In Their Hearts – Their Captive Bride Read Online Julia Sykes

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The Bratva broke me, but my fierce husbands will do anything to put me back together again.

Luca loves me, and I love him. Dante’s obsession with me is darker, but he’s no less possessive.
He’ll even find it in his black heart to share me with Luca if that’s what brings me peace.
As my men help me heal, I find myself falling for both of them.
But the Russians aren’t done with us, and my brutal husbands will have to work together if they want to end the monsters who tormented me.
I can’t choose between my fierce protectors, but maybe I don’t have to.
With every possessive touch, they make it clear that they will give me anything I desire, even if that means loving them both…

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Chapter 1


Pain tore at my scalp, yanking me back to consciousness. A scream ripped from my throat as the Russian dragged me to my feet by my hair.

“Don’t touch her!” Dante’s furious bellow shuddered through me, but his deep voice didn’t echo off the warehouse walls.

My captor pawed at my chest, and revulsion twisted my stomach. I blinked hard, willing myself back to awareness.

“I’ll touch your wife as much as I want.” My attacker’s laugh oozed over my skin, his breath hot on my neck.

He pinned me against his front, one brawny arm an iron band around my waist. I twisted in his grip, struggling to get to Dante, the terrifying monster who would do anything to save me. He’d taken a bullet for me. He would tear through the Russians to get to me.

“Dante!” I cried out for him, desperate.

But even as I screamed his name, reality coalesced around me. A leering, hulking man held a phone directed at my face.

Dante’s voice emanated from the speaker, little more than a savage growl. “Tell me where you are.”

“You want her back?” my captor taunted. His meaty hand fisted in my blouse, tearing at the delicate material. The buttons popped against the cement floor like gunshots, rending the air from my lungs. “Come and get her.”

I screamed for Dante again, but he didn’t respond. The leering Russian pocketed the phone, cutting off the connection to my monstrous husband: my dark savior.

A sob wracked my chest as all my oldest, deepest fears solidified around me. The Russians had me. Just like they’d captured my mother. They’d tortured her before they killed her. All to send a message to my father.

My father, who’d sold me to the Bratva. I was bait, a trap for Dante so that the Russians would do Giuseppe’s dirty work and eliminate my sadistic husband for him.

And they would make sure I suffered for their amusement until he came for me. Until they lured him into this warehouse and murdered him. They wouldn’t have set this up if they didn’t have the numbers to ensure his death.

Would he come for me at all?

My blood ran cold.

No, he wouldn’t come. Dante was the Devil, not my savior. He wouldn’t risk his life for me if he didn’t have the upper hand. He was too calculating to walk into a trap.

And my real husband, the man I loved, was locked in a cage, unable to get to me. Did Luca even know that I’d been taken?

Regret honed my fear until it was sharp enough to cut, shredding my insides. I’d never confessed my feelings for him. I’d abandoned him in that hell, and all I’d gained was my own torment, a fate far worse than being the object of Dante’s dark obsession.

The tip of the Russian’s knife scraped my collarbone, and I choked on a scream.

It didn’t truly hurt. Not yet.

But terror clogged my throat, fear suffusing my mind like a suffocating fog.

The cold steel slipped beneath the heart shaped padlock that secured the matching rose gold chain around my throat.

The glint in my tormentor’s black eyes told me that he recognized the trinket for what it was: a symbol that I belonged to Dante. His initial was engraved into the gold, marking me as his possession.

“This is mine,” the leering man told his friends, hooking the blade beneath the padlock and yanking hard.

I shrieked as the chain bit into my skin, but it was too thick to snap.

The man stepped away, his sick smile never slipping. I didn’t have time to draw in a heaving breath before he returned, pressing into my personal space as though my autonomy meant nothing to him; I wasn’t a person at all. I was a pawn, a thing to be used and then discarded.

“Please…” I managed to choke out as he hefted the bolt cutters. They were grimy with dried blood: a well-used torture implement.

The sharp tips grazed my throat, but he didn’t cut deep when he clipped the padlock so that it fell into his waiting hand. The chain slid from my neck, the gold glistening with my blood as it snaked around his thick fingers.

Masculine heat crushed me as they closed in, making me feverish and dizzy. I didn’t know how many of them threatened me; I couldn’t claw my way through the terror that blanketed my mind to count the hands that touched me.

Dante’s name reverberated through the warehouse, the sound of my blind panic mingling with cruel laughter.

Pain overwhelmed me, crushing the last flicker of my hope for rescue.

The Devil wasn’t coming for me. Luca wasn’t coming for me.

I would suffer and die here, alone and abused.

I sank into agony, falling out of time and losing track of my surroundings. For a few seconds, merciful darkness closed over me, but fresh pain continually yanked me back to consciousness. The torment went on and on, until my screams died and the fire of my defiant will was extinguished.