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His Forbidden Obsession

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Jessa Kane

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Abandoned on the convent steps as a child, Sister Mercy has grown up within the stone walls of the church, under the watchful gazes of the nuns. On her father’s orders, she has been kept locked away from men, her beauty hidden beneath a habit and robe. When the nuns are forced to flee their convent, however, Private Griffin is tasked with protecting her from the other soldiers. But when his connection with the sweet, innocent nun is instant and electric, there is no way to protect himself against his growing, forbidden obsession…
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Private Griffin

“Which of your men is the least likely to be…moved by a pretty female, Captain?”

As soon as the elderly nun asks my captain that odd question, I know what his answer is going to be. Me. Of course he’s going to answer with the name Griffin. Most of the soldiers in this regiment pass their nights in the town brothel, spending their money on women and alcohol. My lack of interest in doing the same has made me an outsider—and that’s more than fine with me.

The captain crosses his arms and regards the nun thoughtfully. “I have someone in mind, Mother Superior, but I’m curious why you ask.”

After a quick glance over her shoulder at the group of my fellow soldiers, she steps closer to the captain and lowers her voice. “There is a young woman among us who cannot help but stir the lust of men. We’ve kept her hidden for many years because of her attractiveness, but obviously we have no choice but to bring her into the open today.”

She is correct that there is no choice.

My regiment has been tasked with transporting the nuns from their current home to a safer, more remote convent up in the hills, where we will remain with them for a week to ensure the building is safe from intruders.

There has been a rebel uprising in our country and the church has become a target, along with the government. All religious buildings are in danger of attack and their convent is no longer safe. We are helping them travel under the cover of night and will remain with them indefinitely until the rebel forces can be defeated. Ours is a country that values its religious institutions and the nuns are to be protected at all costs.

“You see, Captain,” says Mother Superior, folding her hands together at her waist, her expression severe. “I’m in need of someone to keep her safe from the other men.”

The captain is visibly skeptical, but he flicks an absent wrist at me. “I will assign Private Griffin to this most worthy cause. He is moved by no female.”

Snickers reach me from the other soldiers, but I ignore them, saluting the captain and standing back. I’m looking for a place to sit down and clean my rifle when the nun surprises me by clutching my forearm with her bony fingers. “Does the captain speak true? You are not the kind to fall prey to a woman’s wiles?”

I grunt in the affirmative. Although, perhaps she has gotten the wrong impression about me. I’m a red-blooded male with all the appropriate needs and urges. I had casual relationships that were physical before I joined the army—and they meant nothing to me. I am positive that I will not be moved by the nun she claims to be so pretty. While in the throes of his third divorce, my father taught me a long time ago that women are more trouble than they’re worth—and the more beautiful, the higher the capacity to make a man’s life hell.

As a thirty-year-old man, I’ve watched from the sidelines as this has proven true, time and time again, for my two older brothers back home, in addition to my own father. And now some of the soldiers in my regiment. They waste time writing to women and pining over snapshots in their bunk, while the women merely scheme over ways to make their men crazy with head games and ultimatums.

The men who don’t have women waiting at home throw their money at sex.

Either way, it’s always a woman making a man broke and miserable.

If the men in my regiment want to laugh over my ability to withstand the charms of women, so be it. I’ve heard them speculate that I’m impotent or a eunuch or that I prefer the company of men. None of those things are remotely true. When I fist my cock at night and bring myself off, it’s the female form I think about—though there is never a face attached. In real life, however, there is no woman who will ever tempt me to make bad decisions or act like a fool.

“Are you positive your willpower is so strong, soldier?” Mother Superior asks again. “She must remain untouched, you see. When her father brought her to us as a girl, her virtue being stolen was his deepest concern. It has been something of a challenge keeping her innocent.”

This is getting ridiculous. “I assure you, she will arrive at the convent with her innocence. I’m not a man who wants for willpower.”

Finally, Mother Superior seems satisfied. Mostly. There is a still a glint of anxiousness in her eyes. “Very well. I will bring her out now.”

When she turns and scurries into the convent, I shake my head, wanting to laugh for the first time in a long time. This job will be an easy one. I’ve been fighting in the field for months, witnessing bloodshed between the army and the rebels. I’ve killed men with my bare hands and dodged bullets on the front lines. To think that a young woman—a peaceful nun, to boot—is going to challenge me in some way is laughable.