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Destined to the Alpha (Alphas In Heat #3)

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Olivia T. Turner

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There’s something strange about this small Montana town. The men are huge, rough, and growly.
There’s also an abnormally large amount of Alphas among them. But there’s one Alpha who stands above them all.
Westin Wood. Firefighter. Grizzly bear shifter. Muscular god. He can have any girl he wants and for some reason, he’s chosen the curvy sarcastic waitress down at the local diner……me.
He’s very vocal about what he wants and I’m not talking about him ordering off the menu.
He wants me. Claimed and marked. For a customer he’s a tad possessive. And protective. And downright wild. Luckily for me, my shift finishes in ten minutes…
Ready for an alpha who can handle the heat and likes his girl with some meat? Westin is a dominant Over-The-Top grizzly bear shifter who will have you howling for more. This is the third book in the Alphas In Heat series featuring the bear shifters from the Blackcloud Point fire station. Fire-fighting bear shifters? Yes, please!
The books can be read in any order. This fireman romance shifter book is SAFE, with no cheating, and a furry HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!
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Alphas in Heat Series by Olivia T. Turner

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Chapter One


“Miss!” the man with the big lumpy head says as he aggressively waves me over.


Come on, Kimberly. Be nice. You want to keep your job or sleep in the bus station tonight?

I put on my best fake smile and walk over as I smooth out my waitressing apron.

He shoves the bill in my face.

“What does that say?”

“Carl’s Diner.”

“Not there! Here!”

“That says one cup of coffee. Which you ordered. And drank.”

It’s getting hard to keep my fake smile plastered on my face.

“And look how much it is. Three dollars. Three! Is this some kind of special gourmet blend or something?”

“Yes,” I say as I tilt my head and deepen my smile. “Our coffee is made from a special, very rare coffee bean only found in the Himalayan mountains. Each bean is lovingly handpicked by blonde Swedish virgins who store them in their virginal trousers. Then, the beans are shipped to Vatican City where each one is blessed individually by the Pope.”

“Oh, really?” he says sarcastically.

“Yes,” I continue with a straight face. “Once they’re blessed, they’re flown in a private luxury jet to the rainforests of Borneo where endangered baby pandas grind them to the perfect consistency with their little baby teeth. They’re then brought here and filtered by glacial waters from lake Titicaca, the highest altitude freshwater lake in the world. You see the altitude gives the water the perfect amount of acidity for brewing a flawless cup of coffee. That’s why it’s three dollars. The diner actually loses thirty-six thousand dollars for each cup we sell, but Carl is such a coffee connoisseur that he takes the hit for your drinking pleasure. I hope you agree that at only three dollars a cup, it’s a wonderful deal.”

He’s just staring at me like I’ve peeled the skin off my face and shown that I’m a robot underneath.

“You are incredibly weird.”

“Thank you, sir. You have a lovely day.”

He throws down his money, leaving me a ten-cent tip (cheap bastard) and then hurries out the door.

“Kimberly,” Carl warns from behind the counter. “Are you scaring the customers again?”

I turn around with a shrug and a smile. “Not at all. He was just saying how wonderful a waitress I am.”

He’s not buying it. “Mm-hmm,” he grumbles as he returns to the back with a frown on his face.

I sigh as I clean the table, wondering what I’m doing here.

There’s a cute guy at the table next to me who heard the whole thing.

“That was really clever,” he says. “Did you make that up on the spot?”

I shake my head. “Every word is true. Except for the virgin part. Those Swedish hussies aren’t fooling me.”

“Well, it was very creative,” he says with a wide smile. “You should be a poet.”

“I am,” I say with another fake smile. “But I write my poetry in Sanskrit, which is, you know… a dead language. So, nobody buys them.”

“That’s too bad,” he says as he leans forward.

“Not really. It means I get to stay here and enjoy all of this magic.” I wave my hand around the crappy dilapidated diner with a smile.

“He’s cute,” my coworker Debbie says when I walk behind the counter. “You should ask him out.”

“No, thanks,” I say as I put the dirty dishes in the basket. “I don’t date customers.”

“Then who do you date?”

“At the moment? Nobody. In the past? Nobody.”

She laughs. “My brother is single.”

I shake my head as I give her a sad look. “Now, why would you put your poor brother through that kind of torture?”

“So, you’re just going to be single forever?” she asks with a grin.

I shrug. “It certainly appears that way.” I’m twenty-two and still have my crisp shiny V-card in my wallet.

It’s not that I haven’t had any opportunities. I’m not the prettiest of girls, but I have hips and a round ass that always gets attention. I just never felt a click with any guy before. You know that click… Julia Roberts has made a whole career from acting out that click. The internal feeling of something just sliding into place just right. That’s what I’m waiting for. That’s why I’m still a virgin with a capital V.

“Here we go,” Debbie says as her back straightens and her eyes widen. She’s staring through the large windows into the parking lot.

I follow her gaze to where two sleek gorgeous men are stepping out of a shiny new Porsche. They look like they could be brothers with their similar dark features and matching jade green eyes.

“Oh, man,” Debbie says under her breath as she quickly fixes her hair. “Even you can’t turn these guys down.”

“Watch me,” I say, taking it as a challenge.

She’s shaking her head as she shamelessly stares at them. “I’d dump twenty years of marriage down the toilet for an afternoon with both of them.”