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Anarchist Season 2 Book 4

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It's one day after the birth of my son and instead of enjoying fatherhood, I've spent my morning trying to talk Lyon and Creed out of sticking their noses in my personal business. The son of the man who killed my parents and little sister is finally within my reach but they seem to think it's too risky to take him out myself. Now with Mancini in the game I'm beginning to feel like I'm losing my hold on the situation as the three of them scheme and plot right under my nose.
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For the next little while, we threw around ideas about the best course of action to take next. But just about what you'd expect to happen in a room full of hardheaded men all set in their own way is exactly what went down. Basically, we were going around on a loop and getting nowhere.

This was all due thanks, especially to one Colton Lyon. For some fucked up reason, he's the only one of us who never saw any law or military action and yet, whether it's the ever-resourceful Mancini, the resolute SEALs or the tough as nails Creed, we all somehow seem to bow to his dictatorial ass.

I'll give it to him, his battle strategy is as good as any I've ever seen, but his murdering ass only knows one recourse, to kill anything and everything that gets in his way. If not for the senator situation, I'd be with him there, just blast all the fucks and disappear them, but that shit's too sticky. Colt didn't give a fuck!

Every once in awhile, Chaz or one of the others on watchdog detail would pop by or call in with a report on the women who apparently had glued their asses to their seats because they hadn't moved since we left them earlier.

I'm guessing they were still on a baby high or some shit, and that's what had them acting like they had some sense, something I wasn't holding out much hope of lasting for any real amount of time. Last I heard Dana Sue had some of the guys childproofing my damn house. Kid can't even move yet, and she's already starting her shit.

I have a feeling her girls had a hand in that. For the past few months, it's like they'd come up with a new idea every other day and have to carry it out as soon as possible. Meaning us men had to carry out whatever hair-brained scheme they came up with while they sat on their asses stirring up shit.

The storage room is stacked wall to wall with baby and kid shit because of this like they were planning for the apocalypse or some shit. Dana-Sue said something about ants and sluggards when I asked her what she and her crew were up to and just went on about her business like that shit made sense. Fucking nut!

They've also been stockpiling food and emergency supplies, something the other women have been doing according to the SEALs and Mancini. Even Lyon's been known to grumble about his Kat doing the same thing, but so far, none of them has ever uttered a word or given any explanation as to why they're on that shit all of a sudden.

I'm secretly pleased that they have the foresight to do that shit, though. It shows they know how to use their brains for something more than being a pain in the ass.

If the whole lot of them could stick to that kind of shit during their daily gabfest, how easy would my life be? But I'm not kidding myself with that shit. Up until the day before she gave birth, Dana-Sue was getting into shit.

As soon as I draw Junior out of his hidey-hole and put one in him, I can concentrate on straightening her little ass out, but right now, I need to put all my focus on this shit before Colton Lyon leaves my town swimming in blood.

It's to the point now where even my boys are siding with him, and they should know better. But he has a way of making his shit sound like the best damn idea. I don't know since when they all became bloodthirsty heathens.

I just sat and listened, only opening my mouth to veto his shit because there was no point in wasting my breath to say anything else. All his ideas came back to one thing, death. Not that I'm opposed, at least not where Junior's concerned. But if we off him and the asshole sheriff at the same time, that's just going to bring down more heat on my head.

If there were a way to do it without eyes falling on me and my people, I'd be the first one to say let's go for it. But since getting married, and now with the kid, I can no longer take those kinda chances. It's not like before when I had only myself to think about.

Speaking of my son, every once in awhile, I had to shake my head to clear it because my mind kept going to him; I miss him already. He's brought a new kind of excitement to my life. It's because of him and his mother that I'm trying to tread more carefully now to make the right move at the right time.

If I fuck up, it's not just me that will suffer, but those two as well. That's not something I can live with, no matter how much of a bitch Colt calls me for it. This fucking guy, he has more guts than ten men.