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Alpha Heroes A Me, Myself & I Collection

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Fiona Davenport

Elle Christensen

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This collection is jam packed with alpha hero yumminess. It features three, ALL-NEW stories from the duo behind Fiona Davenport.

Locked Up by Elle Christensen: Hot cops and handcuffs sounded like a sexy combination. Until Kaia was the one being arrested.
 Fired Up by Fiona Davenport: Fleeing from a fire in her apartment, Jaelyn stumbled headlong into a sexy fireman’s arms and he swept her right off her feet in more ways than one. 

Fixed Up by Rochelle Paige: When she got patched up by a hot paramedic, Mia wished she hadn’t gotten fixed up by a neighbor…until she discovered who her blind date really was.
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Locked Up

Elle Christensen



“We did it!!” I yelled as I twirled around and let my open graduation gown billow behind me. “Hell, yes!”

My sister, Jaelyn, hugged me tight, and I returned the embrace fervently. “We did it, little sister,” I whispered. Graduating from college was a dream we both shared, especially coming from a home with parents who barely had a high school education. They’d loved each other, and us, but life was never easy as jobs came and went. Bills went unpaid and food was often scarce. Finally, when we were just barely teenagers, the strain had apparently been too much and our dad had disappeared. Our mom was never the same and spent most of her time lost in depression. We ended up taking care of her, rather than being taken care of.

However, we could only do so much, and her neglect meant she never saw the cancer coming until it was too late. She died months before I graduated from high school. We both vowed that our lives would follow a different path. We would make sure that we could rely on ourselves.

The only good to come from our mother’s choices was to pass before either of us turned eighteen. I was only a handful of weeks away, but because I hadn’t hit that birthday, we both went into foster care. Which meant we had resources to get us through college.

After I had my birthday, Jaelyn emancipated, and we started working toward our dreams. We found a cracker box apartment, and I worked until Jaelyn was done with high school. We were both accepted to a small university in town, and our home was conveniently located near campus. We kept our expenses as low as possible and had earned our degrees with very little debt.

Jaelyn and I were as close as sisters could be. We’d only had each other to rely on. However, our interests were different. While I majored in international business and French, she’d earned a degree in marketing with a minor in theater. This meant we had vastly different social circles.

I tended to be much more of a loner—though I had a few close friends—but Jaelyn was always surrounded by a group of friends. She’d insisted that she wanted to celebrate with me, but I knew a big part of her also wanted to party with her friends.

And I wanted her to be happy.

“Now, go.” I pushed her away, turned her around by the shoulders, and gently shoved her toward a group of girls waiting on her.

“What? No!” she exclaimed, digging her heels in.

I laughed and kissed her cheek, then shoved again, this time, not so gently. “Don’t worry about me, Jayley. I have plans of my own.”

She looked at me skeptically over her shoulder, and I responded with a bight smile. I was more than happy with my plans to curl up with a good movie and a tub of ice cream.

“Don’t wait up,” she called as she approached her friends. “I’m going to stay with Cass tonight.” I nodded raised my hand in a wave to let her know I heard her.

Eventually, she was swallowed up by her group, and I waved a last time before trotting off to the beat-up old car we shared. I threw my cap and gown in the back, then opened the driver’s side door.

“Kaia, wait!”

I hesitated before dropping into my seat and turned to see who had called my name. My friend Elizabet was running toward me, waving her hands wildly in the air.

She reached me and skidded to a halt, then bent over to catch her breath. “One sec,” she panted. I giggled and she glared as she stood back up. Elizabet hated all forms of physical exertion. Which drove the rest of us crazy because she was small and thin, like a pixie. However, she was a sweet, fun, and genuine person, so it was impossible to dislike her.

“We are going out. You have to come with!”

I shook my head, my rehearsed refusal on the tip of my tongue.

Elizabet held up her hand, shaking her finger in my face and glaring. “I’m not taking no for an answer.” Then she marched around to the other side of my car and climbed inside. “To make sure you don’t bail, you’re driving.”

I sighed in resignation before laughing and joining her in the vehicle. “Where to?” I grumbled as I attempted to get the engine to turn over. It took three tries, but it eventually growled to life. Honestly, it was amazing it had lasted through college, but I was grateful that it had.

I backed out and waited for her direction.


Cutting her a sideways glance, I headed toward the parking lot exit. “Seriously?”

Elizabet laughed and lightly punched my arm. “You’re going to party if it kills you!”

“How about I play DD?” I suggested hopefully.