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Luna Riyan dreamed of a life without violence, degradation, and vile sex. She wanted a life unlike all that she had ever known.

But her plans of escaping were derailed when she was told her virginity would be sold at an intergalactic space auction.

She knew she’d never leave if she were bought by the highest bidder, so she took the chance that would end her life if caught and left the only place she’d ever known as home.

And then she found herself aboard a spacecraft owned by three enormous, very fearsome alien warriors.

Erak, Genet, and Raimi, princes on their planet, are in search of females to carry their future heirs.

The brothers feared nothing and expected compliance in all things, and that included their future mates.

Reader note: This was previously published as Deep, Hard, and Rough. It’s been recovered and reedited with minor parts changed. But the story itself is the same. Please note that this story deals with serious topics. To see the TW/CW, please visit the author’s website. This is a MFMM sci-fi story, with intimate scenes involving four characters at the same time.

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Chapter One


Year 3450, planet of Aktulla, royal chamber of King Manatak Asek

“It is time you find the females that will bear your offspring.” King Manatak of the Asek royal line spoke to his people, the Aktulla males.

His three sons stared back at him, each of them nonplussed by the situation at hand. It infuriated him to no end, and although he had been lenient toward them, now was the time for change.

Too many years had passed with him watching the three of them act irresponsibly, fornicating with whomever they saw fit, and having total disregard for the kingdom they would soon rule.

Manatak would have liked to see his eldest son, Erak, set an example for his younger brothers, but they all seemed to be more interested in rutting with the female populace instead of taking their place on the thrones.

Manatak could not fault his boys too harshly for he, too, had spread his seed before his father had made him realize the throne and siring offspring were of higher importance. That had been many moons ago, though, and now, it was time for Erak, Genet, and Raimi to take his place and rule over the Aktullas.

“My rule is ending, my sons.” They looked at him as though bored with the conversation.

Calina, their mother, had been the most beautiful female he’d ever seen. When he found out she was his mate, his very breath had stopped. Finding one’s mate, their other half, was a rare occurrence, and although the Aktullas could have offspring with a female other than their destined mate, they would always feel a part of themselves missing.

It was the way of his people to find females that would bear the sons of the fearsome and powerful males of their species. For there were no females born from the loins of the Aktullas, and so, their planet was barren of the opposite sex.

“You must go out and find your mates. Find the females who will carry your sons and ensure the royal family has heirs. Do this for me, my children, for I cannot die peacefully knowing that there will be no male from the Asek line to rule from the great throne.”

Manatak knew the chance his sons would find their mates was next to impossible, but he knew giving them a little hope that they could find the females who would make them complete would ensure they heeded his words seriously. King Manatak Asek stood and made his way to his royal chambers. This was the same speech he gave them over the years, praying to the heavens that they would grant him this one serenity.

His sons were stubborn, but Manatak knew they would do him proud, for they, too, would not want to see the royal house crumble.

Chapter Two


“What do you make of Father’s proclamation?” Erak murmured idly as he led his two brothers through the corridor and into the common room. This was the same conversation their father gave every fortnight, and although he and his brothers liked to enjoy the pleasures life offered, Erak knew it was time to take his words to heart.

King Manatak blamed him for his brothers’ recklessness. In all reality, Erak was the one who was against most of their decisions when it came to play and pleasure.

The years were passing him by, and although he still had a long life ahead of him, the time to take a mate and start a family was upon them. He had seen the way Genet and Raimi had looked unconcerned when their father spoke, but they all needed to take this seriously.

It wasn’t unusual for an Aktulla male to take more than one female. In fact, it was praised, encouraged even. More females meant more offspring, and there could never be enough warriors. He had shared many of the opposite sex with his brothers, but the thought of children, powerful sons to carry on the Asek line, had need swelling inside of him.

He also wanted his father’s pride.

“I believe he is serious this time.” Genet spoke and nudged Raimi in the ribs.

“He has been ‘serious’ every time he demands us to find our mates,” Raimi, the youngest out of the three of them said.

“It is not a demand as much as a plea. I am feeling guilty.”

“You speak as though you have actually put thought into this, Raimi. Maybe I should tell Father you will be the first to go on the mission and find your fated female.” Genet chuckled at Erak’s words.

His brothers were a lively bunch. He, too, was guilty of enjoying life, but this time was different. Their father’s speech held more meaning this time, more emotion. King Manatak was powerful and ruthless.

Not only did he have hundreds of victories under his belt but he was also a merciful and gentle ruler to the people of Aktulla. Everything their kingdom needed, King Manatak provided.