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What happens when Caden and Summer get a camper and take an adventure?
When they run into Shay and Kennedy Coleman?
Well, they meet a half angel, a mostly demonic demon, and…mermaids?

Get ready for one crossover adventure from Anti-Stepbrother, Hate To Love You, and Evil not to be missed! Two bonus short stories from Evil included.

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Micaela’s Big Bad

Davy Harwood



Nope. I wasn’t hearing him. It’s like he hadn’t spoken, and I kept going, tugging Caden forward, my hand in his.

“Babe.” A little more insistent. A little more serious. He was starting to slow down behind me.

Nope. Again. Totally ignoring. I kept trucking along.

“Summer.” Okay. A little snip there, which I got because I was ignoring him and we both knew it. He pulled on my hand, halting me, and as I turned, his head was angled down, an eyebrow in the air, and he was giving me the look. The look. The one that was asking, ‘What the hell are you doing? Are we doing?’

I got that look a lot.

“I just want to check out this bar. I heard that lady at the gas station. She said there’s a mermaid here.”

Caden barely restrained his groan, but he kept moving forward. Success. We were still going, and I’d already won in that brief movement. He and I both knew, but he was going to argue the whole way there because of… I didn’t know why. Male ego? Because he felt he needed to put up some form of protest? I wasn’t sure, but Caden would go with me to see the mermaid in the bar, even though we both knew there really wouldn’t be a mermaid, but who would turn down a chance to see a mermaid? Um. Hello. No one. Or no one should.

Let’s all live in our imaginations, or as much as possible, because this world was hella dark at times. Let me get excited about meeting a mermaid even though I knew we wouldn’t. Are you feeling me? I was feeling me. That’s all that was important. Me feeling myself. And with that, I had a little bit more of a bounce in my step as we walked down the street to the infamous mermaid bar.

Also, I really liked having the chance to say mermaid. It’s not something that came up in everyday conversation, so now it did, I was going to milk it.


Okay. I was done.

I think…

Mermaid. One last time.

Done. So done.

I was getting annoying by now, but we were here. The M-word Bar. It was an older bar, a large blue wood sign hanging out from the wall over the door with a mermaid in white paint. I was so excited. I was vibrating, and Caden stepped next to me, his hand going to my hip and sliding around as he went past me, reaching for the door. He held it open, and I walked in first, feeling Caden right behind me.

It. Was. Everything.

The little girl in me who always wanted to be a mermaid was in heaven. They had paintings of mermaids everywhere. On the walls. The ceilings. The bar. Under the bar, it looked like an underwater sea scene with bubbles running up the length of it. I had no idea how they did that, but it was amazing.

And right over the bar was a giant mermaid hanging from the ceiling. She looked suspended in time and air, frozen, but so beautiful. She took my breath away. And looking through the bar, there was a back section with a giant aquarium that ran the entire length of the wall. It went all the way up to the ceiling, and I would not be surprised if they had people put on mermaid tails and drop down for a show.

I was vibrating again, or I hadn’t stopped.

The bartender gave us a nod. “What would you like?”

I breathed out, “Everything.”

Caden smothered a laugh, stepping forward and giving our order. A beer for him. Something fruity for me, fruity and delicious.

The bartender gave a nod and started working. He was large and looked in charge, a white T-shirt plastered over his giant-sized chest and forearms. Dirty blonde hair was piled high on his head, in a messy bun, that made him look even more buff. Chiseled features. Ice blue eyes. A very prominent jawline with a little dent in his chin. This guy looked like he’d been born specifically to work in a mermaid bar. His gaze ran over both of us. “You’re not from around here.”

Caden nodded. “We’re on a road trip, stopped for gas. Then this one heard a mermaid frequented this bar, and we had to come and see for ourselves.” He gave me a little head nod, a fond tone coming from him.

The bartender studied me a little longer before a slight grin tugged at the corner of his mouth. “You should stick around. We got a little show coming up tonight.” He slid Caden’s beer to him, his hands reaching to start working on my drink. “Where are you going for your road trip? Got a tight timeline?”

Caden picked up his beer, coming to stand right next to me, his other hand resting on the small of my back. He wasn’t answering, and I tipped my head back, seeing he was studying me instead as he took a pull from his beer.