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Eden High: Series 1 (Eden High #1-6)

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Sian Claiborne is not a happy camper. Just when she was getting into the groove of high school hijinks, her parents decide to pick up stakes. Now the popular cheerleader is off to the ritz and glamor of the Hollywood Hills, where her new school is home to the offspring of Hollywood's elite.
Determined to hold her own, she befriends one of the school's outcast on her first day, thus drawing a line in the sand between her and the ever-popular 'Mean Girls'. Little does she care, until she claps eyes on Jace Saunders and almost loses her pom-poms.
Of course the head cheerleader already has her eyes among other things set on Jace and lets Sian know in no uncertain terms that he's off limits. What's a girl to do when the first guy to make her heart go pitter-patter seems to already be taken?
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Eden High Series by Jordan Silver

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Chapter 1


New town: new school, new attitude? Nah, well maybe for necessity’s sake; I wouldn’t have my girls there after all, so I might have to tone my shit down in the beginning, until I get the lay of the land.

Dad had disrupted my life without a by your leave. He’d gotten a promotion and a fat ass raise. Not like he wasn’t raking in the dough before, but apparently this new position came with a whole slew of other benefits that went right over my head.

Parents shouldn’t be allowed to muck up their kids’ existence out of the blue like this, but what the hell?

My brother the jock, was chomping at the bit. This new school supposedly had a better football program and better standing in the Nationals, yadda, yadda, yadda, like I gave a frack.

All I know is that my final year and a half in high school was not supposed to be like this.

I was just getting into the groove of things. Mom and dad had just lifted the virgin seal, aka I was allowed to date and wham.

Right when I was going over my choices, they spring this crap on me. At least we weren’t moving to a rinky-dink nowhere town, but an upscale neighborhood outside of Hollywood.

Mom was all excited to be rubbing elbows with movie stars and Uber rich types. I was more worried about dealing with stuck up starlet wanna-be’s and their bullshit.

I’m no slouch in the looks department; any sixteen-year old chick who wasn’t aware of her attributes in this day and age was living under a big ass rock in Nowheres Ville.

I’m not one of them. I have a mirror or two to attest to the fact that I can hold my own with anything this town has to offer. And I’ve got the ‘tude to back that shit up.

Still, it was a bit of a bummer to have to pull up stakes and start all over again.

Adults are the pits, just saying. They seem to think that it’s pretty okay to call all the shots and drag their poor underlings all over hell and back on a whim. Okay that was a bit of an exaggeration, but who can blame me?

“Sian hon are you still mad at your old man?” Dad kissed the top of my head, which he knows is my weakness.

I’m ever a daddy’s girl, which makes staying mad at him for any particular length of time a trial, but I was sure gonna give it my best shot.

“Yes and it’s gonna cost ya pops.” I schooled my face into the sternest expression I could muster before looking up at him as he towered over me.

Dad was what my friends had dubbed a hottie, gross. At thirty-six he was well built, from his obsessive use of the home gym no doubt, and his coal black hair was still full and boyishly charming as mom likes to say.

He has my eyes or I have his I should say, so of course they’re gorgeous, a nice deep navy blue. I just wish he’d have given me some of his height too.

When I was little I use to love riding high on his shoulders or when he would pick me up and twirl me around until my tummy hurt from laughter.

My family isn’t afraid of showing love and affection for each other, so though I might’ve outgrown the shoulder rides, my dad and I still find ways to share our closeness. It’s the same with my brother and sister as well, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, rolling up his sleeves, he took the chair across from me at the table, where I was sorting out my photo stream. I don’t even remember taking half these pictures.

“Okay doll face what’s it gonna cost me?”

“Let me see, hmm…what is the disruption of my life worth?” I pretended to ponder the question as he grinned at me.

This was one of our games that go back to my early childhood. One of those things that I knew would follow me into my adult life.

As much trouble and sass as I’ve been giving him for the past month or so, when the reality that this was really happening had finally set in, I really do love the old goof.

“A new car.” I held back my laughter as he glared at me.

“You just got a new car not six months ago try another one.”

“Nope, that’s the price you pay, I’ve decided I no longer like the beamer, I want something a little more exotic.”

“Oh yeah, and what might that be?” He played along giving me the gimlet eye because I’m a first class negotiator.

I have in the past gotten afore denied goodies by using my stellar skills on the parent unit. I’m so good that both my siblings usually came to me to help them out from time to time.

I was really having fun with him now though. I love my little red roadster, and though I’m sure that the kids where we were headed would have even flashier rides, I wasn’t interested in the least. I just wanted to yank his chain a bit.

“How about a Phantom? I’m sure that would soothe my aching heart.”

“I’ll tell you what Si, in a few years and by few a mean twenty, why don’t you ask your husband, poor soul whoever he is to buy you that car?”

“Don’t ask if you don’t mean it dad, that’s just mean.”

“Go finish packing brat we leave early in the morning and the movers will be here before the crack of dawn.”

“I’m all set dad just a few more odds and ends, I’ll be ready don’t worry. Why don’t you go harass your other off spring?”

“Nice, very nice way to talk to your old man, especially after he’s bought you something nice.” My eyes lit up as I searched him for the loot. I didn’t see a bag or anything and thought he was pulling one over on me again, as he was wont to do on occasion.