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***Trigger Physical assault/abuse A**hole Club Kelex
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Book 6 The A**hole Series Kelex I walked in on my father as he massacred a man. From that day I vowed never to be that monster. I’ve been avoiding the family business anyway I can. However, one night changes everything. Then my reasons enter my life and I’m reminded exactly why I can’t trust many. Shawna I loved him first, but I never thought he’d love me back. I didn’t know I deserved better. However, after being beaten to within an inch of my life and placing my cousin in danger, I see a lot of things the way they are. His words kept me alive, his strength helped me find my own, but his love has returned my fight. I know he’s not the villain here. He couldn’t be, we were together the whole time. He’s not the a**hole everyone thinks he is. He always has a reason. Has he trusted the wrong people? How far will he go for me, for us? Will they uncover the savage he’s trying to bury or will this all create a new a**hole entirely? Find out as the problem comes out of the shadows.

*This a Novel in The A**holes Club Series. Blue Saffire's World with 3 other authors writing in it. Start this journey with Blue Saffire and allows you to come back week after week to read the next book in the series as Tiffany Patterson, Ivy Harper, and Tiya Rayne, each join forces to bring you The A**hole Club before Blue closes it out with books 5 and 6. While you can read the books as a standalone, it will enhance the experience if you read all 6 books in order. This is the read order for the best experience.

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Chapter 1

Out of Jail Free


It’s happening. That part of how my brain works that I can never explain to anyone. As everyone crowds the back room of my bar while we wait for Kelex to arrive, each person recounts that day from fourteen years ago—not just that night, but the day. Now that we know Ox and Lex are involved, I think that’s important.

It begins. I can’t help it.

I watch Ox’s lips as they move, I hear the words coming from his mouth, but I’m leaving my body as I take it all in. Instead of sitting with him, Uncle Blake and the rest of the crew, I’m on that track.

Things I didn’t know I took in that night come back to me. I see Ox talking to one of the officers as he looks toward me in the back seat of the squad car. Lex is there too. In the distance, she’s standing next to a charger and bike while wringing her hands.

My phone buzzes and I’m snapped back into the room. I pull it out to see I have a text. I grunt and nod at the message. I figured as much.

“We ended the night as newlyweds,” Ox says.

“And you?” I say to Lex.

She’s the last one before I get to Kelex when he arrives. It’s here. What I’m looking for is here within this circle. No one is here I don’t trust. Not even their other halves.

Uncle Blake is here because he was the one who insisted it was time we do this. Shawna is on her way here because my instincts tell me she’s not excluded from this, especially not now.

That text just confirmed what I’ve suspected for a while now. However, my reach has only begun to get to the answers I needed there. Things have never been what they seemed around here.

“I woke that morning so excited. Ant and I were to meet at the courthouse. After my shower, I stepped out and could hear my father roaring at someone on the phone.

“I rolled my eyes and ignored it that day. It was nothing new and I wanted to stay focused on my wedding day,” Lex starts.

I take a sip of my water as she continues. While I listen, Uncle Blake moves to look at his watch, then his phone, grabbing my attention. My focus homes in on him, it all seems nonchalant, but I know better.

I begin to float from the room again. This time, I’m in a room playing with Ox. We’re little, back when our father was alive.

The first thing to grab my attention as I focus on the room is the Black guy. His voice has a smooth cadence about it. He’s talking to my father, Uncle Blake, and Marvin Jennings.

That’s when it clicks. This is Lester Smith, Lex’s dad. I remember him.

“I have all we need to take them down. We need to make a move soon. If we don’t, I’m going to lose my hold on Vander.

“Things won’t be as easy for us. We won’t be untouchable,” he said the last part toward Uncle Blake.

“You do this, Nicky. It changes everything. It won’t matter if we’re untouchable,” Uncle Blake said.

“That’s easy for you to say. We’re taking all the risk. We’ve lost the most,” Lester said.

“I’m sorry about Willow and your wife, but someone has to think with a level head here.”

“You’ve seen how they’re turning on me. How they’re making plays against the founders. What will happen if we don’t make a power play and stop them?”

Uncle Blake sighed. “I think Basil is right. We allow this to play out. Don’t rock the boat, Nicky. Give it some time, Lester. I’ll steer this ship right. You’ll be back on top in no time.”

“Meanwhile, you haven’t lost anything and this divide is happening because of you,” Lester seethed.

“Because of me? It has nothing to do with me. This started long before—”

“Enough,” my father barked. “I’m bringing them down, Blake. All of them.”

The door to the room opened and my mother walked in with another woman. I go to zone in on the woman and the room loses focus.

“After we married, I went home to get a few things to spend the night with Ant. We had plans to meet that night on the cliff,” Lex’s voice pulls my attention.

I’m back in the bar, present and in my body, but my focus is on Uncle Blake. This motherfucker. He knows. He’s figured out how my mind works.

The one thing I never explained to Skittles about how I think is how I catalog information. It’s one of the reasons I’m able to remember so much. I chunk things down and compartmentalize them for future use.

One spark and I can pull an entire thread. It’s like linking a web together. Nothing is forgotten, and at the right time, I can connect all the dots.