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King of Wands (Stormcloud Academy #3)

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Nicole Casey

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I’m torn between the Kings. If I make the wrong choice, I’ll condemn myself and the one I love.
With Theo gone and Sol isolated, only two Kings, Zephyr and Arvo, remain. They rule supreme at Stormcloud Academy. Intense, brooding Zephyr promises to keep me safe.
Yet his controlling nature worries me. Then there’s Arvo. He’s spreading distrust between the Kings. Full of unsettling insinuations, he sets off alarm bells in my head.
Despite this, my body responds to him readily – And I can’t extinguish my desire for either Zephyr or Arvo.
Underneath their cruelty, they are two young men with dark and tragic pasts. My soul aches for them, my body craves them. But with more murders unsolved, I know I need to watch my back.
The Dean wants me to spy on the Kings, Sol wants me to stay away from them. My raging desire wants all three – Zephyr, Arvo, and Sol. When I make a misstep, I fall from the King’s grace. Facing threats and violence, I must figure out a way to survive this dangerous game – if I can.
****Tough choices await me in my third year at Stormcloud Academy. I better make the right ones, or risk ending up in a casket.
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Stormcloud Academy Series by Nicole Casey

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Nicole Casey



If death was supposed to be a natural, expected thing, why was it so scarring? At this point, I thought that I’d be used to death, at least numb to it, but as I stared at the gleaming surface of Amelia’s wooden casket, I felt anything but numb. My chest constricted so tight that it felt like I couldn’t take a whole breath of air. My stomach twisted, driving a nauseous feeling up my throat.

This shouldn’t have happened. None of this.

As the minister started his speech, a low ringing sound filled my ears, drowning out his sombre voice. All I could think about was how fast Amelia had hit the floor only a week ago. One moment, she was standing in front of me. The next moment, she was on the floor, blood pooling beneath her.

I grimaced at the thought, trying to shake it away, but it kept forcing its way back into my mind. At this point, the memory was intrusive, and I had to do everything in my power to distract myself so that I didn’t see Amelia’s body in my mind again. I was glad they’d closed her casket.

“Amelia will be mourned, but she will always be remembered for her dedication and contribution to Stormcloud.” The minister spoke from in front of the casket, peering over the thin-framed glasses perched on his sloping nose.

I swallowed hard as I lowered my eyes, staring at the tips of my black ankle boots past the flared bottom of my black dress. In that moment, I felt so alone, holding so many secrets in my head. The minister and so many faculty members and students around me didn’t know Amelia like I did in the few seconds before her sudden death.

Her name was Simone. Her son was Theo. She had more involvement in this academy’s wretched past than most people even realized. And I was sure that a few more secrets died with her. The dead couldn’t rat out the guilty.

Despite the prominent, warm glow of the torches placed around the stone walls of the grim chamber, it couldn’t have felt colder here. My muscles grew tight as I wrapped my arms around myself, fighting the chill that probably didn’t fully come from the draft in the room.

Suddenly, a hand settled on my shoulder from behind.

I tossed a quick look over my shoulder, my heart pounding as Zephyr stepped up behind me. For a moment, I almost wanted to give him a smile, feeling relieved and comforted that he was here with me for this. Then, Sol’s words came flooding back to my mind.

Would Zephyr one day leave me for dead?

Of course, I didn’t want to believe that. He wasn’t perfect, but the good moments that we shared together felt… almost perfect. They consumed me, and all I wanted to do was be wrapped up in his arms, to bury my face in his chest to look away from this nightmare. If only I could wake up in a different reality.