Brutal Beast – Planet of Kings Read Online Lee Savino

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Only an Omega can save the Beast…

Once, I was a golden prince, full of promise. Then the curse came for my parents. I did everything I could to save them.

I failed.

Now, I am a monster, scarred and dangerous. I remain in the shadows, ruling my kingdom from afar, feared by everyone I fight to protect.

My subjects stay away from me and my haunted castle. But one stubborn woman refused to heed the warnings: an Omega named Rose.

She came to demand my help. I’ll never let her go.

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I dream of an Omega. She is tiny compared to me, as Omegas are. She’s fragile and elegant, with dark skin and eyes, her hair, a soft brown halo around her head. Hidden fire gleams in the tight curls—there are bright jewels set at her ears and threaded through her hair. Her perfume twines around me, pulling me closer, awakening my Alpha need. It’s been years since I last scented an Omega. There are none left in my kingdom.

Except for her. My queen. I draw her into my arms. It’s the work of a moment to nudge her thighs apart and sink into her. She shudders, opening to me slowly, accepting my cock.

For the first time ever, I'm balls-deep in an Omega, relishing her perfect moonflower scent. Her perfume brings my dominance to the fore. My muscles strain as I thrust deep. She moans, spreads her legs wider, and takes it all. Her slick gushes between us, its heady scent intoxicating me even more.

My knot swells. Soon, I will fill her with my seed to the point where it will overflow around my cock. My canines sharpen to dagger points in my mouth. It’s time to mark my precious Omega. She will belong to me, our souls bonded forever. My power will be hers, and she will always be mine. She arches her neck for my bite, ready for me to claim her, and that's when I see it: The Red Death.

The rash rolls up her skin, scarlet blisters ravaging her beauty, like red fire crackling up a lush hillside, leaving ash and destruction in its wake. Her lips crack and her eyes grow hollow. She's dying right in front of me, succumbing to the same curse that took my parents.

And I am impotent to stop it.

My roar rings out, shaking my ruined castle on its foundations. Dust rains down from the rafters. How long was I asleep? When was the last time I had the whisps, my magical wind servants, clean in here?

It's time, something whispers inside of me. Make ready.

I scrub my face, my fingers tracing the harsh ridges of my scarred skin. Once, I was handsome. Once, I was beloved by my kingdom and parents alike. When I was much younger, I had hope for my future, for finding a mate. My perfect Omega, the one I was born to claim.

Now I have nothing. There are no Omegas left on Ulfaria. And if the curse has come again…

I cannot stop it. I have no hope, only an empty castle and a ravaged face, and the memory of a dream.


I’m startled awake with a roar echoing in my ears. I peer through the gloom but see nothing. The only sounds are the creaking of the trees outside my window and the tentative trills of the lizard-like creatures that sit on the branches and sing like birds.

It must have been my dream. I dreamt I was in a ruined castle filled with vines and flowers blooming in the darkness all around. A breeze tugged at my skirts, pulling me forward towards… something? Someone? A great shape in the center of a dusty ballroom. A statue—or a figure standing so still, he might as well have been one. He was humanoid, but huge. On Earth, he’d be a giant. Here on Ulfaria, he’d be an Alpha, bigger than any other I’ve seen.

My skin tingles with the memory and I rub my face. It was just a dream.

A cool wind blows over my bed, ruffling the quilt. Somehow, in the night, my window cracked open. I jump up to close it but it catches on a vine. Overnight, a silvery-green tendril grew up the side of Ma’s cottage and snaked inside.

That’s some fast growing weed. I like plants—back home, they’d say I have a green thumb—but Ulfarri flora takes some getting used to.

I push the vine out and shut the window. It looks like more creeping plants grew over this side of the cottage. I’ll make time to trim them back later today. Ma will know why it grows so fast.

Just another weird alien plant on this weird alien planet. Same old, same old.

I unwrap my hair and shake out my braids, then dress in my blouse and loose skirts. Everything is boho peasant chic around here. At least I have good sturdy boots. I wait to put those on until I’ve slipped out of my room and tiptoed down the hall past Ma’s bedroom. Her door is shut. Usually she’s awake earlier than I am. I lift my skirts, easing down the creaky stairs. Ma wasn’t feeling well last night. I want to let her sleep.

Ma’s cottage is small by Ulfarri standards, barely more than a hut. But to me it’s nice and roomy, especially after my cramped NYC apartment. Everything is supersized on this planet. Ma—the Ulfarri who took me in—is considered small, and she’s taller than I am. And I’m five ten. I worked as a model back home.