely stopped for the days since Jaya’s last breath.