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Born into a life of conflict, Slayer emerges as a formidable warrior destined for leadership within Clan Ravinsher. Leading the Gallowglass, an elite group of mercenaries, he is a born protector, sworn to safeguard his older brother, the rightful heir to the clan. However, fate alters his course when his father and brother are murdered. The responsibility of leading the clan and seeking vengeance now rests squarely on Slayer's shoulders.

Amid this turmoil, Slayer discovers that his brother's widow, Sky, an innocent soul unaware that her father arranged a marriage for her, is in grave danger. Duty bound to ensure her safety, Slayer rescues her from what was intended to be a sanctuary at Dundren Abbey.

Sky’s two sisters shielded her from a world that misunderstood her due to an affliction she had since birth. With her sisters no longer there to shield her, she seeks companionship from the animals who are drawn to her innate kindness, as she begins to discover the impending dangers that await her.

As Slayer strives to protect Sky from unseen threats, he guards a secret that could alter the course of their intertwined destinies. The journey to avenge his family's murders becomes a treacherous path, filled with twists and turns. Sky, thrust into a marriage she never knew existed and now under the watchful eye of a mighty Gallowglass warrior, grapples with her own uncertainties. The realization that someone seeks her demise forces her to remain under Slayer's protection, even as she yearns to return to the familiarity of her home.

Yet, beneath the surface of their intertwined fates, lies a revelation that could shatter their worlds. Slayer's unspoken truth holds the key to understanding their connection, and as the plot thickens, so does the bond between them. When Sky is unexpectedly abducted, Slayer embarks on a relentless pursuit to retrieve her, confronting adversaries and challenges that push his warrior skills to the limit.

Sky, oblivious to her own hidden truths, finds herself at a crossroads when long-buried secrets surface. The choices she makes will shape her destiny, and as the threads of fate weave their intricate pattern, both Slayer and Sky must confront serious decisions. In a world where loyalties are tested, alliances are forged, and the truth has the power to transform lives, Slayer and Sky must face challenges that will ultimately define who they are and what they are willing to sacrifice for love and honor.


There is a story arc that runs through the three books and though each individual love story finishes in each book, the trilogy is best read in order.

The Scarred Highlander, The Fierce Highlander & Highlander the Conqueror.

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A familiar noise roused Sky from her light slumber. As she slowly emerged from a fitful sleep, a sense of puzzlement enveloped her. Had she truly heard something, or had she imagined it? Or had it been nothing more than a remnant of a dream she failed to recall? The cloth hood secured over her head, so it could not be removed, coupled with the oppressive darkness of the cell, prevented her from discerning whether it was day or night. She had lost all grasp of time, uncertain of how many days had elapsed since her arrival or the duration since her sisters, Leora and Elsie, had managed to escape.

Struggling against the heaviness of her limbs, Sky attempted to stand. The shackles on her wrists and the chains connecting them to a cold, unyielding metal ring embedded in the stone wall seemed to gain weight with each passing day. The memories of her sister Leora’s warning echoed in her mind. Pace often so that your legs are fit enough to run out of here when either I or Elsie return to rescue you.

She had lost hope without her sisters there to encourage her and had not continued to do as Leora advised so she could keep her legs strong. She attempted to stand but her feet protested, tingling from numbness. She had sat too long. She moved her feet back and forth to force feeling back into them. Then she braced her hand against the stone wall and struggled to get to her feet, but her legs would have none of it. She collapsed back on the floor with each try. How long had it been since she had initiated a deliberate pace within the cramped confines of her cell? Each intentional step she had taken had become a small act of rebellion, a defiance against the physical and mental constraints imposed upon her. The cell’s size had been a mystery, revealed to her only by the exploratory reach of her hands, as the hood had been thrust over her head upon her arrival at Dundren Abbey. She discovered that, even in her shackled state, a stretch of her hand could graze the four enclosing walls.