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Hell on Wheels (Kings of Mayhem MC #4)

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Penny Dee

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I left here a man but came back a beast
A shoulder-fired missile broke my body. But betrayal obliterated my heart. For months I lingered in and out of hell until my body healed.
Now I’m back in town with my club brothers. They think I am ok. But I am still fighting a war of darkness in my head and I can’t see a way out.
Then she comes into town like a summer breeze and makes me feel things I didn’t know existed. She has the voice of an angel and the body of a goddess.
But she is running from her own demons. From the Devil himself. He's coming to town and she's scared. But I've walked through hell and survived, and I'll walk through it again to protect her.
I’ve spent years running from my past. Town to town. State to state. Never putting down roots. Because I am running from the Devil himself and if he finds me he will drag me down to hell again.
Then I meet a beautiful, scarred beast of man who makes me feel something for the first time of my life...hope. He makes me want to stay but thats an impossibility.
Because the Devil is coming for me and when he arrives I won't stand a chance.
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Kings of Mayhem MC Series by Penny Dee

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I woke up to a blanket of dark hair moving slowly across my chest. Her breasts, ample and full, were pressed up against my pecs, her long legs entangled in mine as she stirred against me. A hand slid down from my shoulder, over my chest and across the dips and grooves of my stomach, moving lower and lower. My body responded in all the usual ways it did when a beautiful woman curls her fingers around your morning wood.

Lips parted, my breathing picked up speed. My eyes fluttered and slowly opened as she gently began to rub me, her palm gliding up the length of me, her fingers paying special attention to the wide, smooth head of my cock. I breathed out a moan, feeling the pleasure stir in my balls. As my brain started to function, I reached for her slowly, my body already minutes ahead and wanting more. I pulled her down to me and kissed her hard, enjoying her whimpered moan of pleasure in my mouth.

She rose, her warm body hovering over me, nipples hardening against my chest as she positioned herself onto me. Her kisses were sweet and hot, her tongue filling my mouth as her body came alive against mine.

As she sank down on my cock, I was lost to her while she rode me slowly, her slim hips rocking against me, her firm thighs straddling me, her pussy milking me. But it was more than that. These physical feelings, the ones that had been so hard to deny at first, now took a back seat to what was growing between us. What had already grown between us. I could love this woman. Give her my all. Take her back to my home in the US. To my life before here. To my family.

“Oh, Chance,” she whimpered my name as she started to come. Her head fell back, her long, dark hair swirling over her smooth, sun-kissed shoulders as she lost herself to the orgasm.

I followed quickly, exploding inside her. Pulsing. Filling her. And when the pleasure receded and the euphoric haze descended upon us, she collapsed against me, her gloriously smooth body blanketing me.

I closed my eyes, my heart slowing, my breathing evening out as my post orgasm bliss settled into me.

“It’s almost dawn,” she finally said, her sexy voice hoarse and sleepy. “I need to go before someone sees me.”

I hated that she had to leave before anyone realized she was here. Hated that we had to move around in the shadows because of who she was and who I was. Two people divided by war. She was born here. I was a soldier on a classified mission. We’d tried to deny our feelings. Tried to ignore the attraction pulling us closer and closer every time I walked past her family’s little restaurant on the far side of the village. We met in the darkness of the alley. Stolen moments of whispered conversations and longing-filled kisses.

“Wait.” I didn’t know what I wanted to say, only that I wasn’t ready for her to leave. When she turned back and smiled down at me, I reached up and cupped her beautiful, sweet face. I could fall for this girl. See a future with her. Make her mine. Every goodbye was getting harder. “Will I see you tonight?”

Her dark eyes gleamed with the mystery I’d come to love about her. “I will try.”

It was her standard response, something I’d come to expect every morning when we said our goodbyes in the cool pre-dawn light. Sometimes she would show up and we would spend the night in each other’s arms, drinking wine and making love with wild abandonment. I’d spend other nights alone in my small, one-bedroom dwelling just off the dusty main street of the little village, missing home, missing my family, missing the familiar sights and sounds of a life half a world away.

I ran the back of my fingers down her arm. Her skin was smooth, golden, and perfect. She glanced back at me again.

“I want to meet your friends,” she said.

“You’ve met my friends … when we come for dinner.”

Her father owned the small restaurant my unit frequented. He loved Americans and would fuss over us with enthusiastic delight whenever we visited his establishment for a meal and a night where we could forget we were in the throes of war.

“But I want to meet them as your girl.” She raised her chin slightly. “I don’t want to sneak around anymore.”

“I don’t like it either, but we need to wait until my unit is reassigned somewhere else. And then we’ll tell your father.” I sat up and pulled her hand into mine. “Then we can be together.”

Until then I couldn’t afford for anyone to know about us.

It was too dangerous. While this village was considered safe, there were eyes and ears everywhere. Some people who didn’t want us here and she could easily become a target. I couldn’t risk her getting hurt. This was war.