Caramel Drizzle (Little Cakes #14) Read Online Pepper North, Paige Michaels

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Series: Paige Michaels

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Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker!

Can a hardware store crush provide the building blocks to happily-ever-after?

Jordi Crouse is thrilled when she lands a new remodeling job. Sure, it's not a luxurious mansion or a fancy restaurant, but funky strip mall beauty shops deserve to be both gorgeous and functional, too. But it turns out trying to build the hairdressers' stations by herself was not her smartest move.

Callen James's hardware store has everything a contractor could need. If only he could stock someone special to make his life complete. One gorgeous and knowledgeable woman wiping out his supply of mini light bulbs and ordering tons of paint is definitely as close as he's come to finding love in a long time, so of course he volunteers to deliver the supplies to her job site. And as Callen gets to know Jordi, it quickly becomes clear to him that the salon isn't the only thing in need of a Little TLC.

Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.

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Chapter One

Clutching the list of supplies in her hand, Jordi walked into the new hardware store with determination and pure excitement coursing through her veins. With the office remodel of Valerie and Grayson behind her, she had just accepted a job to remodel an empty space, turning it into a new home for a hair salon. To her delight, the new supply depot she’d used for Valerie’s job was even closer and more convenient to get to. Jordi crossed her fingers, hoping they would have just the things she needed for this specialized job.


The deep, rich voice made her look up in surprise to meet the eyes of a handsome man behind the large desk at the entrance. She stared at him for exactly two seconds longer than socially acceptable before shaking herself mentally to recover.

“Hi. You’re not Ellen,” she observed and then immediately wanted those words back.

“You’re right. I’m Callen. Ellen is off for a school field trip with her kiddos today. Perhaps I can help you?”

“Oh. Maybe.” Jordi stared at him, unable to rip her mind away from the burning question of whether his eyes really were that blue.

“Is that a list of supplies in your hand?” he probed gently.

“Oh, yes.” Jordi looked down at the crumpled paper in her hand.

“Could I see it?” Callen asked kindly without a trace of amusement.

“Oh, yes!” Jordi realized she sounded like an idiot. Wanting to just dash out the doorway, she forced herself to walk forward. “I’m remodeling a hair salon. I’m sure you have everything here except maybe the mini lights for the stations.”

“I’ll be glad to order anything I don’t have on hand,” he assured her, taking the list as she thrust it forward. His fingers brushed over hers with the briefest contact but that was enough to make her shiver.

“Sorry, I keep it cool in here to give everyone a break from the heat,” he apologized.

“It feels good,” she responded in a rush, hoping he’d assume her beaded nipples under her polo shirt were due to the temperature in the store and not the fact that her body seemed to be going as crazy as her mind was.

Callen smiled at her and turned his attention to her list. His finger tapped on the top corner. “You’re J. Cross. I was hoping to meet you. Thank you for shopping here. You were one of our first commercial contractors. It’s tough to get people to switch to a new store.”

“You’re very convenient for me,” Jordi said. Wait. Did that sound funny? She should have worded that differently.

“I’m glad. I’ll take any reason for someone to walk in for that first job. Then it’s up to me to keep you coming back.” He looked down at the list. “I’ve got most of this in stock now. The rest I can have by tomorrow if you need it or next week if you want the lowest price.”

“Next week is fine on the bulbs. I need the lumber and nails most today. Could someone load thirty two-by-fours on a cart for me while I go pick out some boxes?”

“Pull to the back after you’ve checked out. I’ll have the guys load your truck for you,” Callen directed. “If you need any help, please let me know. My goal is to be the most helpful hardware store in the city.”

“Ellen is a gem,” Jordi said, pulling herself together enough to praise the woman she’d worked with several times.

“She is. I’ll get the rest of this ordered for you and we’ll hold it in the back under your name. Want me to deliver it when it’s all in?”

The thought of this man visiting her at her worksite made her blink a few times, but Jordi rallied and forced herself to concentrate. “That would be great. I think Ellen has my number on file. I can give you the salon’s location.”

“It’s not the one over there by that cupcake bakery, Little Cakes, is it?”

“It is. You don’t eat cupcakes,” she blurted, looking over his muscular form. No one got that cut eating frosting.

“You’ve discovered my secret weakness. Don’t tell anyone but the new Caramel Drizzle cupcakes Ellie is featuring now are the best ever!” His eyes twinkled at her in merriment.

“I… I’ll have to try that flavor. Um, thanks… I’ll get out of your hair and go get nailed… I mean pick up some nails,” she corrected. Just stop talking!

“Aisle ten,” he suggested with a grin.

What is wrong with you? Jordi mentally kicked herself as she hurried away.

Even though she told herself not to look, Callen wasn’t at the desk when she went to the front to check out. Torn between being glad she could escape without making a bigger fool of herself and sad she didn’t get to see him again, Jordi juggled the boxes of heavy nails as she waited in line.