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His damaged vision won’t keep this Daddy from sensing when she enters his life.

After losing part of his eyesight in a freak accident, Tim Simmons is ready to rebuild his life. With a skilled guide dog dog by his side and a new job at Edgewater Industries, he’s got almost everything he needs. And the Little Girl his heart has always desired? It turns out he’s found her, too.
The ambitious Aspen Sullivan is ready to take her career as an administrative assistant to the next level, so she jumps at the chance to work with the new Chief Supply Officer. She never expects to feel the dominant force that she’s fantasized about for years, but suddenly she must decide if she can be brave enough to open her heart to a real life Daddy.

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Chapter 1

Tim spent the time traveling from his brother’s house to his new job reviewing all the information he had ferreted out about Edgewater Industries prior to applying for the job as the Chief Supply Chain Officer. The company had impressed him before he applied, but after working with the corporate headhunter he’d suspected had championed his selection, Tim knew he had made the right decision to leave his previous job.

“I’m pulling up to the gate. There are a few cars in front of us. Are you sure you want to stay here on the campus? Sally and I don’t mind picking you up and dropping you off,” Jeff assured him.

“Your family needs to get back to its own routine. Boston and I have interrupted your lives for too long,” Tim informed him.

“The kids are going to miss you, but I may come to sleep on your couch. They’re a rowdy bunch,” his brother conceded as he slowly followed the line of vehicles checking in at the gate.

“You wouldn’t miss a minute of your time with them. I envy what you and Sally have. Maybe someday, I’ll find my one. For now, I’m just excited to work at a company that seems to be as happy I’m coming on board as I am to have a new chance to make a difference.”

“You certainly had no reason to give your expertise to a company that virtually abandoned you when you needed some modifications. I have a feeling they’re going to call and beg you to come back,” Jeff suggested.

“I doubt it. By the time they figure out they’re screwed with the young buck they jumped at having me train this last week, they’re going to be struggling to survive. Besides, I don’t plan on answering their calls,” he stated firmly.

“Here we are,” Jeff told him as he pulled up to the gate.

Tim looked across his brother’s body as Jeff lowered the driver’s window. After being hit by a car, most of his physical injuries had disappeared with time and therapy. His eyesight had not. His visual acuity had taken a colossal hit. With special devices on a computer, he could increase the font size to read and write. He could see vague shapes at a distance. His sight impairment had forced him to rely on his other senses. Tim could move around better every day. When he had his guide dog, Boston, at his side, Tim felt almost normal—or at least somewhat independent again.

“Mr. Simmons! We’ve been expecting you. Sharon is waiting for you at B Tower to get you settled in your apartment. I’ll look forward to meeting you at one of the weekly pizza parties in B Tower. I’m Pete, one of the security guards.”

“Nice to meet you, Pete. This is my brother, Jeff. Does he need a special pass to be on campus?” Tim asked.

“Sharon’s okayed a pass for both your brother and sister-in-law to drive on campus,” Pete informed him. “I’ll hand these to you, Jeff. Usually, people find it easiest to just leave them in the glove box of the vehicles. We’ll also have your name on file if you’re here without it.”

“Thanks, Pete. You’ve got us set,” Tim smiled. He continued to be amazed by Sharon’s thoroughness.

“Just follow the signs to B Tower,” Pete directed before patting the side of the car to signal they were free to advance.

“Is everyone this helpful?” Jeff asked as he cleared the gate.

“They were just as cordial when I arrived in a ride share for my interview,” Tim confirmed, watching closely to pick up on large markers that could help him navigate around the campus.

“You were sure you’d get the same treatment here that you put up with at your old firm.”

“Everyone helped. Even without knowing that I have challenges.”

“If I know you, you did your best to avoid cluing them in,” Jeff jabbed at him. “I thought Sally came on too strong, pushing you out the door for the interview when you refused to take Boston.”

“That wife of yours is scary smart.”

“Sometimes just scary, but somehow she’s always right.” Jeff turned into the parking lot. “Here’s a woman with brown hair. Would that be Sharon? She has a gigantic man standing next to her.”

“That’s Sharon and Knox. He’s the head of security.”

“A bunch of guys are jogging up to join them,” Jeff reported.

“She said she’d arrange for some help to get my stuff up to the apartment,” Tim replied, watching the group of shadowy figures grow.

“You need more stuff. It’s going to take one trip with all this manpower,” Jeff announced in a pleased tone.

Tim opened his door carefully and shifted one leg outside to allow Boston to step out of the car first. This was always a tricky moment for people meeting a guide dog for the first time. It pleased him that everyone waited for him to get out and get Boston settled by his side. Boston wasn’t a simply a pet. He was a highly trained professional.