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Daredevil (Hollywood #4)

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Ainsley Carruthers has never been afraid to take risks. When she’s offered a stunt role in a movie, she jumps at the chance to try something new. But she might be taking more of a risk than she realizes when she falls for a sexy man with a dark past.

Remington Vaughn has fought hard to conquer his demons and come out on top. When he’s given a chance to rebuild his Hollywood career, he doesn’t expect to find a new addiction...Ainsley.

Warning: It’s not just the hero who’s over-the-top in this one; the heroine is too—literally! But that just means more yumminess for you because she’s an aerial silks performer, and her flexibility meant we could get super creative. Be prepared for this Hollywood with Alexa Riley story to leave you wanting more.
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Chapter 1


“Remington.” Sammy, one of the production assistants, pushes open the door to my dressing room and sticks his head in. “Jackie wants you on set in studio B.”

I lift my head from my computer and glance at my watch. “Cannon and I aren’t scheduled to film until tonight.”

Sammy shrugs. “I’m just the gofer today,” he says before disappearing into the hall.

Quickly, I hit save so that I don’t lose the changes I’m making to the choreography and close the lid. On my way out, I grab a stack of resumes to go over with the director. We still haven’t cast a stunt double for one of the female crew members. We’re getting down to the wire and need to pick someone, but I’m not truly happy with anyone in the pool of candidates.

It’s worrying me because I need this job to go perfectly. This movie is my chance to get my career back on track after a hiatus of several years. I was a child performer and late in my teen years, I let the wrong people influence me and turned to drugs and alcohol as a means of dealing with the pressure and intense schedules. Not that it’s an excuse, but I was also dealing with some very heavy personal issues.

When I was twenty-one, I went to set high and got injured. I was incredibly lucky that it was only minor; however, the incident earned me a black eye in the film industry, and I hit rock bottom.

My best friend drove me to a rehab facility and walked me inside. I did my stint there and then laid low for a few years, getting my shit together. I’ve been clean ever since and even do outreach for kids in the Hollywood scene who need someone to steer them in the right direction.

A year ago, I felt ready to get back to what I loved, but clawing my way back in has been a struggle. I knew I needed the right agent to help me, and TAG Management is the best in the industry. The owner, Tyson Grant, reps my friends, Austin and Theo Hayes, and they were happy to make the introduction.

Tyson was a hard sell, and it took me six months to crack him. Eventually, he agreed to take me on as a client, and he’s worked his ass off to help me attain my goals. When he came to me with the offer to be the Stunt Coordinator and lead stunt man in a movie about a Las Vegas casino heist, I jumped at the chance.

I’d known Jackie Halliday, the director, from my early days and was excited to work with her. She’s trusted me completely with my job, and it’s another reason why I’m determined to be the best.

I walk on set and head straight for the Director’s chair where Jackie is deep in discussion with her Assistant Director. The set dresser is messing with props and I frown, wondering why this studio is already being prepped.

For the most part, we’re filming at The Lennox Hotel and Casino, but for scenes that have to do with the vault and security areas surrounding it, we’re using an offsite production studio. This set is designed for those sensitive areas, and they are some of the most stunt-heavy scenes in the movie.

“Hey,” I greet Jackie as I come to a stop beside her chair. “Cannon won’t be here for another hour, and then we have to rehearse the changes I’ve made to the choreography.”

“Yeah, last minute change to the schedule,” she says as she turns in her seat to look up at me. “We’re going to run through Beatrice’s laser stunt.”

Now I’m even more confused because the papers in my hand are the candidates for Beatrice’s stunt woman. I hold out the stack of CV’s towards her. “These are the best of the last group of resumes sent by the agency. Did you hire someone?” I don’t say my next thought out loud but it hangs between us, and she knows it. Without consulting me?

“No—"Jackie shakes her head—“well, yes, sort of.” She takes the pile and shoves it at her assistant. “We’ve both been disappointed with the casting call for the stunt woman for Beatrice”—she grins at me—“but I found the perfect one.”

I quirk my brow and fold my arms over my chest. While I prefer to have the last say over the casting in my department, especially since my work involves so much risk and requires a lot of trust, I know Jackie wouldn’t go around me on purpose. So, this woman is obviously special. Still, I need to give her my stamp of approval. “What’s her background and what work has she done?”

Jackie stands and waves at me to follow her, walking a short distance away from the set so our conversation is private. “She’s a trained acrobat, and her specialty is aerial work, mostly with silks. I saw her at Cirque de Rêve a couple of months ago, but we weren’t sure if we could get her out of the last year of her five-year contract.”