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Desired by a Highlander (Macardle Sisters of Courage #2)

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Donna Fletcher

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Will he ever speak the truth to her? And will she ever believe him?
Willow is the dependable, sensible sister and, due to her mum’s tutelage, has become a fine healer. She’s on her way home from visiting her sister Sorrell when the small troop escorting her is attacked. She’s taken prisoner and lowered down into a hole in the ground where a male prisoner is being kept. She has no idea what awaits her and all the reasoning in the world isn’t going to help her.
Slatter is a scoundrel and a good-for-nothing. He’s a liar, far from dependable, has no common sense, and is the one responsible for a fire that was started on Macardle land. He’s a man of fine features and many a woman has lost her heart to him. Or is there more to the tales about Slatter than anyone knows?
Thrown together and forced to marry under bizarre circumstances, Slatter and Willow make the most of their situation until things can be made right. And for the first time in her life Willow finds herself not being at all sensible and Slatter finds himself wanting more than he ever thought possible.
Danger threatens both their lives along with an old secret waiting to be revealed and instead of following her steadfast common sense, Willow allows herself to follow her heart and does something others warn her against… she trusts Slatter.
Will Slatter disappoint her or will love conquer all?
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Macardle Sisters of Courage Series by Donna Fletcher

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Chapter 1

Willow hid in the bushes, the thorny leaves pricking at her skin through her wool garments and tugging at her dark red hair. She kept her hand clamped over her mouth fearful of gasping in fright and her eyes were spread so wide since the attack had begun that she feared she’d never get them closed again. Her heart pounded mercilessly in her chest and fear trembled her body. She wanted to turn away, not watch the brutal battle, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t wise. She had to watch, had to see what happened… had to run if needed.

Lord Ruddock of the Clan Northwick, her sister Sorrell’s husband, had sent a troop of twenty of his warriors to escort her home. They were only a day away from arriving at the Clan Macardle. It had been difficult bidding her sister Sorrell farewell until they got to visit again, but she was happy with her husband and her new home and that had made Willow’s leave-taking a bit easier. Besides, her sister Snow needed her, an accident having blinded her some time ago. She could see shadows now, but no more, and Willow wondered if it was even more frightening to constantly have shadows surrounding you and not know who they were than living in complete darkness. Though, she had left her sister in good and capable hands, her step-brother, James. was to look after her as well as a new servant, Eleanor. Still, she was eager to return home to Snow and tend to her needs.

She cringed as the clash of metal grew louder and men fell to the ground wounded. Fright prickled her skin as badly as the thorny leaves of the bushes that concealed her. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched William, the warrior who had insisted she run and hide and stay hidden until he came for her, fall to the ground, blood running from his head down along the side of his face.

He wouldn’t be coming for her.

Ruddock’s warriors fought bravely, but they were outnumbered. It hadn’t appeared that way at first, less than a dozen men had been spied heading their way, but William had been cautious and she was glad he had been. More than two dozen men had descended on the troop after the fighting had begun.

It was obvious the men who attacked them were mercenaries, men for hire. There was no color plaid that united them as a clan and they were ferocious warriors. Their battle roars alone could shiver the devil himself.

Willow couldn’t help but wonder why they had attacked. Mercenaries never did anything without some type of reward being involved. Ruddock had had problems when he and Sorrell had first returned to his home, but they had been settled. So it didn’t seem reasonable to think this attack could have to do with Ruddock? She and the warriors carried no coin, nothing of value. What then could they possibly want?

Willow eased her hand off her mouth and watched as the last of Ruddock’s warriors were disarmed and made to kneel on the ground. She was relieved to see that most of the warriors while wounded were alive, though William had yet to move.

A man, of good height and size, with bright red eyebrows as bushy as his bright red beard and wearing a dark shirt and dark plaid stepped in front of the kneeling warriors.

“Where is she?” the man demanded.

Willow’s brow shot up. Was he asking about her?

Not one of the warriors responded.

“More afraid of what Lord Ruddock would do to you than anyone of us if you surrender her,” the man said and burst out in a hardy laugh, the other mercenaries joining him. “Can’t say I blame you. The man is a barbarian.” He let loose with another burst of laughter.

The red-haired man turned to his cohorts. “We’ll get nothing from them.” He looked back at the warriors, then scanned the area beyond them. “She couldn’t have gone far.” He scratched at his beard. “I’m too tired to give chase.” He turned to look at his men again and they all agreed with nods and ayes, calling him by name.

“Aye, Beck!”

Willow gave thought to running, but that wouldn’t be wise. Besides, she doubted she could untangle herself from the thorny bush. She stayed put and listened, fearing this would not end well for her.

Beck raised his voice as he called out, “Hear me well, lassie, show yourself or I’ll kill these warriors one by one until you do.”

Willow didn’t doubt he would do as he said and what choice was left to her anyway? She would never let another die if she was able to save them.

Beck gave a nod to one of his men and he raised his sword and approached the first warrior in line.