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Bound to the Alpha (Alphas in Heat #1)

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Olivia T. Turner

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I just got a job in Montana and now the freaking building is burning down……and I’m stuck inside.
I’m about to die a broke, boyfriend-less virgin until a fireman bursts into the room.
He’s come to save me from the flames, but when I see the territorial way he’s looking at me, I start to wonder who’s going to save me from him?
Because this mean-looking grizzly bear shifter named Ethan Sullivan thinks I’m his now. “I saved you. You’re mine,” he keeps growling at me.
He keeps calling me his mate and I’m not about to correct him when he’s got that feral look in his eyes. He wants to leave his mark on me.
He keeps saying he’s going to claim me, whatever that means. I’ve always had a thing for firemen, but this rough wild-looking man is more than just a pretty image in a calendar.
He’s real. He won’t take his possessive hands off me and he’s full on obsessed with my curves.
This protective alpha wants me all for himself and he’s letting everyone know it. Especially me…
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Alphas in Heat Series by Olivia T. Turner

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Chapter One


“It’s this fucking town,” Rylan says as he quickly laces up his boots. “There’s like six girls in it and they’re all either taken or we’re related to them.”

The fire alarm is blaring through the firehouse as the five of us throw on our gear and get ready to move out.

“That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned,” Carter says as he gets behind the wheel. He closes the door and grins as he sticks his head through the open window. “Mates are more trouble than they’re worth. We’re better off without them.”

“You’re crazy,” Westin says as he runs by, looking panicked. “I can’t wait to find my mate and claim her tight little—Where the fuck is my coat?”

Our Chief, Blake, grabs Westin’s coat from where he left it on the floor and tosses it to him. “You’re not going to get a mate if you’re all burned up. Keep your shit where it’s supposed to go.”

“Sorry, Chief,” Westin says as he throws on his jacket and climbs into the firetruck.

I’m keeping my distance as I get ready. It never goes well for me when the subject of mates comes up.

“Let’s move out!” Blake shouts as he climbs into the passenger’s seat. “We got a hot one to put out.”

Carter barely waits for us to climb into the truck before he hits the gas and flies out of the fire station.

There’s silence for five wonderful seconds before the topic comes back up.

“You’re quiet back there, Ethan,” Carter says as he looks at me through the rearview mirror. “Are you on Team Mate or Team Masturbate?”

“So, that was you!” Westin snaps. “Stop clogging the drain with your spunk!”

Carter grins. “Never.”

I hate talking about mates. My jackass inner grizzly bear was cool all morning, and now he’s pacing around and about to take a furry temper tantrum. He’s nasty when he gets like this—all agitated and ready to make my life miserable.

“I’m thirty-six years old,” I tell them. “I’m done.”

Rylan turns to me with his forehead all scrunched up. “What do you mean you’re done? You can’t be done when it comes to finding a mate.”

“You heard him,” Carter says with a winning smile on his face. “He’s done. He’s on team masturbate. We can be on team masturbate together.” He turns around with his hand raised for a high-five.

I leave him hanging.

“I don’t think so.”

Rylan is laughing as he nudges my arm with his elbow. “Hear that, Ethan? You and him can masturbate together.”

“All right,” I say as I open the window. “I’ll see you guys at the fire.”

I grab onto the metal rails running along the roof and pull myself up with a grunt. We’re barreling down a mountain road and I nearly get whipped by a tree branch as I climb onto the roof of the firetruck.

“Come on, guys,” I hear Blake says as I pull my foot up. “You know how his bear gets.”

I get comfortable on the roof and take a deep breath as I look at the stunning Montana mountains all around me. It’s early morning and the sun is still rising, casting the vast sky in hues of pink and purple. We were just about to have our morning coffee at the station when the alarm went off.

I sigh as I try to settle my inner grizzly bear. It can be hard working with five bear shifters, especially when they start yammering on about their fated mates. The younger guys, Westin and Rylan, are convinced that their mates are right around the corner ready to rock their world, but an extra decade on this planet has shaken that belief in me. I still haven’t found her, and believe me, I’ve looked.

I traveled the country for over a decade looking for my mate, but now I’m convinced that she’s not out there. Maybe she died young, maybe she was never born, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Whatever happened, I’ve given up on trying to find her.

Three years ago, I moved to Blackcloud Point in Montana to settle down and become a firefighter. That’s when I gave up the lifelong dream of finding her.

The only problem is, my bear hasn’t.

He’s not on board. In fact, he’s more committed to finding her than ever.

And it’s driving me crazy.

We’re constantly at each other’s throats. He hates that I’m not out searching for her every second of every day. Whenever I go to bed or crack open a can of beer to try and relax, he starts thrashing around like a rabid animal. The constant snarling and growling in my ear is really draining and it’s starting to wear me down. I haven’t slept well in months.

We’re going to a fire, I say to him. You have to chill.

He responds with a furious roar as he charges to the surface and tries to claw his way out of me.