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We return for the seventh installment of the Lion and the Mouse.
As Kazimir and Emily battle a great war in Italy,
dark secrets rise that could either
shatter this couple
or strengthen their bond even more.

Dark and deeply erotic, this high-octane installment will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride of deadly twists and psychological turns.

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“With this book, I’m trying to rip out your soul.”

—Kenya Wright




The sky held no moon or stars, just darkness thick with fumes from fire and warfare.

Hundreds of feet below us, Italians lay on the ground. Abandoned and dead. Pierced with bullets or trapped between burning cars riddled with bullet holes. Many of the vehicles had burst into flames.

Hovering above the ground, our helicopter’s blades violently spun, making a whirring dull roar and rattling the cabin.

Kaz had commanded the pilots to keep us high in the air.

Ours was the only helicopter in the night sky. The other one with Blue, Giorgio, and King David had returned to the hotel long ago.

Instead, our helicopter circled the battlefield below.

The pilots kept their gazes locked on the sky in front of them.

Meanwhile, three feet behind them. . .Kaz was on his knees in front of my seat, being a very naughty lion. There was barely enough room for his body to be in the row between the passenger seats, but he made it work.

My body hummed. “Oh, baby.”

Kaz had my dress yanked to my waist and my legs over his shoulders.

Minutes ago, he’d used a knife to rip through my black inner-holster shorts. They now lay in scraps on the vibrating floor next to my guns. My top had been pulled down at his request. My breasts bounced with the movement of the helicopter.

His wet tongue lapped at my clit as if he were a thirsty dog in heat.

“Oh, Kaz!”

He lifted his head and licked his lips. “You’re going to make the pilots crash moaning like that.”

I shivered. “Then, stop licking me like that.”

“Interesting.” He blew on my wet pussy.

I shivered again in delight.

God, he’s so damned sexy.

“That’s what you want?” He landed soft kisses on my slick folds. “You want me to stop, mysh?”

My eyes drooped in lust. “Don’t stop.”


“No.” He wrenched me forward by my hips. Blood stained his shoulder. Hours earlier, someone had shot him during the meeting with Fela and the Mancusos. However, Kaz refused to go back to the hotel unless we had sex in the damned helicopter.

He wanted to fuck over the carnage.

Concern filled me. “Are you in pain, Kaz?”

“Yes. Horrific pain.”

“Then, we should—”


“At least let me look at your shoulder and make sure the bleeding stopped or—”

“But it’s my cock that hurts.”

I glared. “Listen. You may be a lion, but you’re also human and need medical—”

“Look at my tongue.”

Lusty anticipation throbbed through me. I put my gaze on his mouth. “What?”

Flashing a wicked smile, he dipped the tip of his tongue into my pussy.


“Don’t ask about my shoulder again, mysh.” Starting at the opening of my sex, he gave me a long swipe.

I trembled in pleasure. “You’re so nasty.”

Kaz raised his view to me. “Am I?”


He tasted his lips and groaned. “You like that I’m nasty?”

“I love it.”

“Hmmm.” Kaz spread my folds with his fingers, exposing my clit. It was swollen and throbbing for more of his mouth.

“So wet. So tasty.” Kaz stuck his tongue out and gently flicked the tip along my throbbing bud.


I gripped the edge of the seat.

He’s driving me crazy.

Kaz moved that tongue in swirling circles around and around my clit. Then, his tongue swiped through my pussy and pushed deep into my hole, lathering my folds until I flooded with arousal and wet his chin. His lips dripped with my arousal.

That sight triggered every nerve in my body to spark with heated, erotic greed. The sensation rolled along my inner walls.

Then, he fucked me with his tongue.

“Oh my God!” I went delirious and began bucking against his face.

Gripping me by my hips, he held me in place and wiggled his tongue inside of my pussy.


The hungry pressure between my legs grew and burst, rising higher and spreading throughout my body.

At this point, I was soaking wet and staining the leather seat.

“Mmmhmm.” I could not stop watching him.

Kaz devoured my pussy with a slow deliberation, as if he were savoring every second, every lick.

“Oh my God, baby.”

Groaning, he looked up and licked his lips. Those blue eyes sparked with desire. “Are you going to be a dirty whore for the Lion?”

I shuddered. “Anytime. Any place.”

“Then, get on your knees in the seat and turn around.”


“Face the door and have your ass up. Now.”

I spread my legs and moved them from his body. “O-kay.”

He lifted up and started unbuckling his pants.

In the seat, I somehow got on my knees and began rearranging myself. “But, how do you want me to—”