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Ignite (Unbreakable Bonds #7)

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Jocelynn Drake

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Two of Noah’s Army buddies are dead.
Someone has taken shots at Noah.
And now Noah’s former lover, JB, is a target.
Noah, Rowe, and JB team up to track down a killer trying to take out all of Noah’s old Army team in hopes of covering up a dark secret.
But this trip to Washington, D.C. threatens to unravel the perfect life that Rowe and Noah have built over the past three years. JB’s arrival in their lives have Rowe and Noah wondering if they want the same thing for their happily ever after.
Rowe is sure of one thing—nobody threatens his man. And he sets out to show anyone with a hidden agenda what a bad decision that was.
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Unbreakable Bonds Series by Jocelynn Drake

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Chapter One

Rowe Ward took a drink of the beer in front of him and cleared his throat for the second time. It still didn’t dislodge the lump that had swelled in his throat. He’d known this was going to be a difficult day. Not like he didn’t have ample warning and time to prepare. But even with time and warning, emotions rose and swirled in his chest, making it difficult to breathe.

This should have been easier.

Lucas Vallois stood, his muscular frame expertly wrapped in a black tux. He slipped his free hand casually into one pocket, looking for all the world like he was gracing the cover of some men’s magazine. The room went quiet as Lucas stared down at Ian Pierce, now Banner, giving him a genuine smile that held all the warmth of what he felt for the man. Lucas loved him, just as they all did. It was impossible not to love Ian.

“When Ian came into my life, everything changed for the better. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how lucky I am to have met him. He took a ragtag group of friends and turned us into a real family. And when I say real family, I mean the group of people you would do anything for. The group of people you can’t live without. Ian came into our world and rounded us out in ways we didn’t even know we needed. Our lives are blessed with his presence, and I truly enjoy all the time spent with him.” He paused and Ian gave him a radiant smile.

“One thing I cherish most is our weekly breakfasts. As some of you know, Ian lived with me in the penthouse for a time. Though, I’m pretty sure Rowe and Snow lived there as well, considering the amount of time they spent there.”

“It’s the one place we could always find a free meal,” Snow shouted back at him. A ripple of laughter floated around the room, and Lucas shook his head with a smile.

Rowe had to agree, but the four of them knew Lucas’s well-stocked fridge was not the reason for their nearly constant appearances at the penthouse. It was so much about the family Lucas was talking about.

When the room was quiet, Lucas continued his story. “Too soon, Ian wanted to move out and get his own place. Now, some people call me a controlling man.” Lucas paused again for the low laughter that filled the reception hall.

Controlling was putting it lightly, but Rowe was pleased to see that Lucas’s husband, Andrei, had helped to mellow those instincts a bit.

“Controlling or not, I thought it was too soon for Ian to leave. To get me to be more reasonable, he promised to come over twice a week and cook breakfast at the penthouse. He said it was his way to make sure I was eating properly. It was my way of checking up on him. We both knew that no matter how amazing Ian’s cooking was, it was never about the food. It was about touching base with those you love.

“Years have passed since we first made that agreement. We both now have new families. He still comes to my place and spoils me as he has from the very beginning. And now he spoils my daughter just as much. Ian is a warm and caring man, who loves with everything he is. Hollis, you’re a lucky guy.”

Hollis, looking fine in his black tux, raised his glass and nodded his head.

“Finding true love is one of the greatest gifts we can receive,” Lucas continued. “I couldn’t be happier that Ian and Hollis have found theirs and I wish them many, many wonderful years together.”

Ian stood and hugged Lucas, joyful tears on his cheeks.

A hand touched Rowe’s and he turned to find his partner, Noah Keegan, watching him. As it always did when he looked at the man, his heart gave a little excited patter. Noah had left his wavy, brownish-blond hair loose, and he looked fantastic in his suit. Rowe himself might have complained about putting on his penguin suit—neither of them was the suit type—but his dressed-up surfer man looked pretty damn sexy tonight. He winked at him and threaded their fingers together.

The Ault Park Pavilion was the perfect spot for Ian’s wedding and reception. The location was one of the most sought after in all the city, a small oasis away from downtown with its lush rose garden and old trees providing a green wall against the city and residential neighborhoods.

But for all the exquisitely landscaped gardens, the real jewel of the park was the white-pillared hall at the top of the hill. Two sets of wide steps led up to it, and in the middle was a tiered fountain that glowed in the evening, lit by warm, yellow lights.