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Dance With The Devil (The Devil's Riders Book 4)

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I waited years for her. One day she disappeared without a trace. I just didn’t know she was carrying my baby. I’m one of the Sons of Satan, part of an inner circle we call The Devil’s Riders. I was just a prospect when I first saw her.
Becky Townsdale, the curvy girl who worked at Mae’s diner.
She’s so pretty it hurts to look at her. I waited to make a move until I was officially a Devil’s Rider. And then, the night of the club Prez’s wedding, I made her mine. Devlin and Kaylie might have gotten married that night, but we’re the ones who made a baby. I just didn’t know it yet.
Now she’s back in town to help Mae save the diner before it gets shut down. She’s avoiding me but I’m not having it. I’ve waited a year to get over her and it never happened. I want her back, this time for good. And that’s before I find out about the baby.
She’s mine and she doesn’t even know it yet.
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One Year Ago


I stood by the door, as usual. It was the best spot for keeping an eye on things. Controlling who got in and out. Jack was busy with his kids and I was the one Devlin trusted to keep watch now .

Not that we expected trouble. Not tonight anyway. But we had to be vigilant. Thanks to my years in the Corps, that was pretty much second nature to me. I didn’t really know any other way to be .

The Spawns were having a huge wedding day celebration, and no one was going to ruin it. Not the Vipers, who were still pissed after Jack had raided their massage parlor a few years back. Not even the cops would dare mess with us today .

I’d been a full member for only a few weeks, having hauled ass as a prospect for years. As a full member I got a lot of privileges. I sat in on meetings with Dev, Donnie, and Jack, for one thing. I got to share in the profits of the club. And I had about a hundred fifty brothers to call on if I needed help, just like they could call on me .

And most important of all, I could ride with my club leathers .

The women were another privilege, but not one I was partaking in .

The sweetbutts had offered me a very warm welcome. A welcome that would make a porn star blush. Three women had offered themselves to me, and all at the same time. To be precise, a blond, a brunette and a redhead, with not one natural breast between them .

Three women I had turned down .

Politely, of course. It wouldn’t do to be rude to a lady, even if she wasn’t acting like one .

I took some ribbing for passing on that particular proposition but I didn’t care. Most of the guys knew by now that I had a serious thing for the new girl at the diner. I wasn’t interested in a quick piece of ass .

I wanted a real woman in my bed .

Becky was a waitress at the diner in town. She was so bright and beautiful and so sexy it gave me wood just thinking about her. She looked so cute and juicy in her little waitress uniform, I’d started to react to the diner itself. At this point, the smell of burgers and fries affected me like Viagra .

And that was nothing compared to how she looked today, all dolled up in a fancy dress .

I let my eyes linger on her insanely feminine form as Janet pulled her onto the dance floor .

She wore a bubble gum pink dress that hugged her crazy curves. She was round in all the right places. A real woman I could hold on to .

I had ideas about what I would do with those curves. Ideas about how to make them jiggle while she screamed in pleasure, hopefully as I lifted and lowered her on and off my cock .

Oh yeah, I wanted to give little Miss Becky a ride on the Pony Express. My pony. All ten inches of him .

And tonight, I was going to go for it .

She looked adorable as she danced, young and carefree. She was giggling as she made a sexy face at her friends. She was probably too good for a scarred-up bad boy like me .

Probably? Definitely .

But I didn’t much care .

I’d waited long enough to make a play for her. And she’d eventually started giving me signs that she liked me back. A friendly hello. Lingering looks. Touching her hair a lot when I was around .

She sure blushed when I smiled at her too .

Not to mention she always slipped me free refills on a soda or a cup of coffee. And even if I was an outlaw, she wasn’t unfamiliar with that world. She was friends with Kaylie and a bunch of the old ladies from the club too .

So I knew she definitely didn’t hate bikers on principle .

That didn’t mean she wanted to roll around with one either. And I wanted to roll around with her. Not just a little bit .

I wanted to start an earthquake .

But I wanted more than that. Not just sex. I wanted to be with her for real. Maybe that would count for something .

I tapped Callaway on the shoulder. He was one of the prospects who had come up with me. He was loyal and diligent, and Dev considered him part of the inner circle .

I loved Callaway like a brother, even though I thought he was kind of crazy. But he never hesitated when he had a job to do .

He had taken the sweetbutts up on the offer they made me the night we made full members. Rumor had it, he’d spent the night with four of them .