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Finding It (Metropolis #3.5)

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Will you marry me, Gary?
Travis never expected to meet the love of his life, especially not with a guy like Gary-his very own Superass. But now that he has, he's not letting him go.
He's got the ring and a plan.
But when his proposal during the biggest fundraiser of the summer doesn't go as expected, it's up to familiar friends to make sure this day ends with someone putting a ring on it.
Because these guys know the hardest thing about love is simply FINDING IT.
*This 17,000-word Metropolis story contains adorable antics, sexy shenanigans, and a fabulous HEA.*
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Metropolis Series by Riley Hart

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“Superass…these last couple of years have been…Superass? What the fuck am I doing? I can’t start a proposal with ‘Superass.’ ” I run a hand over my face, feeling really fucking out of my element. I don’t typically do “out of my element.” I’m Travis. I’m comfortable in every situation, and if not, I sure as hell am good at faking it. But this…this is different. This is…one of the biggest days in my life and not one I ever would have seen coming if it wasn’t for Gary.

“Relax, Trav,” I tell myself. “This is Gary—my fucking heart. There’s no reason to freak out.” Only, the kicker is, it’s not even Gary right now. It’s me.

Taking a deep breath, I meet my eyes in the bathroom mirror before attempting to propose to myself. Again. “Gary…from the moment I woke up naked in your bed—”

No, I can’t start there because then Derek will jump in with a loud, “You’re welcome” or something like that. No one’s taking credit for this but us.

“Gary,” I say to myself again while holding up the white gold ring with three diamonds along the band. “Let me put a ring on it, so you’ll always be mine.” Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with me? I bite my tongue so I don’t groan again. Proposing is hard shit and as much as I hate admitting it, I’m not sure I’m going to be very good at it.

For just a moment, I consider calling Cody over and practicing on him. He’s the only person who knows what I’m planning. Poor guy. I even swore him to secrecy and wouldn’t let him tell Hayden. He’s too close to Gary for me to risk it, and I’m also not risking my damn pride by calling my BFF over. See how far I’ve come because of Gary? I can even admit how much Cody means to me now.

I clear my throat as though it matters if I’m hoarse while proposing to myself in the mirror. “Marry me. Will you marry me, Gary? Gary, will you—”


At the sound of Gary’s voice, my heart jumps out of my chest and my fingers fumble. The ring tumbles into the sink, and I frantically reach for it, jamming my thumb into the ceramic. “Oh fuck,” tumbles out of my mouth just as the tip of my finger slips through the ring before it goes down the drain. I don’t have time to think about how wrong this moment could have gone before I look up at the mirror again and see Gary’s eyes staring back at me. Shit. I really fucking suck at this.

Twisting around, I lock my hand behind my back because the smartest thing to do in this situation is to automatically act like I have something to hide. No, being a normal human being would be too much to ask. “Hi,” I say.

“Hi.” Gary’s brows pull together. “What are you doing?”


“It doesn’t look like nothing.”

Because it’s not. Because I have a goddamn ring in my sweaty hands, and Christ, it’s fucking hot in here. Why is it so goddamn hot all of a sudden? “I’m just…nervous. About the fundraiser.” Which also happens to be true.

He steps toward me, and I slip the ring into my back pocket. Next time, I’ll practice this shit without the ring. One does not need the actual ring to propose to himself in the bathroom mirror. Also…there’s the tiny fact that the fundraiser is tomorrow and I’m almost out of practicing time, but I’ll ignore that slice of truth.

“It’s cute that you’re nervous, but you don’t have to be. You should be nothing but proud. We did a good thing. This is…this is big, Trav…what we’re doing for the LGBT Youth Center.”

Bigger than you know, Superass, and not just for them.

“I’m glad I caught you before you put your shirt on,” Gary continues as he wraps his arms around me and leans his cheek against my chest. My heart automatically slows down at the contact because being around him always makes everything better. Love is some crazy shit.

“I can imagine you are. I do have a nice chest. Abs too.”

He chuckles and then I slide my arms around him too.

“You do. And quite the big head.”

“You can’t complain about that now. You knew how big it was when you got involved with me,” I tease.

“I did, and I kind of like it.” He looks up at me and presses a quick coffee-flavored kiss to my lips. “But I also love that you’re nervous about the fundraiser. It shows how important it is to you. I’m so damn proud of you for all you do.”

“We do,” I remind him. “I couldn’t do it without you.” Ever since the first fundraiser we were accidentally thrown into, we’ve wanted to do another one. It feels good to do something for others and even better to do it together. Steven, the investor who helped me get my business off the ground, brought the idea for the youth center to Gary and me a couple of months back. We both jumped at the opportunity. It’s been a bigger project than our last fundraiser, a whole hell of a lot more work, but it’s worth it. Watching Gary throw himself into the project made me see even more that there was no one else I wanted in my life—that I wanted him to be mine, officially, for the rest of our lives.