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His Woman

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I crave the billionaire but what happens when he turns out to be my stepbrother?

Alison: We met at a party. I was the lowly caterer, and Liam was the mysterious stranger who swept me off my feet. He was demanding, imperious, and incredibly gorgeous, with raven black hair and flashing blue eyes. Not to mention, he handled my curves like a champion race car driver, all the while whispering sweet nothings in my ear. But our happiness was never meant to last because a startling revelation broke us apart. The only problem? I’m already pregnant with his son.

Liam: Alison left me. The pretty blonde never even gave me a sign that she was planning to walk out the door. After holding her in my arms and worshipping that curvy body, she had the nerve to disappear one day without a trace. But now she’s back, and I’m absolutely incensed because she has my child in her arms. How could she? It’s time to teach her a lesson because it’s time she learns that she’s my woman, and my property.
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I milled around the park impatiently, waiting for my dog. Gunther was huge and uncontrollable. Sloppy and wet, the big mutt went about sniffing bushes, his tail waggling happily as he scratched in the dirt. With a satisfied growl, he lifted a leg and did what dogs do.

I sighed. I’d just moved to a ritzy new building that had a private garden. It was like a fairy tale -- only residents have the key to a gated park, an oasis in an otherwise urban jungle. But I liked it. After all, I hadn’t paid $8 million for my condo to share outdoor space with the general public.

“Come on Gunther!” I yelled. The dog had finished doing his thing, and was now lumbering over to the jungle gym area. My heart sank. No doubt kids were going to want to pet him and we’d be delayed another ten minutes.

I walked over slowly. The park was ritzy, with manicured shrubs, a rose garden, and a state of the art merry-go-round. There were quite a few kids running about, tended by their nannies.

Suddenly, my eye was caught. There was a gorgeous girl blowing kisses into a baby carriage, clearly in love with the occupant inside. A little hand waved and I could hear the giggles of a child.

“Look at you!” she exclaimed to her little charge. “Mommy loves you!” The baby gurgled in return.

My heart stopped and I stood stock still in my tracks. The girl was ravishing, and eerily unchanged from when I’d last seen her two years ago. Long blonde hair hung down to the middle of her back, glinting in the sun. Her figure was lithe and slim, almost to the point of unbearable skinniness. Was she getting enough to eat?

Her breasts were exactly what I remembered though. Lush and full, they almost overwhelmed her narrow frame. My body shot through with heat, remembering the feel of that soft flesh pressed against me, night after night.

Anger suffused me. She was clearly a mother now. Had she really moved on that fast? She’d walked out on me two years ago without even a note, message or phone call. I’d come back from work one day and the gorgeous girl was gone, leaving behind only her scent and a few of the trinkets I’d bought her. I’d panicked, frantically calling everyone who knew her, but no one seemed to know her whereabouts. I’d even called the police, but they’d laughed at my alarm. Evidently, lovers’ spats were not their thing.

And now here she was, mother to a baby. Who’s child was that? Rage filled me, making it impossible to speak. She’d clearly dumped me for another rich asshole and had a baby with him, while moving into this high-end condo complex. What a slut. I advanced on her, intent on destroying her happiness.



Georgie laughed happily. My son’s chubby cheeks were irresistible, and I pulled him to me for a kiss. Georgie and I are on a staycation. We couldn’t afford to go anywhere on my tiny teacher’s salary so when my friend Helen had offered her apartment for a week while she was in Bali, I’d jumped at the opportunity as a “home away from home.”

Helen was loaded. She lived in a full-service building with access to a private park and had bequeathed the key to the garden to me.

“Here Alison, take Georgie for some walks in the sun. It’ll be good for both of you – you look so pale and tired.”

“Thanks Helen,” I said with a wry smile. My best friend never minced words, and I know I looked hard-up of late. Georgie kept me up at all night, and although I loved being with my baby, life as a single mom was taking its toll. I was often exhausted, never getting more than three of four hours of sleep a night, and eating on an irregular basis.

I sighed and pushed the thoughts from my head. Georgie was the only reminder of the happiest period of my life. I’d been a college junior, working part-time at a catering company to help pay my tuition. I’d been called last minute to work an event. It was some rich person’s party at a lavish reception hall. I’d duly put on my short skirt and white blouse because the events manager knew his schtick and liked his waitresses to look sexy.

I’d been serving drinks to the crowd when the sting of a man’s gaze grazed me. A dark-haired dark-eyed gorgeous hunk was staring at me, looking like he was ready to devour his prey. The look on his face was truly predatory, like a hawk which had scouted a rabbit and was ready to attack.

My cheeks flushed hotly. Suddenly, I was doubly aware of just how revealing my outfit was. The low-cut blouse hugged my curves indecently, showing off the tantalizing vee between my breasts. My nipples hardened uncomfortably, and he smiled, like he could see through the material of my flimsy bra. To my shame, my cunt grew hot and moist, preparing itself for the dark stranger.